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  1. A guildie of mine actually found out the answer. Apparently it's this after all https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Extra-Pungent_Skyscale_TreatYou unlock it through a recipe, but it doesn't seem to actually unlock the recipe. Instead, you have to discover it O.o
  2. Those are recipes that you unlock through a recipe item.These ingredients are through the discovery tab. Recipes unlocked from recipe items cannot be discovered using the discovery tab.
  3. Guildies have said the same yeah, but that can't be it. It's a mystic forge recipe and the recipe I'm looking for is a chef recipe. Not to mention the fact that ectos aren't showing up in the discovery window. they would have if I needed them
  4. So... Randomly I decided to go on a recipe discovery tour for cheffing and I noticed that I am currently missing one recipe. A recipe that's... not on the wiki, nor does anyone else know what it could be.The items that go into the recipe are Slab of red meat, Charged quartz crystal, bloodstone dust and a mysterious fourth ingredient. I have no idea what the fourth ingredient is. What could it be? What does it make?It's a level 300 recipe and it's nowhere to be found on the wiki o.oIs it a new recipe? Is it a bug? Not a single item in the Cooking materials tab seems to be it. I have also attemp
  5. To be awakened sounds like a cruel fate to me. I wouldn't want to awaken anyone who died so far. At least Joko's no longer enslaving them I suppose
  6. Well, after that Cantha tangent xD Plenty of people seem to agree :3
  7. So I believe this has already been brought up once before somewhere but I'm gonna make a new thread on this here.First, I love the Sun's Refuge instance, and how we can build it up :D I hope we get to toy around with this for a long time still to come!Second, I noticed that one of the things you can do in there is to collect books for children to read, and they end up in a bookcase. That's great! But... can you do the same thing for all of these other books I have lying around in my inventory?I don't want to just get rid of them, but I would like it if they didn't clutter up my inventory so mu
  8. Following on from the threads about ANET reaching out to a player who lost everything in a housefire, your post is the perfect antidote to all those who think the devs spend their whole day dreaming of ways to annoy the GW2 population! Hahaha, I'm sure they might think of that still every now and then xD
  9. So, I just watched an episode of Game Grumps where they talked about thanking something that has changed their lives and, well, I'm gonna do just that now. Thank you Anet <3 Guild Wars has changed my life a whole damn lot for the better ever since I started this at age 14, and I'm 25 now. I don't think I would have gotten this far otherwise.You've gotten me through some harsh and dark times in my life. You've cheered me up when I felt sad and have given me incredible enjoyment and content for a franchise I've grown to love so much. Not everything you've done has been great but if every pork
  10. The fact that the raptors tend to enjoy trying to shake you off when standing still, I'd love to see this as well. Not sure what I'm talking about get on your raptor and just wait. They'll do a 'I SEEZ SOMETHING' pose and your character will bring a hand up to try and scan the horizon. The raptor will give you a little look and then try and shake you off. It's freaking adorable. Personality-wise, the Raptor is the clear winner. By miles. You forgot the best part though: after the shake your character will look the Raptor in the eyes and give it a “Wanna tell me what the hell that was about?
  11. She's a revenant. She has sylvari cultural T3 helmet, the winter's embrace shoulder piece and the rest is sylvari cultural T2.The dyes she uses are Core Ice, Permafrost Blue and Electro Blue.She has Frostfang and the Frostforged mace.She has the mini arctic fox kitShe has the snow glider from last year x3
  12. I really love this winter monarch outfit, and that glider as well ^^ Kudos for that! But... I already made my own snow queen: What now? Do I make 2 snow queens? :O
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