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  1. @Magek.4718Late response I know,but ...... Quaggan not playable, so quggan not race choice.PS no norn tits too 🐓
  2. Copy paste from female Hexed outfit, best option for a helmet skin. 🐓
  3. https://youtu.be/GKpS1p3GeZg
  4. SAB I need to find a skip for the RAFT in world 2 zone 1 trib!
  5. This patch is probably the best we gonna get till the new year so enjoy the state of the game
  6. Oh god my grammar is bad eh not gonna fix it /shrug
  7. Hi ...... So? I am a Canadian player playing gw2 before the COVID-19 I had no connectivity issues on gw2 before. After COVID-19 quarantine started two months in I started having bad lag. Now the interesting thing I noticed is that my bad connectivity starts happening roughly around 7pm est and continues till 12am est. When I don’t have bad my connectivity my ping is stable at 80ms with average at 85 ms. So with background information has anyone else experienced something similar?
  8. No don’t remove distortion on f4 just delete the problem infinite horizon.
  9. Nah they won’t because they would tell us way before hand of the patch because they would think “this would shut em up for a while”
  10. This happened for me and my duo partner as well we had some cases where it happened 3 games in a row
  11. @Abyssisis.3971 All classes need trade off? are you saying Mesmer doesn’t have the trade off? You lose a dodge for mirage and you lose distortion for chrono and the ability to use shatters without a clone up isn’t enough for ya?
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