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  1. if hope the "legendary amulet" will not be just another one purple ball, aurora is enough to me, and is on dust on my bank for years.
  2. the problem is the pattern keep repeating, some ppl said the HoT was "rushed" for why? for develop LS3? side projects? when everyone expected expansion after LS4, they come with IBS. Anet just need stop give impression thats always "rushing" things to develop something else.
  3. yeah, i remember the cry-storm after monetized build templates(lolzzzz).
  4. im not disabled but im a very lazy person, i dislike "piano game".... i have 1 of each profession, the easieast to me is warrior/necro then guardian. avoid ele and mirage(need dodging while casting skills). Core Warrior can sustain all gamemodes, and is the class the rely less on F1 special key, also warrior signets are potent, u can play a near full signet, so dont mint with special skills.
  5. im kinda of "lazy player"(i played almost warrior 80% of my gw2 history), i have ele for fun, just play condi weaver. is increndible easy and lots of self barrier for sustain. since is condition damage based the trick part is find proper armor, mine is full viper, but im a "farmer", im always have lots of stuff. u can try dire(toughness, precision condi) for even more survival.
  6. i would like more mats consuming just this. also for ppl who do north drizzlewood, start pilling up Ottos too.
  7. last time RNG blessed me was drakkar i looted the winters heart infusion(around 600g ~ 800g)
  8. the price is dropping, 5000g already. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Pristine_Dragon's_Left_Eye
  9. he can do both. farm dragonstorm give nice defense seal loot, on the chest farmable with multiple alts, is 25~30 seals per meta, 15min meta less boring than 15min of DRM. also is a zergfest, can bring any alt to here. i have 9, i can farm 300 seals per day. seals(and some primaticite) -> mats -> craft prismatic ingot(no timegate) -> became rich.
  10. a death setence on a hipotetical epilogue will be proper end for this "saga". also a public execution.
  11. All these years and lore faults i doubt VA would be important. Also for many who dont play asura, zojja is like nothing. for the most of my alts with typical rout, personal history -> LS2 -> HoT, the only question is, what the hell this person is important? I dont mind even if they kill her offscreen, i will miss more the banker NPC.
  12. Aurene is a pet, pets in history just fill a "emotional" role. i doubt they rid her of history, the baby aurene help sells stuff. personaly im a pet hater, i dont want "babysit" anything, i dont like pet or childs in war histories..
  13. to me is perfect balanced... bjora = norm... drizzlewood = charr, IBS is a cutted stuff, probably will have more on norm/spirits, thats gets simplistic to fit into "champions". remember that before drizzlewood, lot of ppl speculated if theres will be 1 chapter dedicated to each spirit, as long bjora is heavy focused on raven spirit and a little bit on wolf.
  14. the layouffs epidemic was very befor covid epidemic, first quarter 2019 https://www.pocketgamer.biz/job-news/70372/more-than-1500-people-have-lost-their-jobs-in-the-games-industry-in-three-months/ https://massivelyop.com/2019/02/25/guild-wars-2s-layoffs-has-begun-as-arenanet-devs-tweet-their-departures-and-fans-express-loveforarenanet/
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