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  1. 6 hours ago, snoow.1694 said:

    The game can literally be played by clicking, including walking, UI usage and the combat, supported by the fact that you can not jump, would probably be supported by modern smartphones, give people an incentive to start/finish their 50 Guild Wars 1 Reward Points and would easily be one of the best „MMO’s“ in the AppStore/PlayStore.


    Not sure if that is even possible, but I would be a happy player :]

    Making it run on my android tablet would make it an instant buy.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Naxos.2503 said:

    Wooow, there. You misinterpreted what I said completely. I'm not telling my guildies anything. If they join another guild, it's because they provide something mine doesn't, and it's fine. If I wasn't okay with that,

    If you were truly fine with it, you wouldn't express sadness.

    If you were truly fine with it, you would not create an arbitrary judgment about what is a valid reason for them to use a guild slot  and what is not.

    You may backpedal all you like on this but I have misinterpreted nothing.


    6 minutes ago, Naxos.2503 said:

    I dont look over my guildies to see where they've been.

    If you are doing an accounting of "phantom members" (which you yourself admitted you are doing) then you are most definitely doing this.

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  3. 36 minutes ago, Naxos.2503 said:

    I mean, there are ? Like with everything. I'm not even sure what you're trying to suggest there, some people will join a guild only for wanting free things and make a ruckus when we tell them that's probably not wise to just give out free stuff to someone we met only seconds ago, in which case they will huff and puff, and leave...  Or they will join another guild and all but cut contact, even if they stay in the list... Is that valid in your book ? 

    I kinda take offense to the way you formulated that to be honest, you make it sounds like I act offended and reproachful to members that would actually join up another guild, that's simply not the case. I find it sad more than anything, due to the reason I gave earlier (phantom members).

    The very fact that you are making an arbitrary value judgment about the way your guildies use their 4 remaining guild slots is highly indicative of the environment and culture that you as a guild leader are creating.

    Do you also tell them how to fill their bank slots, or use their build templates?

    If someone leaves in a huff because you don't give them free stuff, they are doing you a favour. They are clearly stating that their goals and values are not aligned with your own.

    Problem solved.... gkick and move on. They can have fun in the "big guilds" with their fake giveaways and scam raffles.


    Calling it "sad" or labelling another player's use of a guild slot as "invalid" points to the fact that you are not focused on creating a fun engaging social community.

    Making value judgments about how a player in your guild uses their remaining guild slots is not leading a community.

    It's power tripping.

    If I were in a guild where the leader was looking over my shoulder to see where I was spending my time and with whom?

    I would drop that guild faster than a conjure weapon.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Naxos.2503 said:

    Every time one of my member joined another guild, even if they had perfectly valid reasons (IE : joining a specialized guild as opposed to my very casual one), all it did was give my guild a phantom member, and when they wanted to be more chatty and relaxed and spend time with mine, it gave their other guild that same phantom member...

    The fact you think you there are invalid reasons for someone joining another guild (in addition to yours) speaks volumes about why you are finding growing your guild challenging.

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  5. 6 hours ago, Cyninja.2954 said:

    I could care less for this but I dislike having incorrect statements made which are easily referenced or disproven. There are less experienced players reading the forums and they certainly do not need incorrect information spread around.

    If all the misinformation on the forums was done away with all we would have was you and Danikat answering newbie questions and a few posts in the art section.

    That might be good for you, but a lot less entertaining for the rest of us.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Zuldari.3940 said:

    Im pretty sad over this choice, I would have preferred something ranged. But the hammer hits seem cool as long as its not slow and clunky that would be the end of it for me. Also something worries me about the concept of standing in the spheres, on mobile fights you are going to lose a lot of damage uptime it seems having to set up the spheres every time you move. Is that how it works? 

    How is this any different than Necro Wells or Renegade summons?

    Neither of which are a problem.

  7. Just now, Strider Pj.2193 said:

    A freakin hammer…. 

    There is no reason to give us a weapon we can summon…


    Yeah, Yeah..  I get the whole multiple attunements…


    Should have heartened back to GW1, Given us mainland torch, and allowed us to wield rodgort

    In a game where Rev Hammer is a ranged weapon the weapon itself comes a distant second to the actual gameplay, and to express dissat before even seeing the gameplay seems pretty silly to me.

