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  1. The takes on OP's suggestion are all wrong. If you read OP then it's clear you could play with your friends or your "fav" commander or whatever. Just queue up for their instance.. none of this lockout and time lock junk. Thumbs up OP 👍.
  2. And people say "server pride" needs to stay. People be so toxic when they identify with the mob. Servers need to go like 5 years ago. Dead game with toxic mobling leftovers
  3. Sometimes I think it's the developers fault for not being more proactive in their game. But we really should be blaming the player base. Most of the people who come into WvW are a liability. They rally enemies and eat up all rez abilities in your group immediately. They barrage all their projectiles into reflects and literally kill their own teammates. This is the reason people stack with other competent players in the first place. Just glad it will be springtime soon so I can enjoy cycling again.
  4. I hear that but if groups decide they want to play to win, defending waypoints and the extra score boost from upgraded objectives is the strategy of the game mode. "Chasing" is one of the biggest faults of a fighting force. Not to say skilled roamers can't keep everything greased. But they also can play to win in a similar way if they so choose. Resetting fights is not the ultimate strategy in roaming gameplay, probably in duels tho if that's all your on for.
  5. Same for WvW. You can't cap anything if your running away. I suppose duelist's might get mad about ooc, if someone wants to run away in WvW you shouldn't really chase them. At least if your playing "correctly"
  6. Not very organized. Not hard to play EB looking for fights. Your right everyone else quits tho. It only takes one fight to see how many bots there are following the tag and just walking into traffic to feed bags.
  7. I just watch asmongold react videos or pantheon pre-alpha gameplay when I get an mmo itch. Not even worth to log in an check WvW anymore it's guaranteed one push Farmville now.
  8. Read the first page a little.. the funny parts like how reaper is the "hard counter" lol.. Try a good glass theif that knows how to interrupt your heals.. core, DD, DE whatever.. Reaper heheh..
  9. Kinda funny this thread was made by a roamer that can't fight. If you put that effort into scouting and siege monkeying there would be something for people to show up to and defend. People tend to focus everything on the matchmaking and completely overlook the fact that players don't want to actually play the maps they just want to run train.
  10. Don't know how it's going in jolly old England but this did not have alliances and there was no competition. Lotta guilds and players peace'd out in NA. I see you using K+D to say it was healthy gameplay but it sure didn't look very healthy.
  11. Week is so bad it's like their matchmaking has actually gotten worse. No roamers, no tags, no hidden tags. Just like one stacked server and a bunch of nothing.
  12. I just don't see the point after 4-5 betas there has been no changes or improvements. Their just barely able to keep guilds from getting split up and people still complaining about it. I guess it's some backend data collecting when do we get to the team building. Your right it's still just people playing, some the same, lotta new names and very green. It's really random and the people who joined a "guild" made up just to use the stopgap beta tab have kinda worked around the whole point of the tests. Without alliances it's not really worth the change.
  13. Assuming the alliance aspect is still not part of these beta tests? When do we get to the part with organization? Isn't the main point of all this so smaller guilds can organize together into an alliance to match the size of a 500/500? This is like the fourth or fifth beta now what has even changed? Putting pugs and PvE's together in a slightly more organized way dosen't do much for the matches.
  14. I think they actually got it right by the third tournament. Gaining the rewards through the competitive achievements tab so each person got them on their own. Maybe the gold, silver, and bronze dolyak finishers were still server based but they were just a few charges for fun.
  15. If it wasn't a stacking issue i would agree with you. Anyone sticking to the boon ball would probably see it that way. But if you roam or just play the map you see the actual numbers. Number or guilds.. number of roamers. Some linkups are populated and others have been left empty like an old mining town. I played on mag too some and when it was a true roamer server staying in the T3 - T4 range the fights were much better IMO. Getting linked with AR was questionable. Just shows the need for a new matchup system. T1 actually kinda decent this week, don't even think the issue is so much mag but mostly SoS and their spotty gameplay, their fights offerings aren't great and we all know how they stay in T1
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