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  1. Fidelity FX is basicly just a resolution scaler with fancier tech, so even if GW2 is spaghetti code I dont think it would be very hard to do. But considering the game is CPU bound already I highly doubt it will add much. Fidelity FX is also pretty useless outside it's ultraquality mode (it look like vaseline smeared on the screen, remind me of early gaming where you had to disable anisotropic filtering for performance) but granted ~30% performance increase is still substantial.
  2. You know what, even as someone that propose deleting thief because by the arguments of everyone wanting to delete downedstate the thief adds about as much to the game and should be deleted as well, I have to disagree here. DE is only Son Of God tier duelist. DD is God tier duelist.
  3. Vigor is duration based, not stack. And even if was stacked, it would be irrelevant to a trait that add 10% damage while having vigor.
  4. Which would the eqvivalent of a mere balancing. No, what we need is a no thief week. Permanent no thief week could be a possibility, its true. Its no different from people wanting permanent no downedstate week so I assume everyone in this thread is on board for this.
  5. Well if the enemy obviously went down then how dont they go down? The invouln timer has nothing to do with any "op state" of downedstate compared to literally anything about it. I think it serves an important function for the downedstate transition because without it spiking someone would be far, far too easy, but sure one could shorten it to more avoid people looking fully downed but invoulnerable.
  6. For people responding to OP or other posts - this thread is almost a year old (last event) because someome ressed it from the depths of the forum and the rest continued like nothing happened, lol. All it shows is that the forum is more OP than the game.
  7. "As testing has shown, while the average male Norn torso is capable of adequately supporting an Asura, it lacks the fine motor skills to perform tasks eqvivalent to golems even if you perfect a neural interface. Further testing also show that female Norn torsos are considerably more comfortable due to extented feet space." - exerpt from Inquest study "What Use Is A Norn? A Study Of Biomechanical Viability."
  8. Base game maps are old tech - as old as EBG/ABL. No, what we need is to step up a generation. Tangled Depths should permantly replace EBG. For this I would even concede to deleting downstate along with it! I hope everyone is on board.
  9. And by your very same logic adding more CC on top of CC and more boons on top of boons and more stealth on top of stealth improve teamwork even more since thats available BEFORE you die! How weird. I thought people wanted less of that. But apparently we can just add or delete anything and it improves teamwork. Well I know deleting thief would. Or giving everyone permastealth? Great now your logic has left me confused.
  10. Your definition of "skill". Thats what the differing opinions is about. For me, no downstate make the game a whole lot easier. You dont have to think tactically, you dont have to anticipate the behaviour of downed and their teammates. No sacrifices in the build to account for being able to stomp, no need to cc people around them. Just instakill and halleluja off to the next target. +1 gank builds is "skill". But for some reason, someone failing to stomp someone when they could have brought the "skills" for it... oh no. Thats not your fault. Thats the bad enemy. The thing is, all th
  11. So to sum up what you two are saying... All guild groups in the game are actually crap and carried by support because otherwise they wouldnt need them to begin with and no downstate prove it. Hahaha, I approve of your message. Anyway, for me no downstate still only does this: - It emphasize optimized meta builds everywhere, reducing diversity and build options. - It makes combat way too fast and victories unsatisfying. - It remove any sense of teamwork and being able to assist other players when they fall. - It remove any excitement trying to turn combat situations wit
  12. According to the wiki the pistol have either no aftercast or it interrupts its own aftercast because its a single-skill autoattack: Single-skill autoattacks like Long Range Shot will have aftercasts that can be canceled by any other skill, including itself, or no aftercast at all, which allows using them more fluently without having to wait for the full animation (e.g.: The ranger will fire Long Range Shot again without the part of the animation that readies another arrow). The 0.5s activation time it is specced for is actually 0.8275s.
  13. Or you know, just remove rally instead because it maintains the core gameplay aspect of downstate that defines GW2 while solving one of the main gripes of zerging.
  14. Edge of the mists exist. Look it up. It was literally created for this reason.
  15. The difference in power vs condi damage "within seconds" is probably a factor of 10:1 due to ramp up. So pics or it didnt happen, most of your damage came from power. Unless your "within seconds" refer to 30+ seconds.
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