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  1. There is! It is once every two hours at the Scrying Pool. It's easier than the private version since you can get more people in. Apparently it will be gone on Tuesday, though.
  2. Don't know if this has been suggested before, but I would really like a Salvage-o-Matic for Ascended gear.
  3. May 25th update: The reduction in the previous update to soulbeasts' damage via "Sic Em!" cut their overall damage output below the level we'd like to see from a competitive power DPS specialization. To that end, we're giving soulbeasts back a significant DPS effect in PvE content by increasing the power of the Furious Strength trait. Soulbeast Furious Strength: Increased bonus strike damage from 10% to 15% in PvE only. Source: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/96122-game-update-notes-may-25-2021/?tab=comments#comment-1372996
  4. Update: Marksmanship Clarion Bond: Lesser Call of the Wild does not Daze targets. Source: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/95207-follow-up-to-may-11-balance-preview/
  5. Damage-build soulbeasts have been unleashing numbers that are higher than they should be. This is on a broad level rather than being tied to particular weapons or utility skills. As such, we're tapping the power and condition damage bonuses they gain while merged with deadly and ferocious pets for some reductions. In competitive game modes, druids have been seen significantly less use for their supportive abilities, so we're tuning those up to encourage bringing the affected traits and glyphs. "Protect Me!": Fixed a bug that prevented this skill from granting barrier while the ranger was merge
  6. Depends on what you call fine. Been kicked out 3 times during the past hour. :/ I can log in again, but the constant kicks are beyond annoying.
  7. Tried to buy gems today using online banking and got the same error message as Crysto above here. I didn't recieve the gems, however the money WAS taken from my bank account.
  8. EU servers are being taken down: https://twitter.com/GuildWars2/status/1259876005449101315
  9. Netherlands is following suit, but our politicians need three years to find a pen to sign the papers From what I've read some lootboxes are deemed illegal, but not all. The ones that are illegal are the ones that are 100% rng which blc are not since you always get 2 guaranteed items (the flavour of the month and the statuettes). The ones that are tradeable for real money are also illegal. GW2 has no in game option to trade blc or the items coming out of them for real money. Even if they ever find that pen (which is a big if) it doesn't look like blc will be affected.
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