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  1. Balthazar last boss fight is heavy telegraphed, is about attention, not about "build", but if u have much heavy flash effects activated, could be a issue, u cant see aurene "mark" on ground. https://www.ign.com/wikis/guild-wars-2/To_Kill_a_God
  2. LOL. i wonder where that this illusion started in GW2 (I suppose LS1 advertisement, but I wasn't here), the kind of "world change" is heavy coded even in single player game like Dragon Age Inquisition, imagine it, on MMPORG. You have all u want in personal history, be happy, its unreplayable because of "choices" code. All noteworthy mention the cry rivers for old LA. My bet is that is another niche idea, that Anet make mistake to take it seriously again. Only die hards RPers bother with realism at point that time never go back.(i imagine if they play good old SNES they throw the game out
  3. his end in IBS/champions is fine.
  4. i even started to think to back to warrior as my main warrior again.
  5. new specs are selling point of xpacs, if enough if specs, so is enough of xpacs
  6. i dont believe that will have clipping issues with cross-professions armors, theres obviously with races. These restrictions dont make much sense at all, even the animation, the profession-tied animation stuff is weapons.
  7. just to help anyone interested in "cosplay" her costume, i finally figured out which each armor piece is: Headpice: Bloodstone Crown(Gemstore). Shoulders: Masquerade. Chestpiece: Radiant Armor. Gloves: cant figure out, seems some generic glove. Legs: guild armor. Feet: cant figure out too, seems the invisible one.
  8. But they reached at a ceiling about "movement" thing, with mounts. perhaps they oversteped it with skycale? Imagine if HoT came after PoF+LS4... everyone will be mocking the Glidder + jumping mushrooms, as the "big feature".
  9. i was one of these skepticals about fishing potential, but i like exploring, skiffs+fishing can have potencial to be great, if they update watery area of some older maps, or even LS(2,3,4) maps.
  10. back items are very irregular surfaces modeled, and probably dont have any pattern, is just a "straigth" 3d modeled object(like miniatures) instead of a "meta object". thats why they introduced dyeable backs with capes. But theres a huge differente between a simple cape, and a Greath backpiece or Commander backpiece.
  11. i remember first time i see "plush kralk", i keep right-click on it to see 'preview', then wondered wtf was happening to option not showing. and figured out is a acessory.
  12. as title says, im lazy, but i have alts of each profession and easy access to varios builds. any suggestion which one could beat him easy?
  13. EDIT: sry a misread u is talking about specific achievment. theres old posts with this, players giving solutions. is almost about use a chessy class with focus in conditions+single target(scepter necro / condi ranger).
  14. yeah is 3hrs gap i guess. yesterday i had to delay my sleep time because i "lost" the event.
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