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  1. BDO rarely puts players in a situation where 50-100 players are all firing off these effects on one target. This however does happen in GW2 frequently. This is not to lend credence to the OP, who's self martyring really does turn the issue into a joke with hyperbole
  2. If they didn't hype a feature like that today, it's not going to happen.
  3. Whisper of Jormag is objectively more difficult than Mursaat Overseer. On Full CM, Forging Steel is objectively more difficult than Escort.
  4. This game is most definitely not "all about the story". If it were it would be dead right now., buried by the MMOs that do story infinitely better than this one. A true story driven MMO makes the player play through the story in order to progress your character. You cannot progress in a true story driven MMO.without playing it. Examples of this are FF 14, The Secret World Legends, or Star Wars: the Old Republic. This game has always offered story tacked on and optional, gating very few tangible rewards behind it's completion. The rhetoric calling this a Story
  5. Because focusing on what you believe to be the game mode that most of the player base is most interested in lead to the worst financial quarter this game had ever experienced.
  6. I think some kind of "Need Help Here" Tag on the map that players could use to flag for assistance would be an interesting idea. It would also curb the consistent misuse of the Mentor Tag by players who do not use it to help others but instead use it to flag for help.
  7. If you are only logging in to get Login rewards and do dailies (which takes all of 15 minutes) you are making more than that. Your Login rewards +60g from the dailies. You know.... 60g plus 20 mystic coins and 35 Laurels. If your engagement with the game the game is only 15 mins a day how are you justifying a need for BiS gear anyways?
  8. For Solo/Open World the Stab is bigger value than the quickness in my mind. High pressure solo scenarios like Crucible of Consecration benefit far more from Stab than Quickness. That said, in any group setting I will absolutely swap to KA with Gyroscopic Acceleration. Keep in mind that the builds are meant to be more "newbie friendly" than for topping ARC lists. Dropping the Boons isn't as big a deal on the SB build as it is bringing back the important stuff quickly. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Please post the source of what you believe to be my lack of achievements.
  10. If you are looking for prestige from your accomplishments you are playing the wrong game.
  11. I like his content a lot but he's played the game. He's been very clear he finds the gameplay boring/laughably easy. He's said on more than one occasion that the only things this game does right are Jumping Puzzles and WvW. I've lost count of the number of times I've heard him say "Guild Wars sucks". The fact you would suggest this means you don't understand him and his content, or you don't understand this game.
  12. Updates to my channel in the last few weeks: Builds: Updated Power Scrapper Power Spellbreaker Celestial Herald Guides: Stat Selectable Ascended Trinkets Attuning Ascended Rings Weekly Black Lion Key Farming
  13. Of course it is. It's the reason that the people promoting like this are unable to post on the forums, reddit or the bigger Facebook groups ect. Anyone in this thread arguing it isn't RMT or trying to tell you that you don't know what RMT is are just playing semantics likely because they support it. But the real question is this: Have you reported them for it? Or did you think a passive-aggressive forum thread would do the job? Because asking if it is RMT, when it clearly is seems a little shady to me too.
  14. An observation: Your poor grammar, word choices, punctuation and sentence structure have your posts, at times, bordering on gibberish. Half of just about every post of yours I have read in this thread degenerates into some barely understandable "word soup". Not trying to call you out or say I agree or disagree with you, but if you spent a little time polishing your thoughts before hitting Submit it would really help.
  15. The FF Community and the way it's Stans push this game on every other MMO's website with posts like these really is the number one reason not to touch that game. Seriously tired of cloaked commercials like these.
  16. I'm sure plenty of people who have completed this JP are gainfully employed with families. Casual/=potato
  17. I have tried it, between the slow pace of the combat and the god awful community evangelizing the game every chance they get (like you just did) there are a lot of other games I would rather explore.
  18. I think that shining a bright light on this weak content with the "return to" acheivements has really dampened my enthusiasm for the game. Season 2 was among the worst content this game has offered. There's maybe 3 interesting instances in it. It's filled with lengthy poor attempts at characterization (often done soly in text boxes). The dialog is often so cliche' that it becomes self-parody. Waving a legendary carrot in front of me to get me to run it has not increased my enjoyment of the game. This idea that the studio would double down on this kind of recycling of old
  19. If crafting/lifeskilling is an important part of your MMO experience, this is not the game for you. The only relevant function crafting has in this game is that occasionally there are rewards gated behind it.
  20. This silence on this topic should be the big tip off that there is indeed a kitten in the salad.
  21. Because this community has been so very understanding when it's inflated expectations have been confronted with reality after the hype bubbles burst.
  22. The short answer is "yes" condi builds are generally better for this. As for the why: 1. Trailblazers Gear. Condi damage builds lose much less in their damage output from running this or Dire Gear than a power build will for offering comparable toughness and vit via something like Soldier's. 2. Secondary Sustain from traits like Parasitic Contagion, Predator's Cunning or Dance of Death. Traits like these offer healing based on condi damage done or vuln applied. There aren't many viable power based solutions that approach these trait's effectiveness. 3. Superior Rune of Tor
  23. How much do you think you should be rewarded for a trek or doing a "race" as a quagaan, or dogpiling 30 people on Trillia in front of the crafting stations in Ebonhawke? The quality of the content is the issue, not the rewards.
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