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  1. This change wasn't made with Untamed in mind. It was made with Mechanist in mind. If Mechanist didn't exist, this change wouldn't exist either.
  2. Don't know if I should laugh or cry. 😐
  3. Doesn't sound like they will be removed. Just reworked.
  4. In Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, only warrior and ranger lack the ability to fill those essential boon support roles. Since banners and spirits are unique effects, warrior and ranger break from the simple system of shared boons and conditions that allows professions to share common roles. While this creates certain unique group roles like the banner warrior, it also strongly limits play. Warrior players have been telling us for years that they’d like to be something other than a banner warrior in groups! We agree, and we’re going to rework banners and spirits to fit our
  5. Since I still can't buy gems using iDEAL, I caved and tried using my creditcard. The payment went through and I got my gems. Which would be great news if it weren't for the fact that my bank promptly blocked my creditcard. 😧 Something's really messed up with the new payment methods.
  6. Ing user here, too and same problem. I click on continue aaaaaaand... nothing.
  7. Sort of like SB. Except you still keep the pet. It just goes back to normal.
  8. It's hard to tell from a teaser, but maybe one pet and the F4 lets you switch between the energy on you or on your pet? Maybe?
  9. Ranger Fixed a bug in which a stowed pet would be unstowed when entering or leaving water. Fixed a bug in which the pet would be stowed after mounting a skimmer on water and then dismounting on land. Fixed a bug in which the pet would be stowed when mounting a flying mount after gliding. Maul: Fixed a bug in which this skill would go on full cooldown when interrupted. Druid Celestial Avatar: Players can now use the mount key while in Celestial Avatar. Doing so will automatically deactivate Celestial Avatar. Any remaining Astral Force is lost upon deactivating Ce
  10. There is! It is once every two hours at the Scrying Pool. It's easier than the private version since you can get more people in. Apparently it will be gone on Tuesday, though.
  11. Don't know if this has been suggested before, but I would really like a Salvage-o-Matic for Ascended gear.
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