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  1. cele should just have its total stats reduced a bit, say 10% or even 20%. That would bring everything down even boon duration and condi duration making it harder to keep might stacks. The lower stats will make them less tanky too. And before you ask, yes i play cele on some builds and i would be ok with a nerf.
  2. i am glad they are implementing DX11 and working towards using more of its features so i am hopeful. However i will say that on my machine i7-8750H with a GTX1060 , DX11 is not any better (about the same) than using DX9 with the d912pxy which i have been using for a long time now. While DX11 was in beta and had lots of crashes, the d912pxy was a much safer option when doing meta events etc. Even in DX11 my GPU is not being stressed at all.
  3. Why are we still getting the alliance legends swapping to defense everytime i mount/dismount or come back to legend. Hope this isnt gonna be like this forever like the skills moving around stuff
  4. Hi if im in the DPS alliance mode of vindicator legend. If i then mount and dismount im suddenly in the defensive part of the alliance legend. It should remember which mode im in not switch me to defensive mode.
  5. How can you "not" have balance in discord? Isnt that a minor trait in the trait line? forgive me if im missing something
  6. Your GPU is waaaaaay stronger than mine (GTX 1060) and ive never had my GPU go to 100% utilization. It goes to max clock speed often but never 100% usage. My caveat is im using medium settings and FPS is capped at 60 (my screen is 60hz)
  7. Hi why do you set the HUD to 0. Isn’t it a good way to show that it works ? also what does the logging variable do normally ? lastly how is the performance lately . Is dx11 more stable now ? thanks
  8. yeah thats why i went back to 912pxy...i cant afford to crash in a pve meta event or wvw map that has 50 queue
  9. anyone know why dx11 still barely uses much of GPU? i have an i7-8750H cpu and GTX 1060 GPU. I was using d912pxy which makes some use of my GPU, but dx11 doesnt seem to do much of that. (I have disabled d912pxy)
  10. somehow i doubt this, only because i believe there are barely any warrior roamers left. I can count them on one hand. And those warriors are actually good and don't run.
  11. i dont know about power vs condi in EOD. What i do predict is a wave of nerfs in the next 6 months under the guise of "balancing" in order to ensure that the new elite specs are busted in comparison which will force players to buy the expansion if they want to play competitive modes or high end PVE (i dunno what that is since i dont pve but you get my point). This happened in HOT and POF. Dont see why it will not happen again. So expect the meta to swing around quite wildly for the next 6 months. Maybe i'll be proved wrong and i will dig up this post and laugh.
  12. pets was also the reason i barely played ranger. I tried druid back in HOT days but could never get into the pet swap thing. Might give soulbeast a go if i dont have to worry about my pet too much
  13. lmao your entire post reeks that you care what other servers think/feel because you dont want them to have the satisfaction of dropping siege on you, letting you bleed out.
  14. yes the combo of cele buff and change to resistance brought an influx of hybrid/condi classes. I found that harder to fight when i was on holo (yeah ofc prob my noob skill level) but as i mentioned in another thread this is the reason why i multi class. I just ended up switching to renegade (take advantage of cele) or guardian.
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