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  1. I'd just give Fractals of the Mists its own legendary ring, PvP and WvW already have their own legendary trinkets, FotM is the only major game mode without one. Because they were bad tradeoffs? You want an example of good tradeoffs, check these out: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Rune I don't like power creep, stop making things up, thanks.
  2. You can create tradeoffs, kinda like GW1, where increasing a stat decreased another. This was such a missed opportunity, like come on, ArenaNet :I. Bonus points if we get the ability to walk across sulfur in The Desolation using our breather as well. Give the aquabreather its own section in the hero panel, like the glider, then give it upgrade slots, like the jade bot and the fishing rod, and then put the swimming infusion there (rename it to something else if you want).
  3. It doesn't have to be "more power", it can be just "more options". Some kind of hotkey to turn outfits on/off would be the best solution here.
  4. I had a small discussion ingame, and I thought it would be interesting to share :D. Secrets of the Obscure introduced a new equipment slot, the Relic, the first major change to the equipment panel since the game's release 11 years before. Is this an once and done kind of deal, or might there be more to come? Here's a list of suggestions, feel free to discuss them or post your own below: Introduce a second Relic slot, being limited to only one relic is kind of a letdown, specially for variety purposes. They could also split existing relics in two, offensive and defensive, and give each relic a different slot, so that people don't just binge DPS and experiment with other mechanics as well. Split Capes away from Backpacks, giving them their own equipment slot. Capes already work on a different way compared to the rest of the back item skins, not being hidden when stowing shields and such, so they should be compatible to some point, visually speaking. Remove the Aquabreather equipment slot, and transform it into cosmetic-only system, just like gliders, but for underwater and hazardous environments. Gliders usually come packed with a matching back item, aquabreathers could pull the same trick, except with helms. Refund the 7th legendary rune costs, and give existing aquabreather skins a ground helm counterpart (for those which don't have it already). Double or even triple module slots for the Jade Bot. Alternatively, split existing modules into new equipment slots, instead of restricting people to just Sensory Arrays and Service Chips. Provide stat alternatives to the Power Core, as well as legendary versions for each individual equipment piece, for accountwide progression. Great opportunity to expand Jeweler up to 500. Give hairstyles wardrobe treatment, letting people pay to collect individual hairstyles. This move would allow ArenaNet to monetize hairstyles one by one, encouraging them to release new hairstyles far more often, and also let people dye their hairstyles with any dye from their collection. Some helm skins (like sunglasses) could be turned into facial accessories as well, allowing people to combine hats and glasses. This equipment slot would be cosmetic-only, or not even be an equipment slot at all, just an update to character customization itself. Move classic gathering tools (harvesting sickle, logging axe, and mining pick) outside of the equipment panel, integrating them into the same system used by the fishing rod, where the skin of the gathering tool isn't tied to any piece of equipment. I would also like to see agony infusions removed and agony as a whole transformed into an accountwide progression system similar to WvW ranks, but that's a whole different discussion on its own lmao.
  5. Update: November 07, 2023 There's 15 new mount skins, introduced through the Arcane Delights Mount Adoption License and the Arcane Delights Mount Select License. Of those 15, there's 9 of them qualifying for set membership: New categories: Primal Maguuma: Feathered, Manticore. Updates to existing categories: Aurora Blessed: Tigris. Blazing: Feathered, Manticore. Darkmist: Tigris. Glacial: Cuckoo, Vulpine [1]. Star: Siege Turtle. [1] This is the second Vulpine in the Glacial category.
