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  1. with exception of some support specs, HoT still dominates most of metas.
  2. pre-pandemic matters make this necro even more Lolzzz. in 2045 and we in our 40º quarentine will be there guys ressurrecting pre-covid posts?
  3. Mentions of 'schools' are extremely vague in the game, I think is on purpose to avoid complications to the lore of the professions. The most significant recent mention was at Icebrood Saga, but no mentions whos "owns" theses schols, (or a "place"?) or whatsover where they "train together". https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Silence_(story)
  4. i see a LOT of differences. First will be more "dinamic" than link system. if they "redo" teams every week, with a mora dinamic calculus. the balance u want its impossible because this inst matchmaking system from pvp, where a algorithm select players from a "pool" to stablish the teams. is part of fun of WvW some unpredictable and chaotic nature, so theres will be unbalanced setups.
  5. Because ppl is asking for it like 5yrs, and its turned into a meme.
  6. i have several guild-zergs on my server, but opponents have a lots one too,(RAWR+DOC and others). the system inst perfect, but is clearly the right path making theses monsters clash against each other.
  7. so guilds can't setup a "team" like they promised?(i dont own any guild so im not familiar with new options). theses "teams" are grouped at random? so the crybabies against it is even more non-sensical?
  8. chose one a)ppl complaining about big guilds stacking. b)ppl complaining about not be in 'right server'(not stacking).
  9. 1)complain about guild stack. 2)complain about not be in "right server". Choose one. i remember they said theres will be a limit, so those people whos are out of same server of their "guild", wanst just the limit alredy working?
  10. the system is fine WvW wasnt mean to orbit around "small scale fighters".
  11. Anet shouldn't listen to the guys super-obsessed with "balance", the vocal minority. It is not the intention of the system to imitate the PvP match calculator, but increase granularity and distribution. Are there super guilds? Yes, but other super guilds are played on other servers as well. For me it was definitive the way it is and could become official now. Only bug to be fixed is old server names still showing up when capturing a target. If the system be improved, it should be in order to reward the guilds that organize themselves.
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