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  1. Take that back! Legendary bling is all about Fashion Wars! 😉 Although in this case I highly doubt the legendary relic will provide any kind of glowy effect or floating balls, so yeah, probably just convenience.
  2. Yes, which is why Anet should reconfigure how the defense credit works so that how you defend isn't in question, especially if it leads to earlier participation. Still doubt that will pull any tags off EBG as they don't want to give up their bag farm...
  3. Well, the best way to get credit for Wizard's Vault dailies/weeklies in defending an objective is to let the enemy take the walls down and rush the lord and guards, and THEN attack them...maybe if they would change defense to include killing any enemies within cata range of an objective, even if they themselves haven't done damage to the walls or guards, then maybe you'd get more participation. As it stands, defending objectives outside the walls/gates just isn't as rewarding...not saying it's not effective, as it's clearly better to not have to rebuild a downed wall and waste more supply, but sadly that's not how Anet coded how one gets credit for defending...it was even submitted as a bug report due to how difficult it is to get now:
  4. While the overall rewards have generally increased, can you really say that you have the same freedom of choice on how to complete your dailies as before?
  5. To me the cap on Mystic Coins and Mystic Clovers is more acute, especially with the current cycle being 16 weeks without the cap being prorated accordingly, so we'd have done much better under the old system on these items. Let's hope they eventually settle on 12 or 13 week cycles...
  6. Last night in map chat one ally confessed he's been counting and is up to 41...ouch...
  7. This is true, though because it is more efficient to have only WvW objectives (for example) selected for both daily and weekly tasks, I find that I never pop into any other modes like I used to in completing dailies. I end up laser focused on one game mode just to make sure the weeklies get done, and even then, I've had Capture 3 Keeps at the same time as Defend 10 Objectives and I sometimes can't finish them as both require a certain combination of friendlies and enemies to occur at the right time and place.
  8. Thanks...it was in one of the "afterthought" posts rather than the main post...
  9. Hmm...looked at the last 3 patch notes...not seeing it still...
  10. Anyone else notice they seem to have made an adjustment so you can complete a task that allows your AA total to go over 1300, and only once it's over 1300 do you have to spend it down to cash in another task? Think this is new as of the last patch, but I didn't see it mentioned in the patch notes...at least it saves having to do the math on getting close to but not over 1300.
  11. The previous poster mentioned crafting, so I was responding to that avenue of making clovers. I am well aware of the other ways to earn or purchase clovers, none of which have to do with crafting. Crafting generally refers to the professions that have to be trained, such as Weaponsmith, Jeweler, etc., in which the combination of items leads to guaranteed and predictable results. Results from the Mystic toilet can vary and don't require professional training to throw things in, just like a real toilet, hence my objection to call it crafting.
  12. Not a fan of having more mechanics that rely on pre-casting a skill and having to cast again to utilize it. And they wonder why skill lag is a thing in WvW?
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