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  8. 5 hours ago, Dante.1508 said:

    Thats what it cost me to buy 8000 gems $270 ish AUD with conversion rates.. Yes i did... Now i have stopped and mostly play Fallout 76 or just buy singleplayer experiences. This game is crazy over priced for its Gems compared to other MMOs at least for Australians.

    To give a comparison for the similar or more cosmetics it costs me $52.90 AUD on Fallout 76 thats 29.95 for atoms and 22.95 for Fallout 1st sub a month. And they sell in AUD as well through steam this company gave up on steam..


    Especially when a whole AAA game is $90 here or $60USD... 30USD for a skin is crazy town.

    Quoting me a second time over a year after after I ignored your post to get some attention is some next level weird.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Chaz.1857 said:

    Hi there,


    I've been curious about the "Mystic Forge Secrets" community events that happened briefly about a year or two back - Supposedly they were meant to be a way to unlock recipes for new mystic forge weapon skins, but as far as I can tell only two such weapons were ever unlocked this way.


    I'd always wanted to use Deadliest Game (the ghillie-themed rifle skin) with my deadeye, but it never showed up. Is there any chance these events will start up again, or will we at least see a way to unlock the skins that have since remained unreleased?

    Every single one of these events was bugged.

    It's safe to assume the engagement level of the community did not justify the resources to fix them.

  10. On 9/12/2021 at 8:51 PM, Mohawkward.7530 said:

    What I see in GW2 is that everything revolves around the dodge, stunbreak and shield break mechanism. Yet, it is the hardest feature I have ever seen in any MMO.

    What you are pointing to here is a big part of the "casual" appeal.


    In many/most other MMOs, challenge is mitigated only via hours/days/months of gear grind. If you are having a hard time with a mob/mechanic you simply grind for a very long time to outgear it.

    In GW2. provided you have a few basics down,  you need only need to develop simple muscle memory in order to mitigate challenge.


    One of these takes days/weels/months per challenge.

    The other depends on a small skillset that can be applied to most every encounter in the game.

    The respect of your time in not making you grind out a new tier of gear every few weeks is what define's the game's "casual" appeal.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, voltaicbore.8012 said:


    I can't remember exactly where, but I also remember that kind of admission.


    I believe it too - I think SAB is certainly a fun thing to have around and I can see why many folks love it, but I don't participate in or enjoy it that much. It is fun in small bites for me, but the fun it provides me doesn't outweigh how much effort I would personally need to make the harder clears or farm up enough currency for the coolest rewards.


    I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people shared my position.

    It was on Josh Foreman's stream last year where he was demoing the content for use on his portfolio. He was asked directly how he felt about the fact it was never finished and his response was a dismissive shrug and "I don't know.. it's not like it was the most popular festival" and then him talking a bit how the popularity of it was no where near that of the big festival content.


    Anecdotally speaking I can assure you that you are not alone in your feelings.

  12. If we find out that that after the rushed ending of IBS and 8+ solid months of grindy acheivements on old content's payoff is an expansion of a festival that even the creator admits was not all that popular?

    You think that's gonna play?


    Seriously... to even suggest this is a good idea right now just boggles the mind.

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  13. 11 hours ago, NeverLoseGuy.3894 said:



    As of 2021, there are...many stats combo out there, and most of which sees very little to no use, while common ones (Berzerker, Vipers, etc) get all the love. It is a shame many stats aren't used, but I can see why. But then I thought to myself why we even have "set" stat combos in the first place.


    It's a really weird system if you ask me, given how inconsistent each of these are. Some stats are locked behind expansions, while others are so easy to get, it's a no-brainer to have it. Diviner's are so hard to get and expensive, while berserker's cost at best 3 golds. Then there's a matter of tying stats onto existing gemstones with confusing names (Ruby = Berserker, Beryl = Valkyrie, etc), when it should have been simplified by having something like "Berserker Rings" as exotic that you can easily craft with Jeweler.


