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  1. no no no I've seen it it's legendary colored
  2. Goddess of WVW/ god of WVW is a colored title that only the hardcore wvw players have, another title I'm working on, and there's also a pvp one https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Title:_God_of_WvW
  3. there are legendary titles in the game like a WvW title and pvp, it has a color like the legendary weapons
  4. aren't titles made for that? reason to display an achievement
  5. anyone else think GWAMM titles should be a legendary title? I mean I might even bring people back to gw1, I want my hard work in GW1 to be noticed in GW2
  6. for Halloween cobweb cape with 1 or 2 small animated spiders, and one for Christmas a Wrapping paper cape with bows on top corners of it , and for the dragon festival a really long serpent dragon cape, there ya go.
  7. can you guy's add some snowflakes effect to the christmas chair, like what the christmas mounts have, it really needs it
  8. it's a core problem some guy told me a fix but it requires messing with the cores and it doe's fix it, I tried it myself but reverted back to get an official fix from Anet in the next 20 years, the fix was open gemstore alt tab and open taskmanager in guildwars 2 there will be a coherent UI set that to use one core and set priority to high or something I forget
  9. I only use one gpu, 0 heat problems and I'm running 64bit, I used the Nvidia geforce and it detects max settings just fine, the ingame auto detect is broken
  10. so I have a evga gtx 1080 and a 6700k, why doe's the game give me low setting's when I use auto detect?
  11. what the hell!! got ingame mail saying my GWAMM title was revoked even thought I do have max 50, why!?
  12. can we get a snow flake kite >.< , and a ghost kite for next halloween and a heart kite for valentines pweeez!!
  13. So on Halloween we got a hovering mad mirror and a riding broom, why don't we get a hovering snowflake for Christmas or a hovering sleigh, or better yet make those items Noveltie mount's , I want to ride polar bear's and reindeer, moa birds and a pig like that skritt doe's in the race, no skill of course so it won't mess with the real mount's
  14. can we have slot's for effect's or can we at least make winter presence into an infusion, I want the snow flake effect but I don't want to give up my scarf... it keeps me warm
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