  6. If you like having matching mount skins like me, this guide might prove helpful, providing all the data you need in a clean visual way: There's three mount series, each with their own line of saddles: Core: The initial variants released with Path of Fire, Living World Season 4, and End of Dragons. Canthan: End of Dragons variants (no skimmer and no roller beetle, sadge). Astral Ward: Secrets of the Obscure variants (only raptor and skyscale so far). There's three primary ways of obtaining new mount skins: Mounts Pack: These started providing complete sets of 5, but swapped to 3 of the same mount later on. Mount License: The classic adoption/selection licenses. Exclusive Mount: Direct purchase from gem store, sometimes available through Black Lion Chests. The whole thing is generated through some basic code, which allows me to update it easily with just a few clicks, so expect quick updates in the future, every time there's new mount skins belonging to a mount set. Previous updates: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/171lhsw/mount_set_collection_guide_september_26_2023/
  7. With early leaks and a tentative fourth expansion announcement soon, figured out it would be a good time to spice things up a bit :D. This mini-expansion idea continues the Canthan storyline, months/years after the events of End of Dragons. --- MAP IMAGE AND REDDIT THREAD --- INTRODUCTION A new crisis ravages Cantha! Jade tech across the empire runs wild, haunted with the crimson glow of unbound specters. The empress is absent, traveling abroad. The Imperial Court promotes acting Minister Cho Min as the new head of the Ministry of Security, effect immediate, granting her emergency powers. A mysterious benefactor offers great rewards to those willing to defy the ministry and uncover the truth, rallying multiple groups to their cause. Trouble is brewing, and the boiling point might be right around the corner. Sounds like the perfect case for the newly founded Brim & Scarab Detective Agency! As mortals scramble around the streets, the monks of the Sai Ling Order, caretakers of Tahnnakai Temple and the spirits imprisoned there, bear witness to the birth of a new constellation. Familiar, yet foreign, does it signal the coming of a Great Celestial, and if so, whom? Marks of feline claws litter the dead bodies of the monks, their lips now sealed, in life, and in death. Only a faint whisper remains, one who craves for vengeance against four others, one long cast away who now vows to return. One who looks for what was once known as the Oracle of the Mists, an ancient artifact stolen by the tengu who fled Emperor Usoku's wrath. One who will unleash the armies of the dead and claim his throne over the skies once again. Wander the spirit world, face the immortal Seven Canthan Spears in combat, and learn the truth behind the Fifth Great Celestial and the Ministry of Purity. --- EXPANDED CORE PROFESSIONS This expansion will provide no new elite specializations, focusing on expanding core professions instead, starting with three new weapon types: * Spear: Main-hand only, melee or thrown, based on the GW1 spear. * Knuckles: Main-hand and off-hand, melee or spellcasting, recycling the various martial arts movements in toys and bundles across the game. * Polearm: Two-handed, covering greataxes and scythes as well, based on the GW1 scythe and the scrapped GW2 polearm, recycling revenant and daredevil staff animations. Each core profession will then gain access to one of the new weapon types, as well as three new slot skills, five for revenant: * Elementalist: Knuckles + healing conjure + elite arcane + elite signet. * Mesmer: Knuckles + healing glamour + elite illusion + elite mantra. * Necromancer: Polearm + healing spectral + elite signet + elite well. * Engineer: Knuckles + 2nd healing kit + elite gadget + 2nd elite kit. * Ranger: Spear + healing signet + elite signet + elite trap. * Thief: Spear + healing preparation + elite preparation + elite signet. * Guardian: Spear + healing spirit weapon + elite consecration + elite spirit weapon. * Revenant: Polearm + new legendary stance. * Warrior: Polearm + healing banner + elite shout, elite stance. Everyone would get to unlock the new slot skills, but only expansion owners would get to enjoy the new weapons. --- NEW MASTERIES The central feature of the expansion is a new mechanic known as the Spirit World. You can enter and exit this otherworldly dimension using various portals across the open world, gaining a new perspective over the already familiar physical world. The Spirit World is a grim reminder of a world that was, before war and progress ravaged it. Towns razed in ancient times still brim with life, their long-dead inhabitants oblivious to their own demise. Industrial facilities vanish to reveal virgin forests, haunted by primeval beasts. It is here, in the Spirit World, where the spectral armies bid their time, preparing to invade the world of the living. Enter this world of the unknown and take the fight to them and their master before it's too late. * Spirit Walking: The soldiers of the spectral army use an otherworldy dimension known as the Spirit World to hide their movements from mortal eyes. Learn how to traverse this mysterious realm safely, finding alternatives to gliders and mounts, exclusive to the physical world. The higher your mastery the longer you'll be able to maintain your spirit form. * Tahnnakai Temple Caretaker: During the reign of Emperor Usoku, the once noble temple was used to commemorate and honor high-ranking members of the Ministry of Purity. After the ministry was disbanded, monks took their temple back, sealing all the evil spirits away. After the spectral army assaulted the temple, many of the spirits broke free. Help the surviving monks