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  1. When buffed, full cele is maybe like 3500 power while full berserker is 4000ish. Meaning they are not that different in power. How did you think that was going to work?
  2. Lol that changes nothing just stack another player. Make it 20% and maybe.
  3. Ah so instead of everyone going WR or everyone sticking with linkage forever, we screw over WvW for everyone with a loose-loose idea of multiple WvWs since Anet can’t magically duplicate players. Great plan.
  4. lol we spent many months without a link end of last year loosing every matchup. That’s not a problem if the 2 weakest “working together” because neither will have a chance against a stacked world so guess what - it still end up with those 2 fighting because that’s the only thing they can do to get some kind of entertainment out of the week. But if you keep saying WR is the solution I won’t disagree. I was mostly talking more per map incentives.
  5. WvW isn’t a ring. 2 kill 3 and get a win, then run away laughing at 1 not having anything to fight. Communication ain’t gonna change anything, one need some kind of bonus for fighting the “strongest”. We had outnumbered in a way for it (well at least it encouraged going there and presence is half the battle) until Anet kitten the kitten out of it.
  6. lol no it’s not. It’s just people saying they are there for a fair fight and then they attack the weakest because a fair fight is them winning.
  7. Given the latest update and the fact that WvW is the only part of the game that would ever get an official "as a note, this is currently a stretch goal for the update and may need to shift out to a future update" disclaimer... well... you know... The missing cornerstone on DBL garri hasnt been fixed yet, has it?
  8. Then lets hope it gets nerfed to the 50% value people say it should have and only instantly hits for 25K damage instead every 30s at the push of a button that sounds OK 👍
  9. What they dont mention is that the channel will give all the boons to 50 players AoE. I mean come on. Anet knows what we want.
  10. HoT started the arms race. All the skills doing 5+ things at once, all the traits adding more, boons galore. PvE “raid class” dps (well, there was no raids) was around like 20K before HoT. Now we are at above 40K and so much of it is boon buffed.
  11. You single out specific builds that’s too good with it but isn’t it curious that the food isn’t a requirement for everyone in any situation regardless of class? I mean even the mantra in zerging is just dodge. Wait. Right. The boons 🤦‍♂️
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