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  1. Whats the best roaming-camp flipping-duelist? Soulbeast? Deadeye? Scrapper? Holo? Daredevil? something else?
  2. I am a fair roamer and decent 1V1 in WvW. I came across two different STAFF MIRAGE CONDITION builds that were just destroying people. I need a good build and tips on how to play it. I just get smoked on my mirage constantly when roaming. I win once in awhile but over all my damage is just to low. I have full gear for EXOTIC Condition and/or power. Mesmer was my favorite class when I quit playing years ago. (OSICAT build days) I can do great in PVE. EDIT to add the METABATTLE builds in WvW are not getting it done.
  3. I haven't played in YEARS. I played D/D Ele. D/P thief. Power Shatter Mes. For Roaming WvW and open world PVE. I used to look for 1Vx fights. All seemed to have gotten nerfed. I love complicated classes that require movement and have great movement potential. (teleports and such.) High Skill ceiling with a big payoff. Are there any good classes like the ones I used to play? I was told Ranger is good for movement and PVP and PVE with soul beast. Also Guard and Necro but they seem to lack movement spells/skills. Thanks in advance for
  4. Still Mesmer and Thief? which is better for mobility and taking down 2 then getting away or kiting? No xpacs yet coming back to the game after a long time off. Have an 80 of almost all classes so that isn't an issue.
  5. Am lvl 80 and geared for my roaming condition shatter osicat type build. No expansions yet. Seeing if I want to get back into the game. Is this still a viable hit and kite type class? Are OSICAT type builds usable? Anything similar? even other class specs will do. I just loved that play style so much,Thanks for your help
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