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  1. I like this idea! A 1 v 1 option sounds fun!
  2. That's a good point about the queue dodging for premades. I've definitely done that as well to avoid getting crushed so much as a solo player, and I really like your suggestions here. These would be really interesting changes if implemented. 🙂
  3. Omg, I would love it if the pet looked more like the tree with all those blossoms! Mine is called "The Ugly Radish." 🤣
  4. It would be nice for matchmaking and team balance if they would separate pugs from premades (solos from full teams), but the pvp population just isn't big enough for that, unfortunately. For each of the players in here saying they want required premades only and berating anyone who disagrees, there are several more silent players who would just not play at all if that were the case. Then the same people here would be crying even more about how pvp is dead, queue times are so long, and they're always put against the same team every match. "Careful what you wish for."
  5. This is really annoying. Has there been any acknowledgement from Anet that this is a known issue and is being looked into? 😕
  6. I just saw the most recent AT on MightyTeapot's channel on Youtube and it looks like this happened to the catalyst in the final match (Xdd Raiken at 2:22:23), too. He had to relog and never got back into the match due to the timeout, but fortunately it happened so close to the end of the game that their team still won. Hopefully they fix this. Even just giving it the same treatment as the old engi's Overcharged Shot would be nice. I'm not sure why they would fix it for them and then give eles the broken version lol. 😅
  7. Has anyone else had issues getting stuck in walls and objects when using Wind Storm (4 skill in air on the hammer for catalyst)? This has happened so many times to me now that I try to avoid using it unless I'm in an open area, but it stinks to basically not have access to one of the skills most of the time. (Especially for one of the few CC skills available) This happens in PVP, WVW and PVE. In PVP it turns the match into a 4 v 5 until you die, and if the other team doesn't kill you then you have to manually relog and deal with the added respawn delay. I was thinking that maybe having the skill be similar to the engineer's rifle knockback after the changes would be better. (It used to knock the engineer back, too, but it's much better to use now.) Or maybe have it stun the ele for 1 second or something instead if the self-CC needs to stay, rather than knocking the ele back. Thoughts?
  8. Ranger Danger is such an appropriate name for this team. 🤣
  9. The current meta is good, but I'm definitely looking forward to testing the ele scepter changes. It probably won't ever be quite good enough to be in the meta, but FA was so fun to play before they progressively nerfed it into the ground through indirect changes. As long as I can play ele without constantly being told "Please switch to literally any other profession" in every match (when I'm the only ele on the team) then I'm good. 😄
  10. We have the ability to hide the helm portion of the outfit, but it would be super nice to be able to use our armor helm skin with the outfit, as well. Especially with all of the ears, horns, hats and halos from the gem store available for helm skins. Would this ever be a possibility, or has this been discussed and ruled out already? To be honest, there were a few outfits I had purchased in anticipation that one day it might be possible to use them with our own helms. If it's a 'hard no' then I'll at least know to avoid outfits altogether moving forward unless I really like the helm that goes with them lol.
  11. Nice build! D/W has some cool skills and looks pretty fun, makes me want to try it! xD I've tried a DPS D/W build but haven't really messed with support much. Welcome to NA, too! The more the merrier! 🙂
  12. Idk how it is now, but when I leveled my ele it felt a LOT better once I hit level 80 lol. Being below level 80 sucks, but once you start to work on new builds and armor sets and get into more challenging content then it's a lot more fun. You can either play an easier build like condi/hybrid and incorporate some heals in there if you feel like you're dying a lot or go full glass and learn how to destroy everything before it can kill you. I like to roam around with a fresh air scepter/focus weaver build in open world and wvw as well as pvp, and switch to a glass staff tempest build when I'm zerging, but I used to enjoy messing around with condi builds, too. Try experimenting with different weapon and skill combos to get a hang of which rotations net you the best damage output and balance your control out. A lot of the elementalist's high damage comes from using good rotations, so you won't notice big numbers if you're only staying in one attunement and auto attacking, for example. Once you get the hang of it, ele is a load of fun! 🙂
  13. How re"fresh"ing it is to see a new fresh air roaming video! (Badum-tss!) I'm running something similar except with focus instead of dagger (because I spent so much time to get the binding of ipos and even with the nerfs, I refuse to let it go, lol). Fun fights! Thanks for the upload! :D
  14. Woah, those are good enough to be a wallpaper! Excellent pictures! Very cool!
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