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  1. Hot Take: This isn't as bad an idea as the people dog piling on you might think. While the drop rate you are suggesting isn't super wise, I think a drop rate similar to that of Black Lion Keys for a 100 Gem chest isnt a terrible idea. Most games with MT currencies are far more generous with handing them over as in game rewards and it doesn't drive them broke. It is a proven method of onboarding people into cash shops. I know if I had spent all my Gems and had 100 of them suddenly drop I sure would be more likely to open up the Gemstore, see what was there and potentially spe
  2. Ya'll are truly showing what a great community this game has to a new player. 10/10 peepee contest.
  3. Even "in addition to the current RNG"... the results would be the same.
  4. This depends highly on what you mean by "pve" and assumes you can only have one gear set If you are playing open world or regularly testing yourself against harder content like champions or soloing big events like Crucible of Consecration, then yes, the trailblazers if optimal. If you plan on getting into any form of instanced content like Strikes or Fractals, the vipers is by far a better option. If you are in the position where both are not an option I would start with the trailblazers and farm OW metas until you had the money/currencies for the second set and move on t
  5. Tell you what. Put up a poll that says "Should The Infusion be awarded after 1000 completions of Dragonstorm?" And make sure one of the options is "1000? are you kitten Crazy?" and lets see what the response is like.
  6. @Mungo Zen.9364 Thought I would contribute. Went with the full cele including runes of the weaver in the spirit of the thread. Gameplay is a little scuffed, first time on the build. Fortunately the stats on the gear allow for a few mistakes. I will call this viable, and while I didn't actually check I am reasonably sure it can kill an Orr trash mob in less than 20 seconds 😉 Gear is in the vid. Here is the build. [&DQYfJSU5ODcAFnQA9RVNATUXHAHLAFABEheWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]
  7. Buffing everyone by 10% absolutely increases their rewards.
  8. Condi Soulbeast is probably one of the more viable builds for soloing open world Champions currently.. In my signature is my Youtube channel including a build I put up yesterday that comfortably solos a desert bounty by an average skilled player such as myself, with some scuffed gameplay and a couple of wrong trinkets. Alternatively search Youtube for Lord Hizen's build that shows him pretty clearly soloing a legendary bounty on Ranger and is hampered only by the old lag issues that used to plague the Desert Highlands map.
  9. No. All those fractals are fine without AR.
  10. Rangers are not unwelcome in WvW. The way most people play Ranger, however, is.
  11. 8 years after launch people show up for Ogre Wars in Fields of Ruin over and over every day just for a chance at Sam. They tag up and a call it out in Map Chat many many times a day.
  12. I don't doubt your point of view, and while I personally don't find things like infusions an engaging reward, I certainly agree that most people do. I personally noped out on the new cape when I saw what was involved. I also agree that people would like things to work towards. I do however doubt VERY highly that if Anet said "here is your path to a guaranteed second eye infusion, you just need to do Dragonstorm 1000 times" this forum would be very receptive to the idea. Finally I will just say I see absolutely nothing wrong with the drop rate on these infusions, I
  13. The idea that someone would say this community would be ok with grinding an event for a single eye infusion 1000 times is ridiculous. This forum tilts over achievements that require 10 repeats.
  14. And you honestly think the people in this thread losing their minds over this stuff would be happy with this level of grind?
  15. Then it stops being "high end stuff" and just becomes more "obnoxious crap everyone has"
  16. So basically you think they should be removed from the game for misuse but allowances should be made to cheat you through a JP. 10/10 Forum Logic
  17. Buying an expansion and some gems does not entitle you to a seat at the developer's table.
  18. Once you have been to Verdant Brink on one toon you can use the Portal from the Silverwastes, which can be accessed from Brisban. You don't need to do the story at all to access VB after having done it the first time. I used to run levelling alts to VB all the time to grab the communes there for quick hero points.
  19. Nice Idea... will definitely put that on the list :))
  20. Two updates since last post: An Open World Build for Power Reaper A New Player guide on WvW Loot. Enjoy
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