hunt down and imprison those spirits once again, and unlock the ability to duel them in 1v1 combat (similar to Queen's Gauntlet). The Tahnnakai Temple will change and grow depending on your mastery level and your story progress. * Amber Bots: Engineer Zhou Yao has developed an alternative to corruptible jade-powered tech, using petrified resin as the replacement. Expand the abilities and capabilities of your Auxiliary Bots, including new module slots and an option to deploy a personal Auxiliary Bot Terminal. Become a Grandmaster Jeweler (level 500) and gain access to new ascended and legendary upgrades. * Spectral Steed Mount: The mount of choice of the spectral army, these four-legged otherworldly creatures don't seem to be too happy to serve their new masters. Their unique ability allows them to travel both worlds, physical and spectral, escaping danger easily. Once trained to their full potential, spectral steeds allow their rider to enter and exit the Spirit World at any point. --- MINI-EXPANSION CYCLE This isn't just an expansion idea, but a business model idea as well. I think one of the major problems with GW2 over the years is ArenaNet's fixation with delivering a complete experience with every expansion, which often led to rushed third acts due to deadlines. Living World seasons don't have this problem, since each episode can be properly fleshed out, but then again, they lack the strong beginning of an expansion as well as expansion-level features. This mini-expansion approach combines the best of both worlds, spreading expansions over a cycle of 18-24 months, each release following a 3-4 month cadence: * Current expansion cycle begins * Expansion release: Hub, Zone 1, Zone 2, Dungeon 1. * Patch 1/4: Zone 3, Raid 1. * Patch 1/4: Zone 4. * Patch 1/4: Zone 5, Dungeon 2. * Patch 1/4: Zone 6, Raid 2. * Empty release slot: Can be used for bonus standalone content. * Next expansion cycle begins Dungeons and Raids (or rather, 5-man and 10-man content) would be ingrained in the story as single player experiences, then recycled and repurposed for a complete cooperative experience. The idea of story instances whose unique locations are never used anywhere else has always been detrimental to the game, and should be completely avoided in the future. --- MISCELLANEOUS Minor notes undeserving of above mention: * The villain of the expansion is a Great Nian based on the White Tiger of the West, acting as the patron celestial of the Ministry of Purity in juxtaposition to the other four celestials and their corresponding ministries. * There could be a fifth mastery track, available post-release, giving the Warclaw mount a significant role in PvE, independent from its WvW role. Additionally, WvW roles for both Spectral Steed and Siege Turtle mounts could be interesting to explore, the first allowing players to organize their own supply caravans, the second as mobile siege artillery fueled by player supply. * The new Spirit World mechanic could be expanded to the rest of the game over time, letting players rediscover familiar locations from the previous expansions. Were this the case, Tahnnakai Temple spirit hunting could be expanded to include spirits from all over the world, much like Fishing wasn't restricted to the expansion it was released with. * The game could really use some sort of screenshot mode, including filters and other options. Jade Bots are the perfect system for this, you could even build a new ingame economy around it, maybe even add minigames based on taking photos of locations and NPCs all over the world. * New Kaineng City has a lot of potential, but it likely wasn't properly fleshed out on time. This is a great opportunity to correct course and expand the zone, adding more physical space and more events to it. Access to the zone would then be free for owners of both End of Dragons and Oracle of the Mists. * Additional Aurene legendary weapons for both the three new weapon types (spear, knuckles, polearm) and the three underwater weapon types (harpoon, speargun, trident) would be desirable. Addition of a new final Dragonvoid variant would be great as well. Sources for images used: * Historical Guide to Cantha: https://www.thatshaman.com/tools/guide/cantha/ by /u/that_shaman. * Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons wallpaper #08: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/end-of-dragons/ --- That's it, thanks for reading! 😄
  8. Don't forget to update the API as well, mounts and novelties have been outdated for years now :I. Also, these music novelties can't be added to the wardrobe either: * Ghiwane's Music Box * Hafez's Music Box * Khadiri's Music Box * Nightingale's Music Box * Tinari's Music Box *Zephyrites Music Box Thanks for everything! (No API for skiff and jade bot skins either, but I guess that's WIP)
  9. You can always revisit it later, post-release, and add those small things you missed the first time. It doesn't need to be a "done and move on" kind of thing 😛. Anyway, here's an index I compiled a while ago, but never got to post, hope it helps: * https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/113766-return-to-living-world-season-1-scarlets-war-predictions-and-analysis * https://old.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/u6f3y0/return_to_living_world_season_1_scarlets_war/ Did a lot of LW1 forensics for the wiki long ago, so I know the whole thing pretty well. Don't ask me about my birthday though, I always forget that kind of non-vital information lmao. By the way, if you're looking for a great 10th anniversay gift, repurposing the Zhaitan fight into an open world meta event (the likes of Dragon's Stand, Dragonfall, Dragonstorm, and Dragon's End) would be the best thing ever, plus a great redemption story as well ^^.
