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  1. Agreed...underwhelming for sure. Certainly not preordering. That's just nuts.
  2. Player A: ANet, please add rockhounding so that we can enjoy another fun collection of rocks. Armchair Activist: ANet no!! Don't support these geological fascists! I'm going to go buy Farming Simulator 2020 so I can oppress some corn.
  3. Scaling has always been Anets problem. Nothing scales correctly because the game design has too many moving parts. That leaves Anet in a bad position of having to cater to the lowest common denominator, which is casual players. All content that is released with a requirement of a group working together will get nerfed or changed after a while because organized groups will o longer be playing it...only random pugs will be left. Enjoy your difficult content while you can, it will get nerfed. They gave you raids, that is your stable hard content. This is not that.
  4. You do? I don't see that on any store front. Preordering PoF did not get you a free character slot. There were bonuses but not a character slot. That only comes with the deluxe edition of the game...which you didn't need to preorder. You can still see the offer here: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/prepurchase-guild-wars-2-path-of-fire/ That's a weapon skin, a mini, and a title. No slot.
  5. Why would you pre-order? Pay for what you get, not what you think you will get. Games are worse today because of preorders, early access, kickstarters, etc. The whole practice of pre-ordering a game enables lazy game design. Personally I'd never buy a pre-order because 1) it isn't any cheaper and 2) it does nothing for game quality or features.
  6. why does anyone think EoD is even a blip on most people's radars...GW2 doesn't market...never has, never will. EoD is marketed internally, meaning current players are 98% of the sales. At this point Candy Crush Saga Online is a bigger threat.
  7. The twelve year old boy in me has more of a problem with the phrasing of "Pharaoh's Package" than the outfit or the Egyptian mythology creeping into GW2.
  8. I'm not understanding the reason to complain...if you don't think it's a good value...don't buy it. Voting with your wallet is the ONLY feedback ANet ever needs for the Gem store. Personally, I don't think $25 is worth spending on a skin...I don't care how good it is.
  9. Personally I don't see a reason why this isn't an option that is off by default. I could see this as something parents might want for kids playing, or for people playing that just don't like people. Personally I use it to ask someone about a skin they have, so it does have real world applications, but I can fully understand why people might want this.
  10. People have been asking for outfits to work like armor for years...still hasn't happened and it's reasonable to assume it never will.
  11. Your definition of "locked" is different than mine. Also, can you please explain to me how buying anything on the gem store is not B2P? The only difference between the GW1 and GW2 models is GW2 has more to buy and they sell it to you in a constantly evolving store. If you define essential content as skins, then you buy those skins...you B2P. I don't actually define skins as content, but your mileage must vary.
  12. Looks like #hyphen-gate is in full affect. Pretty sure this is a social experiment for forum moderator training.
  13. Guil-d-War-s-2 This has got to be the dumbest thing we as a community have complained about...also #hyphen-gate
  14. Having a gem store does not mean GW2 is not B2P. I bought the game. I play the game. The gem store is not keeping me from playing the game. There is plenty of content in what I buy (GW2, HoT, PoF)...the reason I buy it. In fact, bang for buck, GW2 offers more content then other games of similar value. IBS (seriously ANet...did you think that one through?) is given for free to players currently logging in. That is value added to my previous purchases. The skins on the Gem store do not stop me from playing the game. There are plenty of skins that I can earn by just
  15. This is not an American thing...this is a developer doesn't know how to grammar thing.
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