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  1. Replying to keep solved issues in a separate post: --- Any kind of information regarding The Icebrood Saga: Episode 5: Champions is missing from the quests endpoint: https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/quests?ids=all&lang=en --- Keep them coming!
  2. Four weapons are more than enough for the future, plus they can always create new weapon types, such as 1h spears or 2h polearms. Also, the amount of work in these cases (2-3 extra skills) is ridiculously low. Let people have fun.
  3. But how am I supposed to troll my friends now? The game is ruined! Jokes aside, very glad to see this.
  4. You guys should add a "preferred language" option as well. Not sure where you're getting the information from right now, but be warned, many Spanish players use the English client.
  5. New weapons are pretty much the signature feature of elite specializations, yet for some reason, we're watching them get relegated to a second plane for End of Dragons. We already saw this in Path of Fire as well, but it seems to be turning into a trend at this point. Path of Fire Elementalist - Weaver: Main-hand sword -> Missing off-hand sword. Mesmer - Mirage: Main-hand axe -> Missing off-hand axe. Engineer - Holosmith: Main-hand sword -> Missing off-hand sword. Ranger - Soulbeast: Main-hand dagger -> Off-hand dagger previously available. Guardi
  6. I've always wanted to give necromancer the apothecary/plaguedoctor role, but engineer could get it easily too, since it's a middle ground between both. Just need to find a better idea for necromancer, and it's all for the engineer. Anyway, a potential Engineer: Apothecary would be 100% using torch as the elite specialization weapon, with Corruption as the slot skills. Warden is a pretty bad name, since it's too similar to Guardian. If you want something tied to the lore wardens, something like Ranger: Grovekeeper would feel far better. In fact, I was debating
  7. I want to update the whole thread at some point, but I fear I'll eventually forget, so here's the two I've finished so far: Thief: Outcast Gain Snatch instead of Steal. Snatch forces the enemy target to unwillingly shadowstep to a new position adjacent to the thief. You can wield the Axe weapons in combat, including new dual wield skills. Main-hand axe skills work as melee skills, while off-hand axe skills work as ranged skills. Gain access to Aspect slot skills. Aspects are a new type of sequence skills, based on the Aspects of Kanaxai himself. Their behaviour is similar
  8. Let me start by saying the new forums are so terrible I've stopped using them altogether. I only saw this thread out of pure luck. For reference, the original threads containing my ideas lost their format and became unreadable, so here's a summary of the two ideas you quoted, just in case: --- Pet Management Panel redesign idea: https://i.imgur.com/ianA0Jx.png Inside a family/species, all pets are the same, except for the F2 beast skill. This idea takes pets down to 18 (one per species), and allows free selection of skin (subspecies) plus free selection of F
  9. Almost 2 years since the last raid. I told you, but you didn't listen. Pity the poll is gone, these new forums are terrible and broke everything.
  10. It has the "NoSell" flag, so you should ignore that field anyway.
  11. You should turn the Obsidian Sanctum into its own "WvW sandbox" map instead, kinda like Armistice Bastion arena, but 10 times larger. Give "free WvW" its own large zone, no need to get into trouble with teams in an already existing map :D. Also, add gliding and mounts to Edge of the Mists, please!
  12. Few things I've noticed are currently missing for some reason. --- Floors have names ingame, visible when you swap layers in the world map, but they don't have any in the API. Few examples: Arah (Sky) - https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/continents/1/floors/11?lang=en Glint's Lair - https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/continents/1/floors/-29?lang=en Honor of the Waves (Upper Deck) - https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/continents/1/floors/8?lang=en The Sanctum - https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/continents/1/floors/-36?lang=en Tyria (Old Lion's Arch) - https://api.guildwars2.
  13. Quoting multiple users at once is an absolute pain. If there's some way to write new replies in a separate window, please enable it. Signatures limited to 3 links is arbitrary and counterproductive. In the previous version I had 12 links there, linking to all my major threads on the forum, so people could navigate across my content easily. The top posters bar provides useless information, but if you want to keep it nonetheless, place it at either the top or the bottom, not right below the first post of the thread. Also, still no option to delete your own threads
  14. I'd just replace the blue transformation effect with a ghostly green version, just like the one the actual druids use. Alternatively, let druids choose between three different forms using the third trait column, and include both the blue and green versions there.
  15. I find it highly ironic how ArenaNet dispatched dwarves because they were too similar to humans (allegedly), but then made norn playable when they're just that, large humans. I would take Elonian and Canthan humans as a separate race from the Tyrian version any day of the week. The whole norn thing is specially sad when the sylvari are such an amazing reimagining of elves. The only difference they had with humans was their spirit form (the ability to shapeshift), which pretty much doesn't exist in GW2. Not like it would have any point, considering it's pretty much a charr/tengu reskin. So yeah
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