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  1. Sorry but that is wrong. You are much better off meleeing Mai Trin and everything in Aetherblade than going ranged. I don't see why it is better to try to melee the golems in the final Aetherblade fight instead of staying at range and kiting them around the room. That makes very little sense to me.
  2. Yet, I hear people complain about mechanics that punish meleers and encourage ranged weapon options. These opinions come from people being highly focused on a single part of the game. Truth is, different parts of the game encourage different ways of engaging. The buff area problem exists mostly because we look at rangers as standing alone. That is, a person who wants to attack at range while everyone else fights at melee. This isn't always the case, because you can still stack at range. I.E., the Lupi-range stack tactic back when Arah was the endgame. Ultimately, ranged attacks are meant
  3. The thing that a lot of people find the most challenging about playing spvp (particularly if you have never played objective based team pvp before) is changing their mindset. When you were leveling up your character you were taught to kill anything that you see in front of you. However, in spvp killing the enemy players are just a means to an end. If you watch high end spvp you will see that hardly anyone dies at all, because they understand that they don't need to kill each other to win. Your team could have a lot more kills than your opponents and still lose if they are better at playing the
  4. That's true ONLY in long (very long) boss fights, shattering is key to bursting whether you are power or condi build and resummoning 3 fresh illusions is really easy and will only take 2 to 3 seconds with the right traits. I assumed since the OP was talking only about PvE and the fact that they mention the thief dodge dps rotation that they were planning on doing grouped instanced PvE, like raids and fractals. Some raid encounters can last up to 15 minutes and it's in those fights that I wouldn't bother using shatter skills unless I absolutely had to. Obviously this is different if you are fac
  5. The rotation you use depends on the build you use. In high end pve there are 2 main variations on the condi mirage build. The first uses 3 axe clones, the other uses 3 illusionary duelists. Each build has a slightly different rotation, so I'd recommend looking up the build rotations here: https://snowcrows.com/raids/mesmer In pve you generally don't use your shatter skills at all, since the illusions make up a good portion of our dps and it takes too long to resummon 3 fresh illusions after shattering them. The best tip I can give for mirage is learn when to use your dodges for dps and when
  6. The answer is "because regulations were made in different era when such practices weren't abused on dialy basis". Did you even bother to watch the video I posted?
  7. The first thing you'll need to do is get enough money to buy a full set of exotic gear on the TP. Don't bother with viper gear for now as it is hellishly expensive and not worth getting in exotic. Rampager gear is a good alternative for now. Once you have a full set of exotic gear you can start working through the fractals. Tier 1 fractals up to level 20 don't require agony resistance so you can farm those to get gold. I generally make around 6 gold per day just from the tier 1 dailies. As you do the dailies you get pristine fractal relics that you can use to buy ascended rings that you can in
  8. I'm just going to leave this here for anyone who is questioning why loot boxes and casino gambling are being treated differently. Enjoy
  9. Thanks a lot for your input, man! Yeah, the ambush skill on sword is a gap closer/ interrupt that is really good. And i'm more suited to it since i was using it in chrono. Maybe back to sword.I wasn't aware of the illusion/ clone thing. I'll keep my eyes open for it, since clones don't do damage at all, right?Good to know i can use the build in pve. Will swap Portal for sure! The beauty about the sword ambush skill is that it can work as both a gap closer or a disengage tool. If you have nobody targetted when you use the skill, it will jump you in the direction you are facing. Just make sure y
  10. No because it would be countered by how mobile Mesmer is, so NO class would be able to stay on Mesmer 100% of the time without using movement abilities and it would be people seeing the risk. Do they continue to auto attack and not deal as much damage OR do they risk it and use abilities to try and get the Mesmer down? Again, their damage DOESNT come from JUST Confusion. Its Confusion AND Torment So they would be taking the increased Torment damage (due to lost passive damage), If they use condi clears then they take the damage from using it and with the covering conditions Mesmer has access t
  11. People use Sword over Axe in PvP purely for the mobility. The ambush skill on Axe does more damage (especially if you have 3 axe clones up) but being able to jump away from someone with the Sword ambush skill makes it too good not to use. The fact that the sword ambush skill is also an interrupt makes it even more useful for PvP. You could, although you might want to swap out Portal Entre for Crystal Sands at the very least, as Portal has very few uses in PvE outside some very specific situations in certain raid and fractal encounters. One of the hardest things I found when learning Mesmer
  12. The benchmarks on QTFY haven't been updated for awhile. The 45k dps benchmark with Mirage was due to a bug with one of the axe skills that caused it to do insane amounts of damage on large targets. This was quickly fixed by Anet so there is no way you will ever get that high dps now. I would recommend Snowcrows website if you want to see benchmarks that are up to date: https://snowcrows.com/benchmarks/
  13. I like the idea, however surely it makes more sense for Mirage to stay as the condi spec and chrono to be the power spec, since axe is quite clearly a condi-based weapon and shield is more suited to power.
  14. It would be better that than, lets be honest the way Anet are likely to take - over nerf with reduction to application, duration and stacks. When was the last time they actually did a BALANCED nerf? I cant think of it myself. It has been that long. The changes however, would turn the conditions back towards there introduced intended interaction with targets. There to punish movement (Torment) and there to punish using skills (Confusion) the additional changes i thought of would be a mix of the initial design of the conditions and a few tweaks. This would allow Mesmer to keep High burst applic
  15. By actually split. I mean revert the changes that were added BECAUSE of PvE. When they remove the passive damage they both do. That is when they are actually properly split. The passive damage was added because of PvE and until they are removed. They are STILL balanced due to the PvE aspect. While others (Scourge for example) can burst loads of conditions. None are as threatening when combined than the over the top application Mesmer can do with Torment and Confusion. Too many stacks, too much application and too long duration. They did take a step in the right direction. They however, ignor
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