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  1. The team is aware of a bug related to this event and we are actively working on resolving it. The resetting of this unlock is not intended behavior, as such please stop donations while the issue is under investigation.
  2. Bug Fixes: Eternal Coliseum: Removed a shortcut to the Field (middle) capture point from the Red Base.Engineer—Gyro Skills: Fixed a bug that prevented several of these skills from working underwater.Engineer—Jump Shot: Fixed a bug that could prevent this skill from going on cooldown when it was used on some inclines.Thief—Steal: Fixed an issue in which Steal's cooldown would not be appropriately reduced by the Sleight of Hand or Swindler's Equilibrium traits.Warrior—Banners: Fixed a bug that could prevent banners from appearing in certain circumstances.
  3. 04/23/2019—Late Notes Profession Skills Elementalist Woven Stride: Fixed a bug that prevented this trait from granting regeneration correctly. Warrior Savage Instinct: This trait no longer removes conditions. In addition to breaking stuns, it now provides a 100% damage reduction when berserk mode activates. The damage reduction lasts 2 seconds in PvE and 1 second in PvP and WvW.
  4. 04/23/2019—April 23 Release NotesNo Downed State ReturnsCrush your enemies—or be crushed by them—when No Downed State returns to World vs. World! This event runs from 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on April 26 to 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on May 3.While playing WvW during this time, you'll earn an additional 25% reward track progression and an additional 100% world experience. You'll also gain 50% magic find.World PolishFixed a bug that prevented the health of the Champion Branded Riftstalker in a Mists Rift from scaling up if more than five players were fighting it.Fixed a bug that app
  5. Late Notes: March 26, 2019 03/26/2019—Late Notes World vs. World General The stealth effect can no longer be applied to players mounted on warclaws.
  6. Bug Fixes: Fixed a client crash.Fixed an issue that prevented the “-email” command line option from working as intended.
  7. Thank you everyone for your understanding and patience while we worked on this. :smile:
  8. Most of the reports are coming from EU. If you are in NA, can you please provide your error message?
  9. Hey all, we are aware of the login issues and investigating. Thank you.
  10. Bug Fixes: The Head of the Snake—Breaking the Siege: Fixed a bug that caused the wrong cinematic to play.Fixed an issue in the Xera encounter in which side islands did not have their collision detection in place before players were teleported to them.Fixed a client crash caused by mousing over the Sticky Spider Web condition in the Deepstone fractal.Fixed a rare blocking issue in the maze section of Deepstone.Fixed an issue in which failing the maze event in Deepstone could block progress.Late Note: Fixed an issue in which the Winterberry Bush Node was incrementing progress for the Daily Berry
  11. We'll be pushing a hotfix live later this evening which is specifically directed at addressing some of the ongoing issues around the Living World story. There will be another build in the morning which will contain fixes for other issues, such as the one preventing progress in Stronghold of the Faithful. Episode 3 has the largest story instance map of any we’ve ever attempted, and that large map size resulted in unintended consequences that were not detectable through pre-release testing but only became clear when the episode went live. We're prioritizing getting that fixed. We're continuing
  12. Hotfix Notes Bug Fixes: Fixed a client crash. Fixed a server crash. Updated the start conditions for the "Catch as many fish as you can" event in Sandswept Isles. This event now begins immediately on a new map, and as a reward for completing the Gathering Storms meta-event. Fixed an issue in which Teyrna would often display the event-start marker, even when the event wasn't ready to restart. Fixed a bug in which the camera would not properly collide with some objects. Raids: Mesmer and necromancer portals will now correctly detonate when an encounter begins. Raids—Bastion of the Penit
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