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  1. I love how this works in the US. "Hey welcome back from your holidays! Also: You're fired!". :pensive:
  2. Layoffs aren't really something we should joke about. That being said, ANet sure was clever about this!
  3. I mean, given the state the game is in right now I doubt anything but a defeatist attitude is a sensible attitude to take.
  4. Okay maybe I should have clarified: I don't know how WoW evolved after Cataclysm. Stopped playing at the end of it. That being said, folding excessive cruft and deadweight abilities and talents was a thing in TBC, WotLK and Cataclyms already, and worked very well.
  5. It's not a joke and if you think that was the core of WoW's class design worries then you ought to play it first. There's a good reason that minimalist design is usually seen as rather important, at least to a degree. GW2's utter clutter makes it quite easy to understand why, too.
  6. First of all, I'd like to see an expansion to begin with. There's no indication that we're getting one. Then: I want them to stop design-by-accretion. Like World of Warcraft, start folding/removing abilities as new are added in an expansion. There's so much cruft in each spec and class. Cut all the excessive stuff!Seriously rework the trait/traitline system from the ground up. Leave no stone unturned.While we're at it, cut&replace item stats with something entirely focused on style, remove item stats whole, do all balancing directly in the skills and traits. The new system isn't expansion-
  7. Without meaning ill... that doesn't look good as a set IMO. It looks as if someone made a disco-version of the Power Rangers 2017 movie outfits. :joy:
  8. You know what I'd want? Or rather accept, as far as a Greatsword goes?An active pet class. Make it an... Animancer. Someone who can, Guardian-style-but-more, animate a weapon to fight for them. New weapon can then be Greatsword, whatever.Point is, they don't have weapon skills anyhow. Instead 1-5 become the pet control skills, and that pet has the autoattack and all, separate from me. But it has to be babysitted and controlled, because it's 90% of what I can do, only it is vulnerable and won't do anything on its own.
  9. List of weapons which would be utterly boring to get because everyone and their mother already has them: Greatsword.
  10. That being said, now that autologin is no longer a thing, can we have the old login screen back? :heart: Pwetty pwease? :heart: For those who don't know it, this was the old screen: Importantly, it had a chroma hash for your password, a really neat thing to double-check whether you typed it correctly before hitting enter.
  11. That sounds like other than challenging yourself, there's no real reason to ever play Power, tbh. It sounds like a straight-up downgrade.
  12. Question: Assuming you got the skill, would Power actually be stronger than as if the same (high-skilled) person played Condi?
  13. There's an important hint in the names. Kalla's Spirits. Scourge Shades. Spirits. Shades. (that is to say, they're not the same type of skill)
  14. I'll be honest: This was pretty disappointing. It never really connected with me, the episode had so many great moments but never did anything with them: For one, this was the chance to make us feel like the "Commander", not some lowest-paygrade worker going around doing menial busywork. What did we do though? Lots of busywork.Second, the final fight was super confusing, had a lot of technical problems and clipped me into terrain so often I think being not clipping into somewhere should be considered the bugged "non-normal" state at this point :pensive: There was a lot of problems with wanting
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