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  1. You are absolutely right. To address the issue anet needs to nerf weaver asap!
  2. Why though? D/wh has some quite unique skills like fire 4 and earth 4. I just cant imagine what do they have to bring to staff to make me even consider picking it over warhorn.
  3. Well since spear has been revealed and its basically a good staff 2.0 and anet gotta sell the new expac - forget about staff rework.
  4. Heal alac tempests biggest problem is it is heavy rotation focused. You have loads of stuff for variety of situations, but you do not have access to them on demand. You just go through your rotation regardless of whats happening on the battlefield and IF you are lucky you would be in the right attunement to throw in a cc or two and so on. IF you are not lucky then continue your scripted rotation. Qcata... too unrealiable. With every phasing boss you have problems. Its not that both dont work or anything. Ive been playing both for quite some time and my muscle memeory is doing most of the work, but its not fun. Anything both builds can do other classes could do better and easier.
  5. Buht SC can do 40+k dps on a large training golem with staff! Its OP!
  6. The meme answer: because even the devs cant play ele right, I still remember that HoT stream! The short answer: because its hard to balance due to its main mechanics. The long answer: Back in the days of a single balance with no split between wvw/spvp/pve ele got loads of nerfs in pve based on problems in wvw/spvp like the riptide nerf that was totaly justified for the competetive modes, but was totaly unnecessary in pve. Thats just one example. There were more like Meteor Shower got turned into a DPS loss instead of a powerfull nuke (yeah im not talking about large hitboxes obviously), catalyst hammer 3 nerfs that made it do 1 damage and so on. These nerfs addressed a single problem in a particular situation (MS was "a problem" only against large hitboxes, catalyst was a problem in cata stacking raid groups etc), but as a result this nuked every other aspect of these skills usability and class as a whole in other situations. A crude analogy would be: you have a chicken running in your backyard ruining your plants etc and to get rid of that chicken you throw a nuclear warhead at it and watch the whole city burn in nuclear fire. Thats how anet addressed problems with ele. At a time there were not a lot of "overnuked" abilities and traits on ele, but as time went on they reached a critical mass and now there is literary no way anet can fix this unless they redo the core mechanic of ele/weaver - attunements. If they undo the nerfs and let average people get decent performance and have fun then SC would be doing a minimum 70+k dps which breaks some end game content. For example if anet would give weaver self quick uptime then you would see a 1 alac heal 4 weaver meta raid groups melting bosses. And instead of allowing some "goofing around" with different niche stacks - anet chooses to nerf everything in to the ground. To acrually address the problems ele has atm, anet needs to rethink how attunements work and change their phylosophy. Back in the days ele had all of the tools it needed but split into 4 attunements. The tradeoff was attunement swap cd and the fact that you were jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. You had to juggle more skills than other classes, but had more advantages for doing so. The tradeoff was you had a full kit of anything you want, but you would lock yourself out of an attunement for a certain amount of time if you went for another attunement for different "thing". You could swap to water to get heals/condi cleanses, but you were loosing on dps for 8 secs (that was before weaver). Now that problem is still here, but other classes are balanced outside of these boundaries. Just look at FB, their tomes are basically 0 cd attunements with loads of utility. And they do not have to pay for it in any way. Now since all of the classes have roughly the same amount of "buttons" to push, the question is why does ele has to have strict tradeoffs when other classes dont have to.
  7. Whats your point here? Ive said weaver cannot get quick. Weaver needs quick to play comfortably since all of its skills are balanced to have quick and alac for smooth gameplay. So better off swap espec to cata (has quick), temp (doesnt need quick) or other class that has it much easier.
  8. @Crystal Paladin.3871 Spvp is a competetive game mode. A competetive game mod is when people go in and put "work" and effort to get good results. And when they do, they focus and put their body and mind at their peak performance. That actually puts alot of presure to your nerve system. And where there is competition there will always be highly emotional moments. Thats how human psychology work. People will have a streak of good/bad matches and will get tilted and that will result in all kind of behavior. Thats how any competition works. Neither you or anet has the power to change peoples psychology. Is is good or bad? Neither. Thats just the way it was, is and always will be. Now if you dont like that, you have a few options. 1) dont engage in competetive content, 2) use provided tools at your disposal to mute, block, turn off chat etc the things/people you dont like (all of the tools are availible to you in-game). You actually may find it funny, but there are people that engage in competetive activities and enjoy the emotional roundabout that it provides will all kind of drama etc. There is no toxicity in this. A lot of people play video games to vent off the stress after their hard day of work and so on. More "censorship" and control over the last remains of spvp community will 100% kill that mode for good.
  9. @OP yeap give up. Weaver is designed to have quick uptime (and alac too) to get smooth gameplay. And since you lack the options to actually generate quick in any way - just go cata/tempest/any other good class and start having fun.
