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  1. Todays PvE is kind of watered down, heavily focused on ever since release and has become more separated from WvW. I believe the original "inspiration" wasnt so much WoW as it was DAoC and Warhammer Online with their RvR base. I mean look at ancient scrolls on the interwebs and you'll probably see GW2 described as DAoC 2.
  2. Well if you want a standard 30m wait time every time you log on due to your account transfering hubs, thats great. Cant play too fast now, can we.
  3. I dont think OP know what a mesmer is. Or necro for that matter, given the placement.
  4. God kitten it I knew I was missing something! Thousands upon thousands of hours wasted and for what? Having fun?! I could have been raiding all this time and self progressing 😐
  5. Its only verbal abuse if you laugh so hard at whispering snowflake thieves you break a rib.
  6. It takes less than half as long with 1/10th the effort to get GoB compared to getting GoE but no the monotomy of it compared to PvE last forever.
  7. The action camera was added 3 years after the Zhaitan fight in vanilla (or well, maybe 5 or so years before depending on when they completed the story instance). So its never been designed for it.
  8. But the mounts are naked! They have to be censored to match the watchknight. Put pants on the springer to cover up their butts.
  9. If Anet released $20+ "expansions" every 3 months that continously raised the bar with new classes unquestionably superior to the previous, I'd agree with you. But you know what, they dont. Buying a full expansion that also gives you the previous game with 3-4 years intervals is not P2W in any sane persons book. Not even now 2 expansions down the line is there anything that gives a "huge advantage". You can still beat HoT/PoF specs with core if you're good at it.
  10. No its not. We joke about them but if you want to "fix" them the best and most simple solution is disallowing minis in competetive modes. A mini still has a a location that need to be tracked for all other players, animation ques, a crude "AI" running (well its following the player), all things utterly pointless and just adding to the network traffic and hogging server resources. It may be a very small impact, but its still there. We. Dont. Need. Minis. In. WvW. Period.
  11. ~18h since the loot-less event started, for those curious about how long.
  12. But... they obviously can? If they couldnt, it wouldnt happen. They probably have an entire team on just doing the gemstore economy. Fun thing though, I completed world exploration on one of my characters the other day, got 6-7 keys or something like that in total... and the balthazar warclaw skin on the last key. That's 1600 gems. Be it lucky RNG or farming gold for a fancy skin, yes you can actually play the game to get it.
  13. About as sad as so many choosing to play thief for obvious reasons yet will never admit playing their strengths. Because of course they picked the extra skillful class, unlike those other plebs. Fun thing happened not many days ago. I got whispered and taunted by a stealthing jumping bean of a thief because I "needed to call for help to kill him" when I ran to north camp to defend. I had been commander tagged for the past 30 minutes and didnt say a peep ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Shouldnt have taken SM then, ha! Looking at GW2stats, points have been completely frozen since ~02:45 (13h+ ago). This appear for all EU.
  15. Its even more interesting when you start compairing the basic functionality with GW2, because it shows you what games need on a fundamental level. Using only monolithic servers is obviously a huuuuuuuge mistake for longevity. Definetly recognize this from the early days, when GW2 also had problems after a while with servers loosing people. The queueing situation is hilarious. Anet solved the PvE part with megaservers. But NW cant function like that due to the second core flaw below. The entanglement of open world PvP in PvE for NW is severly hampering its ability for longevity becaus
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