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  1. Hey everyone, I'm just here to take a few moments to shill for my new YouTube Channel that I have "soft launched" over the past few days. MIND OVER META When the forums went into maintenance a few weeks ago, I made a choice to find better/more constructive ways to express my passion for this game than making crabby comments or arguing here on the forums. This channel and the videos I have been adding over the past few days is the result of that choice. The channel focuses on newer players with a series of "New Player Tips" and some Open World/Solo build
  2. We aren't discussing the "pet nerf on SB". We are asking if yesterday's patch has impacted your damage, and if so: By how much and what are you using to measure it?" Was your DPS cut in half by yesterday's patch or is this whataboutism? How have you measured the impact of yesterday's nerf?
  3. Ok.... let's first be clear on what the average player is. Because yes... the average player in open world meta events, if Arc is to be trusted does about 3-5k sec...with crazy buffs that come from stacking dozens of people around them.This number seems reasonable from watching Arc at events like Dragonfall, Drizzlewood, Silverwastes. But are these the average player? Are we asking if these players feel the nerfs, say when they are solo exploring open world?
  4. Without Arc numbers (which are not currently possible due to the plugin not being updated) this discussion is 100% theory and of little value.
  5. They are referring to the fact the new Ice Reaver set has been released piece by piece in the gem store (or will be, a chest and leggings were datamined) as opposed to them not being in game achievable like the last few armor sets, I assume.
  6. Just to add my info. All my trinkets and armor updated to include the new stats
  7. Honestly I left out the light puzzles and ones in the ones in the SW corner because they represent a significant slow down in rate of Eternal Ice acquisition but you make a good point in that if a player didn't want to touch Strike missions for whatever reason and specifically needed Eitrite, hitting these and the portion of the OW farm I skipped would probably be a good idea. As you mentioned the video itself is targetting mainly on the Ice.
  8. All these characters had roles in the new DRMs.
  9. NP. That route should get you 25-30 per day depending on RNG. And as others have pointed out, The Fraenir and Voice/Claw strike missions will get you more, and they are very doable. Look for a strike group doing "easy 3" which will include those and Shiverpeaks Pass. All three together shouldn't take more than about 15 mins or so and will get you 10-15 more.
  10. The Bjora Chest farm will get you a bunch of Eitrite Ingots. Shameless Plug: I have a video on this farm:
  11. The players who actually want a sub fee for this game don't just want the gemstore items. They want an in game path to the acquisition of them. They want experiences to give the cosmetics value. Your idea is nothing more than discounted gems.
  12. Female Medium Charr. Fashion Wars challenge mote.
  13. It may surprise you to find out that plenty of people who have skyscales are also gainfully employed with families.
  14. Once gained you have also learned the recipie to craft another. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Simple_Olmakhan_Bandolier
  15. One of the few actual good ideas in this thread Some kind of Box that offered similar RNG returns as the Unbound Magic packets.
  16. Some of ya'll need to use the new ignore function instead of measuring peepees in multiple threads as if the Developers care how big you claim to be.
  17. I would: 1. Gather ten competent players 2. Ensure these players were running solid builds that synergized with each other 3. Make sure these players were properly geared 4. Ensure the ten players had taken the time to familiarize themselves with the mechanics via experience or Youtube guides Easy Mode enabled.
  18. The duration cap on non-damaging conditions is however, 100% a change made for open world players who can't be bothered to put any kind of condition cleanse in their build. It's focus is to make the easiest content in the game even easier.
  19. Imagine being an MMO veteran and calling a build that is more successful than your preferred playstyle "cheesy". Power weaver is a beast against the paper mobs in Orr. You are misrepresenting it's capabilities. It needs less preparation than a condi build. Where Power weaver (in Marauder) falls behind Condi (in Trailblazer) is against champions against everything else it is objectively better.
  20. Obsidian Sanctum is a better bet than EotM. Everything is right there when you zone in and it is never filled.
  21. Cool. So how do you handle the expense of having every player character voice line for all branches of the personal story from 40 to 80, all PC voicelines from Heart of Thorns, Season 3, Path of Fire, Season 4 and Icebrood saga for each race having to be redone...twice? Or do you assume this playerbase would accept their Quagaan using Char voiceover? You know... the playerbase that lost their collective minds at the Tengu in a DRM not sounding birdy enough.
  22. I saved for a month and a half for mine. Sold every single scrap of mat I made and bought one of the TP for 2200g. Best money I have ever spent in this game. But I have 24 alts and am constantly regearing as I test out new builds. I only have one set of Legendary armor. To me it's insane value. But if you dont see the value immediately sell it. You are gaining nothing keeping it sitting in your bank, and I will wager the perceived value of it will only go down with the Legendary Armory.
  23. Agree. I would welcome a thumbs down (and a dunce hat) emote as well. But it's not like these emoji's impact anything like a thumbs down on reddit impacts a post/thread's visibility.
  24. The main reason power Ranger is being nerfed is for Fractal balance where people were stacking 3 of them in each 5 man team for T4's. Not because of it's situational strength against 3 raid bosses. Condi Firebrand's nerf was also in direct relation to fractals. The functionality of torment being changed was actually a move made largely for competitive, where the condition lead to some genuinely unfun gameplay, specifically against rev. Raids are PvE and should be balanced with the rest of the PvE content. They are not a separate game mode. Scapegoating a
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