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  1. And you honestly think the people in this thread losing their minds over this stuff would be happy with this level of grind?
  2. Then it stops being "high end stuff" and just becomes more "obnoxious crap everyone has"
  3. So basically you think they should be removed from the game for misuse but allowances should be made to cheat you through a JP. 10/10 Forum Logic
  4. Buying an expansion and some gems does not entitle you to a seat at the developer's table.
  5. Once you have been to Verdant Brink on one toon you can use the Portal from the Silverwastes, which can be accessed from Brisban. You don't need to do the story at all to access VB after having done it the first time. I used to run levelling alts to VB all the time to grab the communes there for quick hero points.
  6. Nice Idea... will definitely put that on the list :))
  7. Two updates since last post: An Open World Build for Power Reaper A New Player guide on WvW Loot. Enjoy
  8. A couple of tips I will offer: 1. As mentioned the tooltips are a nice start. 2. Hitting up Metabattle and identifying what makes a build great is also a really good place to start. Think of it as "reverse engineering" a build. Start with the traits that are important and provide synergy and ask yourself "what can I keep from here?" When it comes to identifying synergy and building around that what I do is make liberal use of the wiki. For example: When I was working on a PvE Reaper build I looked at the traits on reaper and identified one that sounded useful which is
  9. You realize the way the company responds to requests like this is to sell you more slots right? Opt out of these microtransactions and buy more toon slots.
  10. Two Updates since the last post A New Player guide on the Outfits system An open world build for Condi Firebrand
  11. Actually you are thinking about when Crowfall killed it 4 years ago.
  12. In short? Yes... it is absolutely "worth the trouble". Reading the combat logs does not give a holistic picture of your performance in any game mode. All it really does is give a brief look at any one incident. What's important to realize is that all Arcdps does is present data from the combat logs themselves in an aggregate format. Your combat log can tell you how much barrier you apply at any given time, but it cannot realistically tell you how much barrier you applied across an entire encounter without you spending hours sifting through said log with a calculator.
  13. I'm sure all the players who jump ship for New World will enjoy the cash shop selling progression on day one.
  14. Of all the suggestions around the removal of these animations, I gotta say I like this idea best.
  15. Two updates since the last post. An open world build guide for Condi Weaver was added. A new Player tip on basic use of Food and Oils was added. Enjoy.
  16. Thanks for the input. Will definitely keep it in mind.
  17. I prefer the current approach of making accessories and amulets so easily obtained they are essentially disposable to some convoluted resetting system.
  18. Does anyone else remember a time when we weren't so completely cucked by corporate greed that we didn't try to figure out ways to give companies more money? Good times.
  19. Hey everyone, I'm just here to take a few moments to shill for my new YouTube Channel that I have "soft launched" over the past few days. MIND OVER META When the forums went into maintenance a few weeks ago, I made a choice to find better/more constructive ways to express my passion for this game than making crabby comments or arguing here on the forums. This channel and the videos I have been adding over the past few days is the result of that choice. The channel focuses on newer players with a series of "New Player Tips" and some Open World/Solo build
  20. We aren't discussing the "pet nerf on SB". We are asking if yesterday's patch has impacted your damage, and if so: By how much and what are you using to measure it?" Was your DPS cut in half by yesterday's patch or is this whataboutism? How have you measured the impact of yesterday's nerf?
  21. Ok.... let's first be clear on what the average player is. Because yes... the average player in open world meta events, if Arc is to be trusted does about 3-5k sec...with crazy buffs that come from stacking dozens of people around them.This number seems reasonable from watching Arc at events like Dragonfall, Drizzlewood, Silverwastes. But are these the average player? Are we asking if these players feel the nerfs, say when they are solo exploring open world?
  22. Without Arc numbers (which are not currently possible due to the plugin not being updated) this discussion is 100% theory and of little value.
  23. They are referring to the fact the new Ice Reaver set has been released piece by piece in the gem store (or will be, a chest and leggings were datamined) as opposed to them not being in game achievable like the last few armor sets, I assume.
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