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  1. Nice build! D/W has some cool skills and looks pretty fun, makes me want to try it! xD I've tried a DPS D/W build but haven't really messed with support much. Welcome to NA, too! The more the merrier! 🙂
  2. Idk how it is now, but when I leveled my ele it felt a LOT better once I hit level 80 lol. Being below level 80 sucks, but once you start to work on new builds and armor sets and get into more challenging content then it's a lot more fun. You can either play an easier build like condi/hybrid and incorporate some heals in there if you feel like you're dying a lot or go full glass and learn how to destroy everything before it can kill you. I like to roam around with a fresh air scepter/focus weaver build in open world and wvw as well as pvp, and switch to a glass staff tempest build when I'm zer
  3. How re"fresh"ing it is to see a new fresh air roaming video! (Badum-tss!) I'm running something similar except with focus instead of dagger (because I spent so much time to get the binding of ipos and even with the nerfs, I refuse to let it go, lol). Fun fights! Thanks for the upload! :D
  4. The ICD should have been for the rune not for the scourge trait.
  5. More nerfs most likely, and continued banishment to this echo chamber if we try to bring it up anywhere else.
  6. Oh, that's so tough. They're all very good. Ranger and engineer both have fairly viable dps and survival builds. There's the sic em sniper (soulbeast) and boonbeast (soulbeast) builds for ranger, and the standard holosmith and bunker scrapper builds for engineers. (I'm throwing scrapper in there just out of personal preference, since it's like my main, but there are a lot who would disagree about it's viability) Revenant only really has the dps herald build, but it's still very good. I would say the overall easiest would be the boonbeast, and the most effective is probably holosmith, but they
  7. Woah, those are good enough to be a wallpaper! Excellent pictures! Very cool!
  8. Before this thread gets thrown into the echo chamber: Just because ele was good once doesn't mean it's ok for it to be bad now. It's been mediocre way back since most of the support amulets were removed, and before that, eles desperately wanted to be semi good at something other than support/tanking. They would be lucky now if their only concern was having only one playable option that was only support... now they pretty much have nothing going for them.
  9. It's player specific, not profession specific. See WoodenPotatoes' new PvP marker pack video, for example. He pointed out so many skyhammer jumping, kiting, and LoS spots that I had no idea about, and I'm pretty sure he's not a necro main. (He was using a mesmer in the video, but I've seen him play on ele and ranger too)
  10. The hint that they don't care was when they went through all the forums to take down anything that even remotely mentioned ele and either merged them into this abomination of an echo chamber or deleted them. There was just confusion from other eles who didn't know the backstory of the thread and assumed the devs were actually seeking feedback, and they kept posting here thinking that someone was reading what they were writing.
  11. That's hard. Nothing really checks all those boxes, but I think Thief might be the closest thing.
  12. Oh dang, that's crazy. You make it look so easy. Mad skills, lol!! =)
  13. It was just season 13 that they took out the titles. You can go for it again next season since they said they're bringing them back, but there are no titles for the season that just ended.
  14. If I'm losing a lot, it's usually because I'm not playing as well as I could. Either I rotated poorly, didn't res or stomp when I should have, fought off point, chased a guy, fought too long on a point that wasn't mine, etc. I try to think about what I could have done better and usually it's little things like that, then I try to fix it for next time. There's no point in raging about my team because I'm not perfect either.
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