  10. We know Living World Season 1 will be divided in 5 episodes, first one releasing tomorrow. Here's my prediction/analysis on how the restored season could look like, together with some of the changes ArenaNet might introduce to the original story to strenghten the connection between each episode. Enjoy the nostalgia trip, and if you never got to play this in the first place, beware spoilers :D. Episode 1: Flame and Frost The first episode would combine two seemingly disconnected storylines, which wouldn't converge until the second episode. 2012-11-01 / - / The Lost Shores: Prelude 2012-11-15 / - / The Lost Shores 2013-01-28 / 1 / Flame and Frost: Prelude 2013-02-26 / 2 / Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm 2013-03-26 / 3 / Flame and Frost: The Razing 2013-04-30 / 4 / Flame and Frost: Retribution Episode 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria The second episode would be pretty straightforward, since the Lionguard involvement in the Southsun Cove settler storyline was directly connected to the Dragon Bash festival organization. 2013-05-14 / 5 / The Secret of Southsun 2013-05-28 / 6 / Last Stand at Southsun 2013-06-11 / 7 / Dragon Bash 2013-06-25 / 8 / Sky Pirates of Tyria Episode 3: Clockwork Chaos The third episode would combine the finale of Ellen Kiel's story arc with the beginning of Scarlet's arc, following an escalation of the conflict with the Aetherblades. 2013-07-09 / - / Bazaar of the Four Winds 2013-07-23 / 9 / Cutthroat Politics 2013-08-06 / 10 / Queen's Jubilee 2013-08-20 / 11 / Clockwork Chaos Episode 4: Tower of Nightmares The fourth episode would focus on the Toxic Alliance and some of the side stories involving Scarlet's character. 2013-10-01 / 12 / Twilight Assault 2013-10-15 / - / Tower of Nightmares: Prelude 2013-10-29 / 13 / Tower of Nightmares 2013-11-12 / 14 / The Nightmares Within 2013-11-26 / 15 / Fractured 2013-12-10 / - / The Nightmare Is Over Episode 5: Battle for Lion's Arch The fifth and final episode would cover the final arc of the first season, followed by the dialogue-only Festival of the Four Winds prologue for the second season. 2014-01-21 / 16 / The Origins of Madness 2014-02-04 / 17 / The Edge of the Mists 2014-02-18 / 18 / Escape from Lion's Arch 2014-03-04 / 19 / Battle for Lion's Arch 2014-03-18 / 20 / Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath 2014-05-20 / - / Festival of the Four Winds Episode 1: Flame and Frost Chapter 1: Karka attacks across the Sea of Sorrows Invasion of Lion's Arch Ongoing Lionguard Investigation Second Invasion of Lion's Arch Urgent Lionguard Operation Chapter 2: Refugee crisis and the Molten Alliance invasion Event participation across Wayfarer Foothills. Refugee Camps in Farshore Ward, Might and Main, and Perimeter Loop. (dialogue only) Braham: Help from the Legions (dialogue only) Braham - Eirsson (dialogue only) Braham - Retake Cragstead Event participation across Diessa Plateau. Rox: Critical Mission (dialogue only) Rox - The Hatchery Molten Facility Braham: Avenger of the Dispossessed (dialogue only) Rox: Avenger of the Dispossessed (dialogue only) Notes: The original Lost Shores meta event could be turned into a public instance, giving the Ancient Karka the same approach as the Twisted Marionette. All of the Prelude and Gathering Storm events dealing with the Molten Alliance invasion were removed once the story arc was over. These events should be restored as permanent content to reflect the ongoing storyline. It was later revealed Canach had participated in the war against the Molten Alliance, but we never got to see said participation ingame. Canach could be reintroduced during the events of the second half, strenghtening the connection between the two chapters. Episode 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria Chapter 3: Settler conflict in Southsun Cove Event participation across Southsun Cove. Canach's Lair Contractually Obligated Chapter 4: Dragon Bash and the Aetherblades Ceremony and Acrimony Hard Boiled (dialogue only) Every Piece Matters No More Secrets Aetherblade Retreat A Future in Politics (dialogue only) Notes: Many of the original Secret of Southsun events dealing with the conflict between Settlers and Consortium were removed once the story arc was over. These events should be restored as permanent content to reflect the ongoing storyline. Kasmeer Meade made her debut in the return to Southsun Cove, as an undercover agent of some kind. She's reintroduced later together with Marjory Delaqua, right in time for the investigation around the murder of Theo Ashford. Kasmeer's role in the first half could be expanded to strenghten the connection between the two chapters, revealing details about her original mission. Lord Faren made his debut outside the human personal story in