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  1. The fact that they didn't hotfix or nerfed this spec/build last patch shows how disconnected they are with the WvW community as a whole or how little they care about smaller group fights or roaming in general. Because this... THING is broken beyond BELIEF. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that dares to defend the current state of Harbinger in WvW small scale, automatically loses all credibility. Period. Ok kitten it, let me go even farther because I'm kittening pissed: Celestial stats are also a huge problem currently as these stats make Virtuoso busted, 'Nade Scrapper b
  2. What profession do you think has had the best/most consistent elite specs so far? All gamemodes? Engineer. Necromancer to a lesser extent. PvE? Guardian, Engineer and Mesmer. sPvP? Engineer. Necromancer to a lesser extent. WvW? Engineer, Guardian, Necromancer. Revenant to a lesser extent.
  3. WTF are you even talking about? Boyce has like 10,000+ hours of sPvP alone. That's more than a year of his life in front of his PC playing exclusively sPvP. Of course he's going to perform well with almost any class and spec. It's not representative of Untamed's average performance whatsoever. Pretty much the same can be said about ROM. Either way, the general consensus is Untamed feels terrible to play and is in need of a significant revamp, regardless of its potential performance, hence why you barely see this spec being played if at all. The spec is also carried
  4. Cele Harbinger is top tier right now. Warrior is the worst one, sadly.
  5. Mechanist. Core Ranger. Specter. Hot take: Confusion/condi Virtuoso.
  6. Such a terrible take, or just a troll (I bet on the later). Every half decent roamer knows by now that Cele Harbinger is completely and utterly busted. Specter is not that far behind either. This End of Dragons expansion is killing the roaming scene faster than ever. It's a sad sight.
  7. Right? I don't always want to send my ranged spider into melee with a teleport. That's the only option the Unleashed pet skills provide me. Just as you said, I don't think they'll do that for Untamed sadly.
  8. Yeah, as others said, I've also seen Celestial Harbinger, it's absurdly and disgustingly overpowered. I've been roaming for almost a decade and few specs come close to this... thing. Sadly? I think it's here to stay. I can escape them very easily on the specs I play so I'm annoyed at best, but I can definitely understand the frustration. Specter is just top tier almost everywhere (and at almost everything, lol), just as it was expected, sadly (again).
  9. Yeah, Druid is most likely going to recieve single target healing, like Specter. CMC teased this on a MightyTeapot's stream a few weeks back.
  10. When a single Healing skill (Engineer's Med kit) outperforms your entire profession mechanic, your staff and trait line, at that point you know something is wrong with balance. In practice, you don't take Druid for its raw healing potential (that gets outperfermed by other classes) which is clearly not the original intention when they released this spec, that's another issue right there. Druid was never that much of a support in sPvP, it was always a side noder/dueler that was carried by a 10s CD stun break and Bristleback/Smokescale pet damage with godly selfsustain. T
  11. This is the weirdest part of the post. The first full support spec this game ever introduced got nerfed into irrelevance in competitive modes, but it's more important to bring Warrior up to Tempest and Guardian stardards support-wise? Who initially plays a Warrior to support others? What about my beloved Druid? What kind of priorities do they even have?
  12. You start from the assumption that saying "we are aware of your concerns regarding the Untamed" will be interpreted as a 'promise' towards the players and that they, consequently, will reprimand the developers for it. That's a bit of a stretch don't you think? Lack of communication is their current issue in regards to Untamed, plain and simple.
  13. Couldn't they just tells us that? That they are working on it? How hard can that be? Instead we get absolute silence.
  14. In terms of numbers and performance, it's objectively the worst EoD elite spec of the bunch. Low DPS numbers in endgame PvE. 0 support. Besides core utilities (spirits). Mediocre WvW roamer. Unviable and trash tier in Zergs vs Zergs (your pet dies instantly). Mediocre in AT sPvP. Significantly outperformed by Core Ranger and Soulbeast in Ranked sPvP. And all of that with a clunky, needlessly spammy, high-maintenance low reward playstyle. You have to stare at your UI for a tiny little icon to pop up every 15s, THEN Unleash to pet, THE
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