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  1. Interesting but kinda irrelevant imho. All of them are full pre-teams and most/all of them have voice com and a ton of experience in playing together. Elementalist for example - according to you, I didn't verify - tied for the lowest win rate, yet ele was on both teams in the grand EU vs NA final, so what is the take away here now? For me it's clear that individual player skill and team coordination and composition heavily outweigh class choice, I mean.. R55 and Team USA would've probably stomped most other teams on EU and NA respectively, even if they'd played off-meta compositions/build
  2. Yea those who permanently left farmed fractals to death, already had at least one legendary weapon for their main char (some even 2 or 3) and just didn't really know what they're supposed to do anymore in the game. Some really disliked the introduction of ascended gear and that Anet didn't stay true to not introducing a gear treadmill - which, admittedly, they haven't done since then but yea.. wasn't the best sign to just throw out your promises a couple months after release. There just hasn't been very grindable PvE content back then because even the fractals were... not that great.
  3. I think launching GW2 on steam with the current sPvP would be a death sentence for the game mode. It's abysmal and it will not only have abysmal player retention, it will leave players very sour after their initial experience. Most people from my old guild (like, ~2013-ish) left the game and never came back due to bad experiences created by Anet. Anet has only one shot for creating a good first experience and this ain't it. Sure, a lot of PvE players and probably WvW players will stick to the game so gw2 as a whole (and therefore in the steam charts) will probably have a pretty good p
  4. Sarcasm doesn't work that well in text form. I mean, you are sarcastic, right? .... right?
  5. You are playing against those much higher people because the population is so low and it keeps getting worse, because Anet doesn't do kitten to "not split the population" - because apparently giving people variety and stuff is bad. Their strategy to "not worsen sPvP population by not doing anything at all" backfired worse than their HoT pre-launch ad campaign. And you are losing this much rating because Anet completely F'ed the concept of volatility in glicko-2 (the rating system they've implemented). Usually volatility in glicko-2 is used to track how consistent a player is. If a player's
  6. I don't disagree with what you are saying but want to comment on this part. The neat part regarding balance in a mmorpg is: You don't. Or rather, you shouldn't. I think it's dangerous to expect every class and spec to be equally viable in all game modes and roles. That's as if you'd expect League of Legends to balance all 140+ champions to be equally viable on every lane/jungle and role, which would be insane. I will agree tho, MMOs usually cater to a different target audience (unfortunately). It is normal for mobas to just kitten some champions and nerf them into oblivion, especially
  7. I actually agree with pretty much everything that's been suggested so far in the comments above. Would actually make the pvp experience A LOT better. Unfortunately Anet doesn't give a kitten/can't afford to improve anything related to sPvP, sooooo.. 🤷‍♂️ I'm just waiting to read through for the mixed reviews after steam launch (if it ever comes).
  8. I would laugh if it wasn't so true.
  9. We already have that, it's called WvW. But seriously, I agree that the population has to increase again, I just don't see it happening with ANet. And I think if people would find their way into pvp now, it would be a disaster. Everyone would just leave and gw2 reputation would be even more charred than it already is. PvP has been basically in maintenance mode for half a decade and Anet unfortunately won't invest a penny in improving anything. At this point I'd like to have WAY more parameters for custom arenas so the remaining community can at least create an enjoyable experience the
  10. I'd beg to differ on that one - at least theoretically. It's basically the only reason why I am personally - and probably some others - considering playing an mmo at this point tbh. Otherwise I generally prefer coop rpgs since they typically aren't designed in a way that promotes kitten predatory game systems and life cycles that either milk their playerbase, completely burn out devs without an end in sight or both, with bigger emphasis on a more engaging gameplay loop instead of artificially keeping the players engaged with stuff like daily chores so they hang around long enough to shove ne
  11. If this is true (a lot of player have returned or are new to pvp) then it's almost RIP for the game mode. Starting the game mode into such a bad state will probably kill it immediately for most newcomers and especially for returners there probably won't be a third chance for gw2 I'd guess. My last kind of hope is the steam release but Anet probably won't even try to address any of issues that have plagued sPvP for years for that either. In this case sPvP would officially be dead imho. It's probably the last chance to attract a large new audience but if their first experience is this garbag
  12. I think those suggestions would be pretty neat for custom arenas or rather enable/disable expansions or maybe e-specs explicitly. Honestly I think ranked has long been dead now and Anet doesn't do anything to resurrect it. People need more stuff to customize arenas and organize their own tournaments, etc. Would be pretty neat if we could even adjust coefficients for skills and traits. I'd also guarantee that some really dedicated and knowledgeable people would create a better balance for their custom server than Anet ever could.. I don't actually really need new content (haven't played
  13. Since they mentioned D/P (and the skill in fact does have a 2sec daze - but only in PvE) I think the comment was referring to Head Shot, not Sleight of Hand. At least I was referring to Head Shot, which has 0.25sec daze in WvW/PvP - unless wiki is wrong.
  14. 2s daze is for PvE only, in WvW and PvP the daze is 1/4 sec. That's actually not true, there have been many times in the past where thief was not meta (or even viable sometimes) or outclassed by another class, for example mesmer pre-portal nerf. Thief is just slightly better at stealthing and walking around than most other classes (so they can sneak by someone and decap while nobody's looking). That's literally the only reason why thief is not replaced by rev or even mesmer in sPvP. During bunker metas thief was mostly able to keep themselves in the meta by being able to rip bo
  15. Oh, you're right, I was confusing it with Cluster Bomb in this regard.
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