  10. And it sucks at it. No wonder any decent support build atm uses d/wh.
  11. Ive said during SOTO launch that anet went full in on "cut costs" policy. Back then people were trying to defend SOTO with vague arguments like "oh but you havent seen the full scope of SOTO yet". And now we have. I stand by the point i made. If we look at Janthir expac what do we see? Just look at the screenshots they provided: reskinned kodans (yeap now they are brown wow!), reskinned ice elemental (wow now its black and red/yellow), reused warclaw mount (wow new skills, but they dont have to redo all of the animations etc), spears (ive waited for eons to get a spear on my ele, right? nope. But hey at least anet wont have to design new weapons, right?), cant comment on the raid cause well it could be as reused as the new frac was. As for player housing... well we get hoelbrak personal instance, but a bit customisable. Good job! now give 25 euros! If all of the above doesnt look like "CUTTING COSTS" then i dont know what is. I get that anet wants to utilise the resources they have, but anet is charging annualy for expacs now, its not free content like it was with LW. You could atleast put some effort into it. Sure, reuse the minor stuff, the filler stuff like generic events/enemies etc. But can we get something new for a change? New enemies, new textures, new locations (and not grothmar texture ripoff), new UNIQUE weapons, new trait lines, new pets, new mounts, upgraded jade bot, new ways of interacting with the game (like mounts/gliders were in HOT/POF) etc. And not just reskins, remakes, recolors all of the time. Ah forgot one more thing... about that new pvp mode! Anet are you serious? Didnt stronghold teach anything? That splitting whats left of spvp community between modes is bad? CTF format is dead on arival because of the class balancing. The whole pvp scene is balanced around "holding points". And since i dont see any major rework/rebalance in the latest "balance patch" i call it a fail in advance.
  12. It has always been this way. Ele was always about stacking loads of pulsing fields/attacks to get a decent dps. Nothing changed here. The thing AliamRationem is refering to is that ele (weaver) does the same amount of dps (or slightly less in some fights) while being cripled by: 1) melee range (power sword build), 2) desperate dependance on boon uptime (if your boon support slacks you loose dps by a lot), 3) low survivability, 4) lack of "flex slots" on utility (you have to take all of the dps utilities if you want to compete). Other specs like reaper dont have this, they have ranged options (staff), selfsustainable quickness uptime (and might too), loads of HP and a "second health bar", a few flex slots to throw in more utility without loosing loads of dps in the process. And to be fair sword/wh weaver has good burst potential too if played correctly and in ideal situation (thanks to glyph of storms), so i see no problem with comparing the two. Nah, its not. When Catalyst came into play with EOD and was "a bit" overtuned, the play rate was pretty good even though there were only "a few people" who could manage the rotation on a decent level. Representation is all about "what you bring to the group". If weaver would do 20+% more dps than other specs you would actually see a lot more representation than now. Or if it had more utility like virtuoso for example. Atm the only thing you bring to a team is THE SAME amount of dps (or even lower) that every other spec can bring while having 0 utility and being cripled by the abovemntioned factors. The "hard to play" argument has been cripling every debate on ele forums for years now. A lot of aspects of ele were simplified in past few years. There are even "braindead" button mashing builds that do somewhat decent damage. But people still dont play it. The complexity is not the problem. The "kit" is. It performs well only if you take into acount its dps and cross out all of the other aspects ive listed above. And the amount of encounters that weaver/cata can safely stay melee is getting less and less with every update. You literary have split phases in all of new content. And as soon as things go bad in your group (lets say lacking boon uptime or a healer dies etc) weaver can just die in a few secs or loose like 70% of his dps instantly, while said reaper could continue to do dps loosing a few % of his dps and/or survive long enough to ress people. So the question is simple: why take weaver over reaper or virtuoso? (ofc aestetics are not on the table, cause that would make this debate pointless by default).
  13. @Mevelios.4809 Yeap, or you can just play chrono/FB/etc and have all of this in 1 simple button with low cd 😆
  14. Weaver is underwhelming atm thats for sure especially in OW content. You might aswell go tempest or cata for easier time. But if you really want to play sw/f weaver go full cele build or full trailblazers (fire/earth/weaver for trailblazers or fire/arcane/weaver for celestial).
  15. Why not? I play qCata on a regular basis. It requires some practice to get used to 2x2 sphere rotation. I even use it in OW with cele gear. Sure its not perfect, and you have too many hoops to jump to get the same result as any other spec. But atleast it has uses. Im not saying weaver is good atm (thats why i created this topic after all), but i can see having 250 barrier every 3 secs as not completely useless. Ofc that would be a lot better if it was 600-800 barrier a tick.
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