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  1. Every single time I dismount while in combat (which is generally the use of dismount skills) my pet is stowed and I have to merge with my pet to get it to appear. This is an awful bug and I'd love for this to get fixed again.
  2. While I somehow managed through sheer dumb luck to get this dive on the first try, I'd totally support moving this out to a separate achievement so more people can finish dive master. I can't think of any others on that list that require fully completing a jumping puzzle to get to the goggles. I know there's one (maybe more?) in the Hidden Garden JP area, but that's not reliant on glitchy tossing & bouncing mechanisms to get up to.
  3. In addition to new styles I'd love to see all hairstyles become unisex and usable regardless of character gender. There are a ton of male only sylvari hairstyles that would be fantastic on female sylvari. Same goes for Asura.
  4. I have eternity & so does my husband, we both crafted it ages ago before any hint of an armory. I think they should give us a way to break our current eternity into bound copies of sunrise & twilight or send those of us with just eternity bound copies. I guess the other possibility would be new eternities crafted with tokens get a new item code. All old Eternities have both Sunrise & Twilight inside of them and unlocking the old Eternity would give all three in the armory.
  5. I think the problem is the map never really closes and doesn't kick people out in between public runs so some people stay in the instance and do the pylon (and sometimes) Ryland before the rest of everyone else can load in through the helicopter in EoTN.
  6. OH no, Choya wvw zergs forever. This is the best thing ever.
  7. That's really weird because I see 3 items available and when I bought the tengu box there were 4 options. o.O
  8. When I purchased the Tengu supply box from the discount vendor it said 1 can be purchased daily. It hasn't reappeared. Is this really weekly, once ever, bugged?
  9. all hairstyles should be available for your race regardless of gender....hell give female character the option of facial hair should they so desire. Yeah I want more hairstyles too, but this would be a good start.
  10. Removing maploadinfo made the times not horrendous, but they're still longer than I had before. I'll keep it gone til they fix this.
  11. I love this fight now. People have to actually DO mechanics. My only wish is that they'd add the supreme rune of holding as an uncommon drop to the Boneskinner. Not drop like candy, but enough to entice people to get better at this fight and have a non ecto gamble way of getting those runes.
  12. The joke is that they changed this after I mapped this zone with all my characters. I don't expect that I would have gotten anything anyway but still.
  13. The node is missing for me as well....and really, no portal scroll? sadface
  14. and the 10 slot bag you have to type the name to delete, why?
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