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  1. Still not sure how they decided to have the Research Kit the same an the Master Kit, but now 3 kits are the same. Maybe this bug will prompt them to make them all unique. 🥺
  2. I have issues with how it was fundamentally implemented and have heard nothing about anyone actually saying anet sees these things as issues. I would love for the Jade Bot to be an interactive part of my game play, but the way it is now I don't see it worth anything besides the odd personal waypoint usage. One easy fix. Make it clear in-game in several places that you need a t6 cores to use the chips. I see players in map chat and my guild chat asking why they can't add their first chip into their Jade Bot. Is there even any induction in game? It should say if you hover over the chips an
  3. In the hero panel when I select wardrobe then the item I want to change skin on, instead of showing me all my unlocked skins on the left side of the panel, it's blank for everything, armor, weapons, backpack. Well upon a restart after the patch update, I can see and use my wardrobe again,
  4. I'm still in massive favor of making Jade Bots be account bound and not character. But even say you keep that change, why make people use the Work Bench to trade things in and out? Storing a Chip in my shard slot isn't useful when I can't swap on the go, I have to find a bench, oh I'm not on an EoD map, I have to leave the instance I'm in just to swap stuff out.
  5. Only shows in the box, doesn't actually do anything. Just confirmed it for myself.
  6. I will say the wiki is only every known recipe as it's gathered from the community and posted there. I think a few years back a dev did say we were missing a few still.
  7. I mean new elite spec's for pvp modes are massive content; one could argue the balancing of how they are coming in though.
  8. Yeah that's when PoF came out, would have been nice to give us a confirmed time though.
  9. I was stock piling Charr Cars for a while, but this buyer came over and offered me a boat load in Ice Shards and Charr legion great swords. He looked kinda chilly so I asked him if he wanted a coat or something, but said he was fine. Charr acting like a tough guy. But deals a deal and sold him my stock pile. A few days later some portal opened up and a bunch of other frozen looking Charr came through and grabbed the tanks going back through the portal... Wonder whatever happened to them.
  10. I mean they haven't really shown us anything yet besides the elite specs. They told us there is fishing and skiffs. And... we still waiting. No date, no big draw. What big repeatable content is there that's new and exciting? IDK they wont talk about it. I want to be excited. I want to be hyped. Anet just decided for whatever reason they want to go radio silent for EoD. They wont talk about strikes and how they're suppose to be better, they wont talk about pve metas, they wont talk about fractals. I mean I preordered and everything, and I am looking forward to it, but actually hyped? No, they h
  11. I mean nothing says you and your group have to follow meta, if you get bored, change it up. Do an all single class run or make wacky builds and see how it goes. Not saying it doesn't suck we don't get more balance changes, but also don't put yourself in a box if your bored of what your running.
  12. I get if they wanted to reduce the timer for repairing but it's already hard enough to get people to repair before the zerg runs off. Now even the people who want to fix keeps and such wont. I guess if anet wanted to kill off defending then they're on the right track, otherwise this wasn't a good move.
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