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  1. Thats not quite true either just because something stays in fantasy does not mean things cannot change up, everquest 1 and 2 are good examples, I dont like the way they went about it here personally, I can totally play a fantasy/sci fi mmo when done properly like anarchy online back in the day loved that game.
  2. Sadly we cannot express any criticism here without defensiveness from the team, the damage control is just unreal.
  3. Whats so advanced about a bunch of races fighting each other? If anything it just gave them more tools to use against each.
  4. I never liked food in an mmo, maybe in a survivial mmo where it makes sense before food it was just potions and I never cared for those either. It is just unneccesary.
  5. Yea I looked up the post history and there is only 2 and a few responses to other threads so not sure where people are getting those extremes. You cannot say its not about gw1 since it does have the tag of gw2 and it is indeed based in the same lore sorry but your not correct in that regard. I never got he said it was wrong just annoying and out of place to the op I think. I mean not everyone thinks the tech fits either so its not just based in your opinions either.
  6. You cannot use the population has grown as a way to void the balancing issues of the past, the game has grown due to expansions and other mmos becoming worse and more greedy or turning out to be failures, many join mmos without paying much attention to balancing history.
  7. I cannot stand dailys and purposely avoid then in all mmos, to be honest that is something I can be doing elsewhere, it should be a login reward at this point, they are so pointless.
  8. It is hardly a stretch he had some valid points, besides I dont recall hardly any tech in gw1. So the transition I can see being an issue to someone.
  9. Really? Ok ill go search for it I guess that is a bit excessive, I visit the forums fairly often so I have never seen it.
  10. In what a 4 year period? No sorry but always make these claims here about any criticisms towards the game its always stop posting this already when there was only like one post of this before, its very strange at the least.
  11. So your assuming me and the op are thinking of the general fantasy mmo which is not even remotely close to his original point, I have been playing mmos since the 90s dude I think I know by now mmos need their uniquness compared to others. That does not mean its always done well does it? Not sure why so many are confused I was quite clear if its confusing to you then you must be the damage control.
  12. I know but he has that option to switch to mostly dps is what I meant.
  13. That is not even remotely close to what he was talking about, many do not want to just reroll because of all the investment not sure why this needs to be explained to you either.
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