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  1. "alright everyone, go hit one other player""alright everyone cap one point""alright everyone /gg dailies are done"
  2. I had a different experience of CoH, but I did not join until the architect edition. Perhaps it was better prior to that? Architecht Edition did mess things up there for a few months. For about three-six months it became all about crappy fan-made farms in AE.It settled down again a few months later.
  3. It did. Much better.But this one is alright for the most part.
  4. The number one reason people don't play competitive game modes is that the learning curve involves getting your butt handed to you until you get it right. This runs contrary to the main reason a large number of people play video games in the first place, to live out a power fantasy.They will find a number of reasons to cloak their displeasure with the experience. They will blame it on the balance, the rules, other players doing "unfair" things (ect) but at the root they don't want to experience any form of loss or breaking of their fantasy that they are an unstoppable force.WvW is especially b
  5. Mirage is a very soloable class. Post your gear and Build and let us all offer more specific feedback.
  6. And you will for a while regardless what class or build you play.Even Scourge will get eaten alive as a newbie. Right now you are probably just learning positioning and avoiding the big bombs.Thief will be a very rough first roll in WvW because it's best role is not in a group but roaming.Scourge can be easy to play, but then so can Rev and Warrior. So can Guardian/Firebrand.But you're going to get your butt handed to you for a bit until you figure out the basics.Pick whatever you feel most comfortable with to start.
  7. Every infraction I've had, I have earned.The infractions taught me what is and is not acceptable in this venue. If you want a different set of restrictions, post your proposal without emotion, rancor, hyperbole or threats.Explain a real benefit of lower restrictions.
  8. This is the first time I have seen the siren's landing back pieces look nearly this good. Really great job.
  9. Worth the time?It depends what you are looking for. It's not top end for anything. But it does reasonably well at just about anything you want to do with it.I learned more about this game playing revs than any other class.Definitely worth the time to me.
  10. Dry Top, Bloodstone Fen, Silverwastes (if you can time it for the end of a meta to get the locked poi and HP) are all super fast completes.
  11. I don't play a ton > @Malediktus.9250 said: Source?Seriously, I may not PvP much but I have never seen a cheater.I cannot go gathering these days without seeing at least 2 people using the teleporting harvesting bot on mid level core maps.There is a LOT of cheating going on in PvE right now.
  12. As someone who once vendored an ascended pistol without realizing it I gotta agree here.
  13. Waiting ten minutes for the spawn is not playing.Trying to see that in terms of reward only, imho, is definitely wrong. However, I started the thread and I am not PvE focused ( as a roamer, i never used to do any veteran in order to take up my partecipation ).I happened to notice this because I happened to find the spawn ( and decided to wait for it because i was too far to tag, and realized that it was extremely slow ).Currently I am rank 332, and i never noticed the spawn till today. My bad regarding the assumption. if you made it to 332 (and I actually think this represents a significant t
  14. 3 full sets of cele armor and weapons... this is super impressive to me. There should be an achievement"Masochist" comes to mind ;)
  15. One for each elite spec. My second Ele and my Second Necro are still a far ways away from 80 though
  16. Sorry guys I just can't see past taking rewards away from WvW'ers no matter how insignificant. It's already by far the least rewarding game mode.Not a huge deal for sure but...The thread was started by someone who is most likely a PvE-focused player, annoyed by how long it is taking to earn his fast and easy 2g. This isn't a problem. Wait 5-10 mins for the harpy or go compete to tag mobs in Daily Metrica Event Completer. The choice is there. If 5-10 minutes waiting to get your 2 gold becomes so counterproductive that you need to post on the forums about it, then you probably shouldn't be wast
  17. and punish the people > @Shirlias.8104 said: remove the contribution, since they have nothing to do with wvw. ...and punish the people who wvw regularly and get a little bump on their contribution by sniping one or two of these as they go about their caps and roaming.
  18. If you make them spawn faster they will just get used for AFK Farming.
  19. Trinkets in LS3 maps. Map completing each of these gives you a nice bonus in currency . Use Winterberries and Orrian Pearls for the unbound.Backpeice for Karma in Siren's Landing if you have a nice bunch of Karma to spend.If you are running a melee weaponset, do the Knight of the Thorn events to reforge Caladbolg for your first Ascended weapon.Then slowly work on crafting your armor.
  20. I haven't looked at your post history, but one thing that's happened to me was having a particularly salty PvP player harass me in game for comments I made here on the forums.Might not have been anything in game you did that set your little troglodyte off.
  21. Bad Luck.I farmed up enough for about 3/4s set of Trailblazers. I got most of mine in BSF and DM. Mainly due to the amount of jungle plant nodes in small areas. Drop rate is the same no matter where the jungle plants.
  22. VB, AB, and TD always have lots of players already.
  23. The closure of SWG had little to do with the NGE. SWG was closed because they didn't want to divide the playerbase between their old Star Wars MMO(SWG) and their new one (SWTOR). Sony's license to publish the product was at an end and rather than renewing it, a license was given to Bioware/EA.SWG had a lot of other problems, ones those who were passionate about the game refuse to really acknowledge in retrospect. While the NGE was certainly unpopular, a large number of the changes that were made were done because the game was already bleeding customers (mainly to WoW) .The combat was terrible
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