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  1. They never existed. We know there where two mobile games under development by arenanet. But it is unknown if there is any link with GW2 And among obscure knowledge. 1: Hearts where added relative late in development as feedback from players was that events alone gave not enough stuff to do in maps 2: There are events that never happened anymore. They are backup events to keep things going when it was busy in a part of the map and the regular events where done quickly. e.g. the event Prevent Inquest thieves from stealing boxes of golem parts and fleeing Soren Draa
  2. Is it allowed? Yes it is! But...there are asome rules. You can use a program to launch multiple instances of the game at once or manage logins for different accounts. You are not allowed to automate gameplay or multibox, So each click you do in the game, should result in one action in one account in the game. So when you have e.g. fourty games, it should mean 40 times: Login the game select a character and hit play login a map collect the daily reward and if needed handle the profit close the game (this is one of the only ones that are allowed to automate as there are many r
  3. you ar eposting on a public forum. There is room for civil debate. Saying you do not care for ones opinion while giving your own is very wrong imo. I have a job. I do have limited time and I have not unlocked the skyscale or the griffon at all. The main reason is that I do not have the time. The difference between you and me is "who cares!" Obviously it would be fun and I do hope EoD will bring a flying mount or another means of flight that are easier obtained, but yet again, I do not feel like I am missing out. I've been in my guilds for ages so nobody else would judge me badly for t
  4. I personally think this post would be better off in the sPvP section of the forum. To actually see the issue, I would refer to that forum as well/ Juwst read a bunch of posts. The short story is: "Someone had the guts to kill me whle I'm obviously the best player in the world, so their build must be overpowered and it needs to be nerfed." "My build got nerfed and now I'm angry" Believ eme when I say that the amount of nerfs are nothing compared to the demand for nerfs by the population. It is simply how people react in a competitive format when they loose. In such
  5. Something that goes for all game modes is that you need enough protection to stay alive and on top of this as much damage as possible to make the kill. GW2 has a lot of ways to mitigate damage. when playing pvp or wvw you need to build for this. In open world you will find not many foes that mitigate damage, and none who will do it as well as (most) other players in competitive formats. That is why bezerker has long been the norm for PvE. Although this has shifted, it still is powerfull for a reason. you can mitigated almost all damage by dodging/kiting/etc. A good and well seasoned Pv
  6. For medium armor I would recommend https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Vigil's_Honor_Leggings_(medium_skin) I know there are simular options for heavy and light. The main issue is that they are often not so visable as a set, unless you mix and match. My advice is to use the wardrobe without any existing armor so you can see just the pants and build your mix n match from there.
  7. Short answer: No Longer answer is that I do not hope they will. GW2 (and GW1) has always been a game that runs very well on low end systems. It is how I got into gaming and into the genre. It was very easy accesible as it didn't need special hardware for me to run. Many people in my surroundings and in that of guildies started playing like this. The way they do this is by relaying more on the CPU and less on the GPU. This means that the high end systems benefit less from the expensive GPU, but you ar enot the audiance. The main thing isn't the performance, but it is the artwork its
  8. You will be surprised how cheap a laptop can be while the game is still 'playable' if you are willing to bear with the extreme low quality. The game will run on any laptop, even with integrated intel graphics. that isn't older then 10 year. It just doesn't run well. Anything above is bonus. I would recommend looking at the minimum requirements and then the budget gaming laptops. Pick the one you like (based on the price) and extend on the following factors (depending on your budget) 1: CPU, push this up first: 2: enough memory (8GB is good, 16GB is better) 3: decent GPU. a
  9. GW2 is an easy access game. It doesnt copy other games and they want to be original and easy to get into. To do so, they overall dificulty level is low and also the game is easy to get into. I also doubt that more difficult games would classify as true MMORPG's. In a role playing game, the difficulty of fights should be relative low (compared to some other genre's)
  10. Allthough speculative, the Zoija treatment comes cause of the voice actor (Felicia Day). She is a high end voice actor. When the game launched, she likely had a contract for the main game and the recurring jobs in the first living world season. Keep in mind that the living world was announced before launch, but has changed format many times since. The original plan was to have content released as ingame events that where non repeatable (not even 5 minutes later) that would launch new content. A good example is the first introduction of southsun cove. Lion's arch was attacked by the karka queen
  11. There are several reasons against this. just to name a few. 1: Actions taken are a private matter between a customer and arenanet. This is not a public proscecutor and a public trial by jury. Each of us ahve a legal binding agreement with arenanet. If I would breach this agreement by breaking some rules, this is a private matter between me and Arenanet. 2: Actions taken are a secret cause Arenanet does not want to share information about their methods to track misbehaviour. Bad people will do bad things and go beyond lenghts to avoid detection. Giving away too much information about how th
  12. I am truly against subscription based games. The main reason is that they utilise a businessmodel based around addiction/ It creates an unhealthy symbiosis between the player and the company. The company needs the player to be entertained and kept busy so they keep providing the company with the monthly fee. This means a focus on repetitive content and constant vertical progression and grind. Games like GW2 are an escape from reality to the players. It is a way to relax and get a way from the everyday slur. For those who have a hard time in life, this effect is worse. The escape for th
  13. I have an NA and an EU account and both run perfect (I'm in the EU).
  14. Arenanet has been working on several mobile projects in the past and all got cancelled. There is no indication there will be a new project, specially cause it doesnt seem to fair well if they try. If they do it, it will likely be on both iOS and android.
  15. I had two legendary skins since year two (crafted eternity and gave it away, so I had sunrise and twilight unlocked in the wardrobe). Just a week or two ago I unlocked bolt. I have no desire in crafting any of the second tier legendaries. I would only do such a time consuming effort for my main character and do not compromise on the weapon types. I like bolt on my holosmith, but I dislike any of the other legendary weapons for the engineer. For the gen 2 I like the bows and the binding of ipsos.But I would not use them often so not going after them. Long story short. I would love to see m
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