    But nevermind that, I would like to take a step further: why not just throw the whole system into the bin and let players make their own stats combo? Instead of people asking for Condition equivalent of Marauder, let them do it themselves. I would imagine something like all exotic gears being stat-selectable, which would allow players to come up with one-time stats combo. When they chooses a stat, they would be given the options to pick 3,  4, or even 2 attributes for that matter, and a prefix name of their choice. If it's ascended, maybe we can have something like a stat changer like fractal rings except it probably costs like 2 golds per consumable or something.


    Some examples I could come up with using custom combo:


    "Condi-equivalent Marauder"

    ++Condition Damage













    ++Condition Damage









    Let's live in a  world where balance is of no issue to the game developers and deal with an even bigger issue this problem would make even worse.

    As it stands now, many players have exactly zero idea what the stats are and how they impact gameplay. They muddle through with a mix of green and yellow gear in what they think are acceptable stat spreads and are hamstringing themselves by a fairly large margin.
    Look at the recent thread where the OP asked what kind of stat spreads other players wanted and the vast majority of responses gave stat spreads without either power or condi damage, while saying they should have precision and expertise.


    In short your idea makes it even easier for players to neuter themselves, in a game who's main issue with gearing is players neutering themselves.

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  14. 25 minutes ago, Zuldari.3940 said:

    I think its silly to have a confused reaction. But my gut instinct is telling me they dont want to put the old dislike system in because it looks mean.

    The irony is the childish and passive-aggressive way the confused emoji is being used shows that a clear Thumbs Down would be far less mean spirited.

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  15. 24 minutes ago, Marikus.1875 said:


    LOL. Coming from WoW, it absolutely looks like engaging gameplay and 100x better than WoW fishing...I'm not spoiled to casual gameplay elements and if anything, have been deprived from them...coming from WoW...it's a nice change of pace from the "hardcore" crap.

    Interesting how you turned an honest question about gameplay into tired "casual vs hardcore" rhetotic.

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  16. 4 minutes ago, Marikus.1875 said:

    Fishing looked amazinggggg.

    I was a little worried they would take the easy road and just make it a click here in this spot, little 5 sec animation, then poof fish in inventory. 

    But the fact they made it into a little minigame AND added skills to it AND masteries ala FFXIV AND added another mechanic to compliment it (skiffs)...very very pleased.

    Looking forward to crafting lures and poles.

    This really looked like engaging gameplay to you?

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  17. 2 hours ago, lokh.2695 said:

    Nope. Maybe some secret, but def not birbs.

    At least you move around I guess...

    Isn't italways like this? People have their Idea of fishing and "it will be all perfect and so much fun and all and yes I wil do it even if it's not profitable for my account, because the feature is just so good..." and in the end, if there's other things to actually do, peoplewill chose the more engaging thing to do. At least for players who chose a game with strong combat and mobility at its center.

    What I think is truly hilarious is that the complete hypocrisy of all these people who said they just wanted a "relaxing social feature" has already been exposed as what it really is....the desire for an even easier gold farm.

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  18. 1 hour ago, HowlKamui.5120 said:

    Icebound chests are more passive than fishing yet it's among the best gold farm in the entire game. You just run up to a chest and hit it open.


    Players in 2021: I want Fishing SO BAD!!! It's a perfect way to just socialize and relax. This game needs more purely social features!!

    Players in 2022: If it's not giving me 30g an hour, it's not worth it.

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  19. 4 minutes ago, HowlKamui.5120 said:

    Purely on a gold per hour point of view (not taking into account achievement hunting)

    I would love it if it's around 15-30 gold per hour, depending on Fishing Party buff (so it's better to run it with a party). This is of course when ideal rotations are figured out.

    For reference, the best repeatable solo farm is Icebound Chests at around 30 gold per hour. 

    You honestly feel that highly passive minigame is worthy of better gold than some of the more popular farms?

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  20. 48 minutes ago, HowlKamui.5120 said:

    They implemented it very similarly to my favorite game with fishing which is Stardew Valley. If the gold per hour with fishing is decent and repeatable, I will probably drop everything for a while and just keep fishing 😅

    Out of pure curiosity, now that you have seen the feature, how much gold per hour do you feel this system should generate?


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