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  1. Without seeing the actual code, it's impossible to say how easy or hard it is and have to rely on what devs, past and present, have said about the engine. Even if it's as simple as changing/removing flags for story progress, what of everything that's connected to those flags? Depending on how the engine is set up, it could easily spiral outward and have repercussions that can't even be predicted because a dev 5 years ago tied something to the story choice and never said anything because it was how they managed to get an NPC in a LW story to move, so now you have the core story borked and LW pr
  2. Honestly $120 is on the low end for a collectable statue nowadays. Usually you're looking at $200+ after taxes. Are they worth that much? Probably not, but that's what people are willing to pay so here we are. As for your comparison, the Aurene one's twice the size of the Smaug one and while Aurene isn't painted, a surface like that will show any flaw so just as much time has to be spent on inspecting and polishing out flaws as painting a similar statue. If anything paint would be a lot easier because the buyer could repaint it or touch up flaws pretty easily—most people don't have
  3. Oh, I see this is another thread that's just about introducing a subscription into a franchise that's been subscription-free for 18 years. Even during the MMO boom of the late 00s and early 10s, very few MMOs that started with a sub still have it—or are even still operating. Adding a subscription to GW2 would absolutely kill it at this point in time, in which case you'll get even less content for it. In any case, GW2's pace is solid and Anet has been open from the start that people should play other games if they're bored between patches. Aside from some hiccups (which can likely b
  4. The UI isn't perfect but I definitely appreciate how streamlined it is in GW2. I find it hard to watch gameplay for other MMOs in part because of how cluttered the UI tends to be and I'll spend the whole video/stream wondering what something is because it's not always intuitive. You cropped most of the UI out and name tags can be turned off. Which isn't to say GW2 doesn't have issues of too many lights and effects, but you can make anything look good or bad if you crop to what you want to focus on. The UI artist(s) likely aren't the same people who make spell animations and item
  5. Most likely the legendaries will require materials from EoD so there'd be no way to complete them anyway. Doing it as a voucher and no precursor until release means support won't have to deal with people who transmuted them or destroyed them, which would definitely happen with several months between getting a precursor and being able to upgrade it. A voucher can just be an internal flagging for an account so, barring a bug, it's set and forget. With an actual item, human error will happen and it's better for support to be free for other bugs rather than reinstating lost items come EoD's releas
  6. They're not going to implement anything that could alter sPvP matchmaking since there's already an issue of a small population at the top tier and people trading wins or otherwise utilizing their familiarity with each other to change the outcome of games. It's the same reason why blocking people doesn't affect matchmaking and you can end up in games with someone you've blocked, including on your team. Also during matches is not the time to socialize—that's for when you're in the sPvP lobby. Everyone's on the same side in the lobby and you can queue together if you want to "hang out
  7. Two of the features coming with the expansion are things players have been asking for since release and since PoF—fishing and 2-person mounts respectively. Is giving players two things that have been asked about for years bad now? Elite specs = new classes without having to roll a new character or start from scratch New masteries = new levels/reputations to work on New maps = new maps New strikes = new dungeons A new boat "mount" = a new type of mount (speed, flying, usable both on ground and in the air, etc) Fishing = new profession New continent = ne
  8. What makes what you linked a trailer and the EoD trailer not one? Because if it has something to do with the GW1 using CGI out-of-engine models and animation, before GW2 was even released Anet said that they were going to stick with artistic (aka painterly) and/or in-game trailers and cut scenes so that players can expect to get what they see when they play the game. Also it's really a matter of taste. I'll take 2 minutes of dialogue with less action over 2 minutes of yelling and grunting for what ends up looking extremely generic—the latter of which I wouldn't even bother looking
  9. Something else to consider: If blocking someone removed you from their friends list and prevented them from adding you back as long as you're blocking them, that would act as a way to thin your followers list. Just block and unblock people you don't want there and they're gone unless they remember your account name. Also the block system as it is now could potentially land Anet in hot legal water in some jurisdictions that take online harassment and stalking seriously, since victims should not have to go through support and hope support actually does something (I've heard mixed thi
  10. Honestly I think we're out of luck. I've actually given up on any sale or promo not in-game being world-wide, especially after the bubble tea one where Anet kept saying it was for North America even though Canadians couldn't enter and any attempt to use a code would result in an error because Canada is not, in fact, the US. I think that was also the one where the EU apology contest was to enter for a chance to win one of 5 minis. I'm glad that Latin America was included this time around, just maybe next time they'll do something for all players and/or have a
  11. The most it's ever been on sale for is 35% off in 2018 with 25% being the most common sale price: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Copper-Fed_Salvage-o-Matic#Gem_Store_history
  12. The way I see it, it's a way for Arenanet to manage the inflation of older BLC weapon skins outside of adding them into the BLC rotation and with a smoother drop than the one seen when an older weapon skin set does return to the BLC. And because they're account-bound, the skins do retain some of their value instead of staying in the 15g-25g range for months before they start inching up. The mystic coins are there so if people don't want the skins or already have them all, they get something of value. If you've unlocked the skin already, that's potentially years you've had the skin
  13. Oh for sure, though with the dev team being full steam ahead with EoD to the point they cut IBS short, it's not surprising they went for an instance where they wouldn't have to deal with sectioning it off both for that and add in no mounts and no gliding parts of a map on top of it. Possible? Absolutely! Worth all the extra time on top of everything else? Probably not.
  14. Something to remember with Marionette was that in LW1 if it failed, it would kill everyone on the map. Being killed out of the blue with no knowledge of what caused it isn't great for new player retention. Killing everyone in an instance who knows about it is fine, but killing everyone on the map every 2 hours isn't enjoyable. Even if some fights would succeed, enough would fail (especially in off-hours) to turn people off of the map, if not the game entirely. That said, I also wish there was more open world stuff being added. Hopefully in EoD and they'll have learned from PoF in h
  15. Except that's not how it works. If you're interested in story, you don't start at the third book in a trilogy unless you don't know it's a trilogy. You complain that GW2's story isn't enough of a story yet you cannot jump between expansions or Living World seasons as the story is linear and if you do that, you won't know what's going on. Hearing talk about how you've killed two elder dragons when you've also been barely introduced to the concept of elder dragons and haven't even seen Zhaitan yet would be jarring to say the least. Telling 3+ stories at the exact same tim
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