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  1. It may be that Anet doesn't restrict sales to Canada but are using retailers who do, so on their end there's no restrictions but in reality there are as the sale is through external retailers rather than directly from Anet. Out of curiosity, I tried to buy PoF from Amazon US (I'm in Canada) and while I can add it to my cart, the moment I try to check out it says "We're sorry. Some items became unavailable after you added them to your cart. In some cases, you can return to the product information page to try another seller. " There are probably ways to get around it sinc
  2. How would you expect to see NFT's added? How would the blockchain be added? What would all this look like and would the development time be worth it to do so? Leaving everything about NFTs out, there are serious technological limitations and cost-benefit considerations. If Anet spent this long with DX9, the trading post/gemstore window is a janky chromium browser, and no one can touch multiple parts of the game engine lest the entire thing break, how would they feasibly incorporate blockchain code into the game without breaking the game entirely? And how would they do it in a way that's c
  3. There's already too much nameplate clutter between names, guild tags, 100% map comp, and masteries. A title would be fine since that's below the name and already exists, but we don't need more added on to nameplates.
  4. Nope, no way. If I don't want to use mounts or gliding, I can just not use them while still retaining my main account and everything on it. Something like this would need an entirely new trading post as EU and NA share one. And as someone who played at the release of core and PoF, I do not want to deal with the volatility of the TP. Plus there would be speculators and would-be TP barons who are using current prices to determine what all to buy. Then there's how updates would have to go in order. You can't just put currenct balance on old content without testing to see if it works and
  5. Plus they're adding fishing to old maps so that puts it at more open world maps/revamps than HoT had. How good EOD's maps will be remains to be seen, but that puts it between PoF and HoT in terms of raw maps added/updated. As for the other stuff so the focus isn't just on maps, lack of underwater skills could be an issue given how rev went and how multiple PoF specs had limited/no option to use their abilities underwater. The rest, though feel like a standard beta pass. UI may or may not be fixed and I'm sure they're taking in feedback on that. Animations could be final but they
  6. Unless they're counting LW4 maps, they're mistaken. PoF launched with all 5 maps available. If maps were missing, people wouldn't have been able to get the griffon within the first couple weeks of launch as those require completing the story and doing collections on each of the 5 maps.
  7. I think of this every time I do the heart. I'm in the minority who don't find it hard or annoying, but it would definitely help people to have a clear indication of where not to go. Plus while all player characters have the same hitbox, the character model differs and that can throw you off if you're used to one race and try to do the heart on a different one. As it is, players who don't know of the sneak around outside method and can't get to the end tend to sit at the first flag for several minutes and that's just not fun and grinds play to a halt to do it. The concep
  8. Or who just finished the tutorial. Or are doing a key run without tomes. One way you could check without asking is to add them to your friends list and see how much AP they have, though that wouldn't help if it's a secondary account. Though it's easier to pop mentor tag and chat and say if anyone has any questions, you're happy to answer them or help them with an objective. Coming at people bluntly without warning will lead to awkward situations and the assumption you have less than positive intentions, especially when newbie/noob is an insult throughout much of gaming and admitting you'r
  9. Guides change as the game changes. Anet can't hardcode something in because it will be as relevant after a major change as getting a paper MMO guidebook. Some things can and should be made clearer in-game (breakbars come to mind) but the guides people tell you to read were made as a community project and community response to something Anet cannot maintain themselves. You can get by fine in the game without guides if you are willing to listen to people but if you're looking to be at the top of any mode or be in the meta, you will have to use guides. Which happens with every game wher
  10. I don't get the point for this. FFXIV was taken offline for months (over a year?) while they rebuilt it because it had so many issues at release and people were demanding refunds. Anet has said that they have years of content planned beyond EoD and a lot of people are looking forward to the elder dragon storyline being done so there can be a focus on other things. A companion single-player game (easier to develop and needs far less resources) taking place elsewhere in Tyria could work but it would be a poor business decision to have people invest 10+ years of their life
  11. It would be nice but at this point it's probably too much work. Even if you just run the current lines through a filter, you still have hundreds of thousands of lines of dialogue to go through and then also need to quality check them all and tweak them where needed. Though you'd still run into an issue of certain options not emphasizing the parts you would think they would and other subtle things VAs add to their performances to get across the personality/mood of the character. Or you could pay for VAs to read/re-read hundreds of thousands of lines, which would be far from cheap. A
  12. What all are you having trouble with? Aside from the dredge corner and the underwater tunnel POI, it's no worse than any other zone, especially as pre-LW2 it was one of 3 end-game zones and was preferable to Orr in my opinion (no temples or statues and less extreme mob density).
  13. There's still several months until release and polishing animations is one of the last things done in game development—it's more important to get models and textures and voice acting (among other things) in since those are the big things that players will notice if they're wrong or missing. As it is, the fishing livestream had better animations for skiffs than the teaser trailer did so they're clearly working on them. If they were still releasing EoD this year I'd agree they should delay it, but they did delay it and unless something else is going on behind the scenes, it tracks with game
  14. Yeah, it was a bad choice, imo. If you don't like the selection, there's nothing interesting for having a 9 year old character. If you like multiple colours, you have to wait years to get them. This after years of teaching people that each character gets a dye pack only for this one to be once per year so people looking forward to the dyes get to be disappointed when their second character hits 9 years old.
  15. While it would be nice, it would be a heck of a lot of work and there are other QoL issues that I, personally, think they should focus the time and resources on first. That's just a lot of time spent re-rigging thousands of pieces of armour across 10 models (plus the sub-groups of weight/bulk/muscles) and modifying pieces to not clip. If something needs modifying, it needs its model adjusted and a new texture map. Which brings up the issue of whether models that need to be modified should be split into two models or have the new, non-clipping version be the only one and wreck the outfits of th
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