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  1. I did. The game still runs in windowed fullscreen despite being set to fullscreen. I think that Anet did it on purpuse to prevent the game from crashing.
  2. DX11 by the way forces the game to go into windowed fullscreen which will cause a small performance loss. Not sure if they had any plans to improve this.
  3. I have the exact same problem here. Now I cannot even find Marjory even if I complete the meta https://imgur.com/DX8Xt6z
  4. Try reaper. It has good sustain, relatively easy to play and can be played in all game modes.
  5. The colors of the launcher look so ugly. Inverting colors is actually making it look better. https://imgur.com/a/3xlqPcN
  6. I agree with you to a certain degree but let us be realistic and not expect Anet to completely overhaul all boons and support classes. At the time being, I don't think that the issue lies with the need for specific builds in order to have specific buffs. By EoD release, we will have 3-4 classes being able to give quickness and 3 classes giving alac. The problem here is with boon support builds being unable to buff the whole raid. This is why you see too many "slaves" in the raid trying to compensate for it. A small fix that can reduce the number for "boon slaves" and "mandatory meta classes" is to make all boon builds being able to buff the whole raid (10 players) instead of buffing 5 players only. This will improve build diversity and reduce the need for having 2 quickness slaves for example. Another fix that can remove the mandatoriness of a banner slave warrior is to standardise banners with buffs like Assassin's Presence, Spotter, Pinpoint Distribution, Empower Allies,.. and give classes like ranger, revenant, engi,.. the ability to replace warrior's banners.
  7. I like pips. They have a beautiful golden color when I get 10!
  8. Please allow us to put Boneskinner Ritual Vial in the material storage just as you allowed Legendary Insight and Legendary Divination in it. I do strike missions every day and I already got 1300 of these so please do something about this to your loyal GW2 fans 😄
  9. The turtle is bit too slow but its game play is good enough. Other than that, I hope that you add a disengage skill that dismounts you from the turtle (2-3-4 or 5).
  10. Regardless of player's opninion about this heart, Anet does not seem to care about spending effort/money on fixing and improving old content.
  11. DirectX 11 forces the game to run in windowed fullscreen mode. This could be the source of the problem.
  12. DirectX 11 forces the game to run in windowed fullscreen mode. This could be the source of the problem.
  13. The only game where had I fun fishing was Zelda. Judging by the trailer, GW2 fishing looks underwhelming.
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