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  1. Aye, I probably need to change my playstyle to cap more objectives for more WXP...I tend to defend a lot, which doesn't gain any points when it's unsuccessful.
  2. Mostly roaming for a couple hours a night, I'm averaging not more than 2 rank ups each day, and am just over 1100 rank currently. I've unlocked the ascended precursors for all weight classes and purchased 4 legendary pieces so far with the tickets I have earned, though if I hadn't also used them for half a dozen trinkets and on Warcry, which I still have to finish collecting mats for Warbringer, then I might have had almost 2 legendary sets by now.
  3. Unfortunately gaining WXP is a different process than pips, where you can have someone that primarily roams gain very little WXP even if they are able to maintain active participation compared to someone that PPTs with a zerg. It takes more effort to roam, takes longer to travel to the objectives that can be soloed, has more inherent risk in running into a gank squad, and yet the guy who presses 1 from within the safety net of a zerg gets more WXP. They should dole out more WXP for doing a higher percentage of the work on an objective and less to those that only do 2 percent because they are
  4. Ah, I kinda recall that, but since I was away for work I wasn't able to claim it...either you had to be affected by the event or you only had so long to claim it.
  5. Did I miss the "something similar before"? Maybe I should put in a ticket for it, just in case...😉
  6. In addition to removing the Vet Creature from dailies, they'd better remove Objective defender too...
  7. Agreed...if Anet wants to move to more active participation, daily Veteran Creature already results in lost participation while you wait and listen to the Jeopardy timer countdown music playing over and over in your head. I'd also like to get rid of all environmental creatures that aggro and keep you in combat longer when you could be hopping onto your mount or recovering health sooner.
  8. I'm glad to see more level-headedness in this thread...there are those that for some reason are trying to get Cele stats nerfed, especially for WvW builds. Guess those who run one-shot glassy power builds are upset they can't one-shot someone else that's not running a glassy power build, they actually have to work a bit for their kill...
  9. Sure, if they raised the price of each expansion to $250, then $25 is trivial...maybe I'll put that in their suggestion box...
  10. Ah, you're right...there are the one-off designs for other mounts that run that high as well...my bad!
  11. I think if Anet no longer offered gold to gems conversions, then people might complain more about the price of the mount skins, which would be $5 for a random pick, $15 for a select mount, or in the case of the more expensive WvW mounts (why do we always pay more for stuff?) $20 to $25 per mount...$25 is darn near the price of a full expansion.
  12. Maybe it's the other way around...an obvious attempt to get Anet to make armor more distinctive between weight classes, and have outfits come in three variants that unlock by weight class instead of one generic variant for all...no one likes things to be confusing, even getting the confused emote is kitten...😏
  13. Beta is just a short word for "we're going to implement this anyway without any major tweaks, we just want to generate hype".
  14. A new map would be fun to see, but after much of the community bashed Anet for DBL and continue to do so today, we're not likely to see one. Why go through all that trouble just to get yelled at? Makes me think the result of all that drama was the straw that broke the map camel's back.
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