this episode as well, arriving on Southsun Cove as a stowaway, following the events of the unimplemented Divinity's Reach Fanciest Cat competition, which could be properly implemented this time. There's four refugees who play a significant role during the third chapter: Aggren Vicegrip, Henrika, Marcela Oakaxe, and Tergvi. These characters were introduced in the refugee camps of the second chapter, but we never got to see them again after the events of the third chapter. The fourth chapter could be a good opportunity to give them closure, connecting both chapters even further. Episode 3: Clockwork Chaos Chapter 5: Bazaar of the Four Winds and the Captain's Council Election Strangers from the Sky (dialogue only) Event participation across Labyrinthine Cliffs. Audience with the Master (dialogue only) Candidate Trials Chapter 6: Queen's Jubilee and the Twisted Watchworks Opening Ceremony Event participation involving Hot Air Balloons across the world. Event participation across The Crown Pavilion. Closing Ceremony Event participation involving Scarlet's Minions across the world. Scarlet's Playhouse Notes: The Master of Lightning, Master of Sun, and Master of Wind characters introduced during the second season could be retroactively introduced during the Bazaar of the Four Winds. The Zephyr Sanctum would be restored through a flashback Labyrinthine Cliffs zone or instance. The scrapped Captain's Council Election winner instance would be properly implemented this time. The ogre quarter would be restored through a flashback The Crown Pavilion zone or instance. Members of the Toxic Alliance could be retroactively introduced together with other Scarlet's Minions during the invasions, foreshadowing the events of the next episode. Episode 4: Tower of Nightmares Chapter 7: The Tower of Nightmares and the Toxic Alliance Thunder Ridge Camp, before the tower is revealed. (dialogue only) Holopirate Factory The Nightmare Unveiled Event participation across Kessex Hills, Tower of Nightmares, and Nightmare Chambers. The Nightmare Incarnate Thaumanova Reactor The Nightmare Ends The Dead End (The Nightmare is Over) (dialogue only) Notes: Tower of Nightmares: Prelude would be moved back in time to happen before Twilight Assault, just to solve the pacing issues. Antitoxin Spray would be reintroduced as either a mastery or as an object skill. The original Tower of Nightmares zone could be turned into a public instance, following the same approach as the Twisted Marionette. Players would be able to revisit the original Mistlock Observatory during the Thaumanova Reactor story mode. Episode 5: Battle for Lion's Arch Chapter 8: Scarlet's Alliance and the Battle for Lion's Arch Event participation involving either The Twisted Marionette or Energy Probes across the world. The Origins of Madness: A Moment's Peace (dialogue only) Scarlet's Secret Lair The Edge of the Mists (multiple instances, dialogue only) Refugee Camps in Bouldermouth Vale, Stormbluff Isle, Vigil Keep, and Vigilant Hills. (dialogue only) Event participation across Lion's Arch (Under Attack!). Event participation across Lion's Arch (Enemy Controlled) Scarlet's End The Dead End (Aftermath) (dialogue only) Lion's Arch: Honored Guests (dialogue only) Song of the Zephyrites (dialogue only) Notes: The original Lion's Arch (Under Attack!) and Lion's Arch (Enemy Controlled) zones could be turned into public instances, following the same approach as the Twisted Marionette. Aerin had background roles during Bazaar of the Four Winds and the first Festival of the Four Winds. His role could be expanded further, guaranteeing players recognize him during the second season. Thanks for reading!
  11. Revenants are just a modern version of the GW1 Dervish, except that this time around, instead of channeling human gods, they channel various legends from the Mists.
  12. ArenaNet is going to revamp WvW rewards in the close future, sounds like a good opportunity to me :D.
  13. Updated the first post with Mechanist (mace) and Specter (scepter). 100% agree. In the case of the soulbeast, I think they should have moved off-hand dagger skills to off-hand sword, and made off-hand dagger exclusive to soulbeast, with new skills just like main-hand dagger's.
  14. Replying to keep solved issues in a separate post: --- Any kind of information regarding The Icebrood Saga: Episode 5: Champions is missing from the quests endpoint: https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/quests?ids=all&lang=en --- Keep them coming!
  15. Four weapons are more than enough for the future, plus they can always create new weapon types, such as 1h spears or 2h polearms. Also, the amount of work in these cases (2-3 extra skills) is ridiculously low. Let people have fun.
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