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  1. If you are happy with the old missions repackaged with a Legendary amulet as a form of jingling the keys to distract you from the lack of content, I am truly happy for you. I am not. If you are satisfied that the repackaging contains pretty significant inconvenient bugs, then again I am happy for you. I am not. Threads like these are an appropriate avenue for me to express that dissatisfaction. They are not an appropriate place for you to lecture me about the effects of the pandemic.
  2. Ticked off about this one. We're looking at what... 4 months worth of old content repackaged with "fresh achievements" and a Legendary Amulet to distract us from what is one of the bigger content droughts in this game? And the Achievements are bugged? pretty uncool.
  3. What is "the best" is going to depend largely on your individual skill level,play style and ability with the class. While a full damage set like Viper's(-ine) might be preferred overall for a condi build, if your skill level with the class/build is such that you find yourself struggling to stay alive, then Trailblazer's would be preferred. You don't do damage while you are running around, resetting and re-sustaining. It comes down to the basic question "am I running around trying to stay alive?". or "is this stupidly easy and I wish I was doing more damage?". No one can answer
  4. Verdant Brink was a much more engaging experience before mounts. Change my mind.
  5. The verticality you claim is causing players "agony" was one of the things that truly made me fall in love with this game. The design of Verdant Brink made the open world feel dangerous in a way that no other MMO had managed to do before for me. The layered approach of Tangled Depths represents, to me at least, some of the greatest open world map design in any MMO, which usually contain flat-ish maps with static collections of mobs. Hard disagree with your OP.
  6. Catering exclusively to a low effort playstyle is what this company did through the bulk of 2019. The results were the worst financial quarter this game has ever seen. The results were so bad, the game director responsible for this course was sent packing and a large statement was made that included a capitulation that the more engaged players were not being well served as an audience. Since then we've been delivered a much wider variety of content and the game is in a much better financial place. The game has actually offered a much better variety of content that appeals
  7. Gold will not solve this problem. You re unable to swap an account from NA to EU servers. You will need to either start a fresh account or become an Arenanet partner.
  8. The solo instance (and by extention "easy mode" for groups) defeats the purpose of raids in the first place. Raids are what is called "aspirational content" in an MMO. They are meant to be that top-level activity that truly engaged players take on, and represent, for many players a form of goal. Not every player gets to that point and many chose to ignore it, but having that as a long term option is important for some people's interest in any given MMORPG. Story mode erases that goal. You don't sell raids to a player by saying "hey remember that easy AF instance you did last we
  9. Because for someone who doesn't raid this would be a pretty hollow experience. It doesn't play like "here's what you missed". It comes off as "here's what people better than you got to see" When the Saul stuff was wrapped up in a raid and the usual low-effort whiners got miffed that an important story beat for the franchise and a bunch great lore was gated behind a raid, what was the developer response to this? One of the raid devs got up on reddit and said that the players who can't/don't raid should feel free to pick through a cleared instance for lore inter
  10. At what point do the GW1 apologists concede the fact that this game, years after release is more popular than the first ever was and that the lack of forced grouping is a big part of that?
  11. Activities like Deathrolling are very niche activities in a game that were popularized by guys like Uberdanger and picked up on by guys like Asmon for stream/Youtube content. They aren't truly popular and they aren't indicative of the social health of a game. People duel in this game all the time in WvW, and there are many dedicated sPvP hotjoins for Dueling. They real question is: If you think this content is so sorely lacking from this game why don't you go buy a Belcher's Bluff kit and publicly challenge people and make bets on it?
  12. As someone who completed this collection (and used competitive reward tracks in additon to farming Sandstorms) I will say only this.: In all the unfun grind I have ever done in this game, the big weapon collection was perhaps the least fun. It completely tested my love for this game. Don't do it. The reward isn't worth it. Get the skins you want and move on.
  13. If you can buy your way around it, whats the complaint?
  14. Longbow is for power. Shortbow is for condi
  15. I never had to grind a meta over and over to max my IBS masteries. The only thing I "grinded" in IBS were: Drizzlewood. I did that by choice because I wanted the otter. Strikes. I did that by choice because I wanted the cape. There were enough achievements in IBS that I never had to do any of the ones I felt were a grind just to max my masteries.
  16. Thief does not hit this level of healing without going pretty much all in on power damage and crit rate. You don't get this kind of self heal without (or pretty close to) 100% crit rate and a butt load of power damage. This means it cannot leverage a gear set with any more sustain than Marauder's. A massive chunk of Power Scrapper's "self heal" comes in the form of barrier, which is constantly disappearing and is only really sustained in situations where there are enough adds being cleaved to keep the barrier up at a decent enough level.
  17. Power ele has access to the exact same traits that make Condi Ele viable for sustain. The actual difference is the Trailblazers Gear and runes.
  18. Actually your Original Post started with a complaint about Ele's sustain. 4 of your suggestions in the OP are directly related to sustain.
  19. So you are soloing Balthazaar HP and you believe there is something wrong with your sustain and your spec needs buffs? Come on now. We all know that the few builds that can seriously outperform Condi Weaver (Renegade Souldbeast and Scourge) as a soloist are busted. This is not a problem with Weaver's tuning. This is a couple of outlying specs that are overperforming. You don't balance a game around those specs, you nerf them (as Anet did this week). Power creep is unhealthy.
  20. As a soloist, Trailblazers Condi Weaver and Tempest are near the top in terms of durability. Traiting Written in Stone from Earth and the Signet as your heal will grant minor small self sustain . This and the Trailblazers armor is more than most people will ever need for staying alive. They are absolutely amazing solo builds that can handle just about anything you throw at them. Here is a link to my Condi Weaver Build Video. Do take a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xca2bjdb-pY While these builds do not self sustain like Condi Rev, Condi Scourge or Power Scrapper,
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