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  1. Virtuoso has been a delight all through EoD in open world, metas, strikes.
  2. Get a guild together. Get a discord together. Get friends together. You're able to fill a map too. Those groups just did it before you. There are literally people on the forums asking people to join their groups and discord servers so they can help people like you get a turtle. So make use of your available resources and go get it done. Stop asking ANet to change the game so you don't have to try.
  3. The meta literally includes the pre so that you can get a ton of offense/defense buffs. Of course you should use them. If you have discord, great! That's ALSO HELPFUL. Otherwise, again, the NPCs literally tell you what to do. The game is asking the bare minimum of effort from you.
  4. This meta is truly not as difficult as people are making it out to be. Honestly. Y'all make it out like you need a master's degree to figure out to target a tail or a head when the nice plant lady says hit the tail or the head.
  5. Not Jeff Bezos' Magical Colonialism Simulator lmao
  6. If y'all made it through this much game and still can't figure out to stay out of the aoes and switch targets when the NPCs literally yell both in chat and in audio to switch targets then that's on you. You don't even need cmdr to tell you what to do. The game is literally explaining itself to you.
  7. Work on other collections or achievements that'd also give that exp. Makes it feel like it goes Way Faster. I'm working on unlocking specializations on alts and then grabbing their specialization weapons, which means doing lots of different things. Make sure you've got xp boosters running and it really does zip by. Doing a bazillion Dragon's End events back to back might go faster but oh boy does it also turn my brain to sludge just playing musical chairs around the map doing the same thing over and over. Switch it up. It'll feel faster.
  8. Then it sounds like you have a fairly narrow idea of games as service. These things are made so you can spend time in them. They're made with lots of different goals with different time requirements. That turtle is not intended to be snatched up instantly, or they'd just have it be part of the storyline. Just like the griffon. Just like the skyscale. Just like legendary armor or weapons or gobblers or any other million things in this or other games. It is Extremely Weird to post about these Entirely Optional, Long Term Goals as though someone has you under threat.
  9. "Makes you sell your soul for some mounts" Y'all have a weird, genuinely concerning relationship to the games you play. Do not do things you don't enjoy. It is extremely weird to post about this stuff like someone's holding you hostage and forcing you to do it. There are dozens of items I could get if I buckled down and did the achievements/collections/crafting to get them, and I don't do it. Do you know why? Because I didn't feel like it.
  10. Again. The rewards are fine. Do events. Get a buff. Have a bunch of chests to open. Go around and do collections for more achievements for more rewards post-win. It's literally fine.
  11. Y'all. You really have got to start reading dev posts. You don't have to do the meta for the turtle once the next patch hits. You can just buy the egg and proceed to whine about some other part of the game you don't want to do. Or I suppose you could keep making clone thread after clone thread instead of using one of the ones that already exists.
  12. Bestie it sounds like you want to play literally any other game. If you hate it, leave. Honestly.
  13. Computer, show me a list of people who's reading comprehension is lacking. Ah, that's the stuff.
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