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  1. @WizardBro.4510 , ANet cannot "bring back old servers" as those servers were removed/decommissioned from the NCSoft data center when Guild Wars 2 shifted to AWS back when ANet created the "Mega Server".
  2. Ahh yes, the "winner takes all" mentality... Just like US politics 😄 .
  3. What about those people that have multiple folks that play the game all on the same network, this solution would have all of them not able to play the game because of one. The easier solution would be to ban by the MAC address, as it would take that system out no matter the network they are on. Also, it is not just one server, as I have seen where someone was under the map capping one of the ruins (couple weeks ago, and was a BG player trying to cap the ruin). I could not target them with any of the hot keys setup to do so. Nor would my camera angle give me a good look at them. I have watched as Mag players used a skill hack to get into QL on the back side (Mesmer portal design flaw apparently). So, yes, it is not specific to a single server. I have given up on reporting these jokers, as obviously ANet is not interested in taking care of the problem, or worse says "working as designed". Good luck in your quest to get these lame jokers banned.
  4. Ahhh yes, HD2! I love that games "friendly fire is not friendly" policy 🤣. Don't know how many times I have been killed by teammates, mortars, MG turrets, my own hand grenades (learned the hard way not to cook them off), or by having a buddy drop on me by accident(?).
  5. An issue I see with the stat boost, is what happens when your zerg comes through to the map to help stave off the folks causing the Outnumbered/Outmanned buff. If the OP wants more stats, that will cause a huge issue until the next 5min tick comes around (which is when the buff is applied/removed). So, now you have a zerg v zerg fight with one side with a bonus that the other does not. Just does not seem right to include any kind of stat bonus to the Outnumbered/Outmanned buff.
  6. Except that the WR this past "beta" did not fix the queue issue, or ensure there was a balance on reset. We watched from our start point as Green and Blue swarmed the Red side. We were completely out numbered, and out maned. It took nearly 15 minutes for the "EBG fake queue" to start letting people into the map. Once that happened, we were able to take everything back. Still though, that is a massive issue for a reset night when the teams are remixed.
  7. Something tells me ANet did not pay their bill for the AWS servers, and have been throttled down to a smaller, slower server. That, or another company is using the same hardware ANet is, and they are paying AWS more for the compute time.
  8. Lag... The new Meta... Can't live with it, and ANet is making sure of that.
  9. What does this mean? Because what you describe as being a “skill based” combat system here; I think the OP means that you can click the skills instead of using the keyboard. WoW and LotRO are massive click tray MMOs (and I still used the keys combos).
  10. Same here! I am really curious as to how this calculation works! Not to get around it, as I enjoy the server I live on.
  11. I think you may need to go back into some of the other posts on server population (within the WvW forum). The population you see for a server is only the server WvW population. It does not include PvE, as that is a megaserver. As for how precisely the WvW population is calculated we truly do not know (as we do not have the actual calculation). The only things we do know are the variables that are in place.
  12. If you are talking about a shot that is already in alignment, you are are apparently forgetting flight time and skill recycle. It feels like 45 seconds to me, however it is closer to the following (~13 .25 - 20 seconds before impact): 8.25 or 10 seconds to get to full power, 0-10 seconds of flight time, 5 seconds wait time for skill recycle You can reduce the time down to this (~8.25 - 20 seconds before impact): 8.25 or 10 seconds to get full power, 0-10 seconds of flight time, flip shot type (#4 skill) https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Trebuchet So, you have a minimum of 13.25 - 15 seconds between full power shots depending on what you are throwing down range. You also have the flight time for the first shot, which then becomes whatever the the minimum time between shots is (ie: holding down the #2 skill without a break). Now if you are not like me (I use a weight on the #2 key, others have a macro setup), you will probably release the key while waiting for the shot recycle, and therefore introduce more delay between shots. In essence, I invalidated both our times, and hijacked this poor thread that is talking about using yaks with alternatives. Let's try to keep this from derailing further, shall we 😁.
  13. 2018: Eldest daughter graduates from HS. Bought a house. Had to put an awesome German Shepard down (still irate about this today). Found a really good insurance agent who saved me a bunch of money (not Geico). 2019: Manager made my life hell when they split me off from the rest of the team I was supposed to be on. All because he thought I would have an issue with the manager the rest of my team fell under. 2020: Above managers quit, I get pulled back to where I belong. COVID (yeah, no comment). Working from home, so now I get even more accomplished. Friend (and co-worker) in Napal nearly dies of COVID, as he cannot get back to the US due to lock downs. 2021: Ice storm takes out a lot of tree limbs and my back fence (no house damage). Eldest son graduates from HS. Had a great 1 week vacation (yeah, I do not do these very often). Friend in Napal gets married (he was still stuck there visiting family), and is finally able to make it back to the US. 2022: My youngest son decides that on-line school would be better than the HS he is attending (set to "graduate" with a 1.75GPA), starts HS all over. Finally get the rest of the wood from the 2021 ice storm cut and placed in a wood shed I built. Changed positions at work, while still doing my old job. Started training new employee on my old job. 2023: Lost another co-worker to another company, took on their work. Hired a new employee to replace them (about 2 weeks ago).
  14. I expect Guild Wars 10 to come out by the time they release Alliances. Of course they will announce Alliances with each edition of Guild Was 3 - 9... However, Guild wars 10 will most certainly be the one! 😏 Anet, let's be honest... as WvW players, we will believe you are releasing Alliances when it actually drops on our PCs, and we go into WvW and actually see Alliances... Yeah, we are that jaded about you delivering Alliances in any reasonable time frame.
  15. Yeah, that isn't much in the grand scheme of things. It can take upwards of 45 seconds between treb shots (takes less time to drop a wall than it does from max supply to 0). It should be 2-5x the current depending on the objective. I suggest this, as the current setup is 30-60 supply to keeps with yak upgrades, something that has not been considered in what the treb supply damage does. Prior to current auto upgrade system, we depended on those supplies to purchase the upgrades, so a treb hitting the supplies was a bit more detrimental. Hmmm... ANet could scale the supply damage depending on tier and type you are attacking. SMC (T3/T2/T1/T0) = 50/40/30/20; Keep = 40/30/20/10; Tower = 30/20/10/10. However, I digress, as the treb supply damage should be a different topic 😏.
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