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  1. Well, no. You'd use trailblazer/dire because you need that vitality to survive power builds slamming you for 5-10k single hits even with 3k toughness... or for when you meet the truly nasty condi builds. Rabid has been obsolete since HoT and you gain very little focusing on healing power. With the celestial changes you can run that too - I currently run a celestial armor/trinkets and trailblazer weapons combo. I have been running a very similar build traitwise for 3 or so years now in WvW but with more elixirs - elixir heal (I personally have kitten luck with AED), elixir S is pretty m
  2. Well if you had a job that wouldnt be problem now, would it?
  3. Anet removed them due to exploits, promised to bring them back when fixed, then promptly never ever spoke of it and long after finally and quietly remodelled north camp to remove any trace of the orb stairs. What on earth makes you Anet would ever bring them back? We got the shrines that many Quaggans died to give us instead.
  4. Bags for the Bag God! Spoons for the Spoon Throne!!!
  5. It's actually kind of funny because you could argue that power only need two stat's to counter bunkers - power and precision. Why? Because the mere fact you are critting with 0 ferocity still cancel out 3000 armor.
  6. Well if they cant be arsed to get even the most basic things then they dont need mounts in PvE, do they?
  7. Not even a massive assumption, it's so far beyond that way of thinking it's utterly bizzare. We even got a very recent example - New World. B2P like GW2 so they got one thing right, then they announced their ingame cash shop with... let's say marketing terms... to the point where peoples kneejerk reaction is "yep it's gonna be p2w". Because of course. Does anyone think Amazon need a cashshop in New World considering their $100b+ a year earnings? Wait, I mean $100b+ per QUARTER. No, they dont. But kitten it if they arent going to have a cashshop anyway. And none of us will faul
  8. Or by far the simpler and most logical option - remove the ability to use the warclaw in PvE. Problem solved. It's a WvW mount for WvW that cannot be used in PvE just like PvE mounts are for PvE and cannot be used in WvW. It's not rocket science.
  9. New World has a setup similar to Archeage afaik and that kind of PvP completely collapsed. It doesnt matter how much the "fight guilds" claim gvg is the shiznits, it doesnt promote a healthy enviroment because it become completely reliant on those large guilds always being present and organized. Which they wont be. There is a reason why the casual jump in and play WvW style PvP has survived so long. On the whole it will depend on many other aspects however. Nothing I have seen from New World has impressed me - it doesnt seem to be offering anything new, just rehashing old concepts
  10. Sure, you can mail it after an agreement... if you want to risk getting totally scammed.
  11. Americans stop counting their hours at 12 so I dont trust they have any idea how many timezones they have.
  12. Ah my bad I forgot the F keys wasnt from the trait, thats a minor. Still though, medkit offer more superspeed for a tools build due to the cd.
  13. With that, why wouldnt you run medkit and power wrench? Permasuperspeed on F1 alone.
  14. Oh kitten we've been over this so many time. Unless you place the server in... oh I dont know, Atlantis... or maybe on the underside of the Flat Earth.... we are continents apart and it would be a loose-loose scenario because instead of a few lagging, everyone would lag all the time. And it would *still* be skewed because who wins then depend on the US population alone since your wide kitten country have like 70 timezones and the EU about 2.
  15. Death also severly guts condi damage because you didnt have the time to deliver it due to being unable to sustain.
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