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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterRamshackleHornetMoreCowbell-Zubyr_sJh4_78Aat
  2. This will kill PvP, what little is left of it. Matchmaking problems are due to a decreased population. The bunker meta introduced in the February patch has driven away so many players PvP is on life support, if not dead already. Implementing this will make matchmaking take so much longer and make it so much worse. The primary concern of ANet regarding PvP should be undoing the bunker meta and somehow restoring the PvP population to numbers that can actually support the matchmaking system. The system is fine, it just wasn't designed to work with a low player population.
  3. I hate Chill too. You already have Cripple as a movement impairment condition. Why does a skill recharge condition have an even stronger secondary movement slowing effect, than the condition that is supposed to primarily slow your movement?
  4. I'm generally against alts and smurfing, but it's basically a necessity for some players at this point. The population is so thin now that matchmaking is unreliable and the terrible current bunker meta has driven away so many knowledgeable players that the overall skill and knowledge level has diminished so much. There are a few select hours where you can get normal games, other than that matchmaking is a pure bingo. Every high level PvP streamer is getting frustrated with games nowadays, even when they're already on alts where they don't care about their rating. Even reasonably level-hea
  5. https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterRamshackleHornetMoreCowbell-Zubyr_sJh4_78Aat
  6. No, you have misread the tooltip. The immunities a Lich gains from "control effects" mechanics is not endemic to the lich, it is gained through the Lich accessing a game mechanic that other professions can also access. The tooltip states that the Lich gains a game mechanic called a "boon", in this case "Stability", which grants immunity from Knocked down, pushed back, pulled, feared, stunned, Dazed, floated, sunk feared or taunted. Another game mechanic is that "boons" can be "removed" with certain skills, which voids that immunity for the duration of the absence of the boon (which takes
  7. Aegis spam is way too easy and common. Aegis needs an application cooldown of minimum 5 seconds, probably even more. Same goes for Blind, way too spammable, everyone and their mothers have it. Either give it an application interval or drastically reduce the amount of skills/traits that have it. This stupid bunker meta needs to stop.
  8. Dude, where do you buy your stuff? I would really like to smoke something that can catapult my judgement this far from reality.
  9. PvP is 99% abandoned by Anet. Even if they do have something remotely planned for the expansion, the playerbase is too low already to support proper matchmaking and it will have degraded so much more by the time it releases that PvP will basically be dead by then.
  10. You might also say that a lot of toxicity (obviously not all) is due to how badly ANet has neglected PvP. The population is too thin to support proper matchmaking so there are a lot of mismatches, and if you're an experienced player who has to watch his teammates run into mid to die 1-by-1 game after game I'm not surprised you get fed up at one point. Also the bunker meta is kittening godawful and I imagine people sitting on points spamming sustain chains like it's PvE is more conductive to frustration and toxicity, than it is to interesting, competitive, exciting and dynamic gameplay.
  11. You are never going to be able to interrupt someone's heal that's under a second to cast if it isn't an insta-cast skill. Insta-cast CC is an absolute must for dynamic heal and skill interruption. Mantra on Mesmer is the only thing that's actually left over from how Mesmer played in GW1, it absolutely defines the class. Mantra can also be countered with Aegis, Blind, stowing your cast and casting your skill while in stealth. As much as Mantra is a skill based on timing and reflexes to tells, countering it is a skill based on baiting the Mesmer to waste it. Both in using it and countering
  12. It's funny how all the most fun builds like LR Weaver, Roamer Mirage, Decap Druid are all so uncompetitive while builds that win you matches by AFKing nodes and cycling sustain skills like it's PvE are dominant. Actually it's not funny, it's incredibly kittening sad and PvP is dying because of it.
  13. Clearly not since there's plenty of top-level PvP streamers who complain about it as well.
  14. You really aren't reading. It's PvP. PLAYER. versus. PLAYER. Evading an NPC during a fight should never play a role in PLAYER vs PLAYER matchups. The fact that you keep hammering on about HAVING to evade a pet only supports my argument.
  15. Yes, exactly. Just like Scourge carries bad players to higher ranks because they don't have to think about what they do, Ranger carries bad players to high ranks because they are carried by their pets and sheer overscaled GS damage. Rangers are definitely not unbeatable, I didn't say that and overall I have no more trouble taking them on than any other class. I don't mind dying when I'm being outplayed by someone, I mind dying when I'm completely outplaying someone, do a perfect rotation, completely kitten on them, Mantra their heal, and still die to 18k+ combined pet damage. I should not have
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