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  1. As usual, the communication is dreadful from anet. I truly done understand how they can operate with such kitten business standards. If you don’t know what’s going on, communicate it!!!!! I personally feel like an update every 2-3 days would be enough keep us in the loop about our accounts. As many stated, we’ve all dropped a decent bit of $ into this game for character slots. Now my main only has 33 toons but I do have many alt accounts with more toons than the given slots…. It’s frustrating that the part of the community helping to support them financially is getting shafte
  2. I am also having the same issue since patch today. I recorded the gameplay. My load screens are about 2 mins (randomly) and when I do load the world is broken. It almost appears that I load in under the maps into water. The landscape doesn’t load, nor does the tp, hero panel, skill bars and so on. My character is stuck in the ground until I mount. When mounted I can see my character name back at stuck position but my mount continues to roam around, I’ve even been able to farm nodes yards away from my character location. Unfortunate that this is happening but glad to hear
  3. I really hope anet is paying attention to these complaints. I’ve now finished the EoD story on 3 professions for the ascended weapons. Starting the 4th. I LOVE collections - but the idea of doing this story 6 more full times drives me bonkers. The reward is not worth the time investment. I just wanna complete some fun collections for wardrobe unlocks. Plz allow us to play only the final instance fight vs the whole story line anet! Also, feeling the pain on virtuoso that requires the whole story and a completion of the dragons end meta. some of the collection
  4. In order to finish the collection for each elite spec there is an item requiring you to finish the End of Dragons story line. This requires you to finish the WHOLE story line. After the finial battle I received my credit for it. I didn’t have to do the bonus and credits scene. Currently there is no way to cheese and get credit for this item. I attempted to pull my friend into the final baffle instance through “replay for achievements option”. We did the final battle only (without finishing the whole story line on his character) 2 times attempting to get c
  5. Currently on my second time through the story for second ascended weapon. I can’t imagine having to do this 9 times total. Friend and I attempted to pull into final mission through “replay for achievements” to “finish the Storlyine” and it didn’t work. Sadly. Please, anet, don’t make those who love collections play this story 9 times.
  6. Oh I never asked that they share their bags. I said that I do. I wish that anet had a better solution. I know better than to ask people to share their loot. if they want to they will.
  7. I play dps only but I’d appreciate a way for our support to get more loot and xp from kills. We have a serious lack of support in some of the groups I run with, and a few have stated it’s because of loot/xp. I always throw bags to my party fb + cleanser each group I join fights or not. Anet should find a way to encourage support play for those who actually do care about loot and xp. As always, ty to all those who do come on support for group play, and big props to those who switch from dps to support when asked 💖.
  8. It’s been awhile for me mist warriors. So glad to see people keeping with the #communicationwhen Have you ever seen a dev in wvw and asked them “ #allianceswhen “ ?
  9. *pops back in to drop more ascended food Buffett and banners* I’m thinking there’ll be legendary food before we hear of alliances again. But hey, at least we have ascended emotes to spam at people in WvW now. /playdead game mode #allianceswhen #communicationwhen
  10. I had almost given up my personal part of the crusade with #allianceswhen #communicationwhenBut seeing this thread have a little action brings me back. Meme on fellow mist warriors!
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