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  1. Makes no sense though. DX11 is supposed to be LIGHTER on performance than DX9. Sounds like a huge bug.
  2. Even so, I'd say there are other much better items for that sort of thing. Admittedly, I'd have to look, but I'm pretty sure I can find one.
  3. Wait so... Why do you want this item to continue dropping? The collection you named doesn't actually seem to require the item.
  4. The DX11 update is supposed to make GW2 EASIER to run. Not harder. lol I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. This reaction system is freaking stupid in the first place. People will use Confused and Sad as makeshift downvotes and then sometimes not reply at all, never contributing anything to the conversation except some lame passive-aggressive non-explanatory emoji. If I had it my way, I'd strip the entire Reaction system out. People can post something if they have something to add.
  6. As people here have already said, the bots are definitely the worst in PvP. I'm hoping that at or near EoD launch, ANet will do a MASSIVE clean-up of them, but who knows. PvP in general needs a lot of love.
  7. I said a LIMITED treadmill. Holy hell. And regardless, this is just semantics. Whatever you wanna call it, the system doesn't belong in a Guild Wars game and should never have been in GW2, but now it's way too late to change it.
  8. If there is gear progression then there is a treadmill, even if it's a limited one. And right now, that gear progression is getting right in the way of player convenience and allowing builds to reach their maximum potential without a grind wall. Now, WITH THAT SAID, Guild Wars 2 is already long established, and even if I could change this right now, I wouldn't, even if I really don't like it or agree with it at all. It's a finished game, core mechanics wise. This is much more a Guild Wars 3 suggestion if anything.
  9. Once again, "Deal with it," is not a valid argument for the current system. You do bring up a point though that I want to talk about. Guild Wars 1 and 2 are not about gear progression. Never have been. Hopefully never will be. You guys have SO MANY MMOs that are specifically built for the gear progression. And yeah, WoW's dying, but FF14 looks to be the game for you all. Guild Wars is just not your kind of MMO. And I'm not trying to be snooty either when I say that. Some games simply do some things better than other games. Guild Wars though has always been about skill and respectin
  10. Your argument is basically, "It's not that bad." which is not a valid argument to keep the current system. Yeah, we can DEAL with it, but ANet should obviously strive to be better than just "good enough."
  11. The point isn't the money involved. The point is that stats (besides of course core weapon damage, weapon speed, and etc.) shouldn't be directly bound to your gear in the first place and should be freely changeable at any time at any level as it was in GW1.
  12. As far as I'm concerned, the only issue I see with legendaries as they currently are (although it's a big problem) is that free stat changing is locked behind them That was such a terrible decision and I don't care what anybody says. GW2 has some of the best combat and build diversity of any MMO save of course for the legendary GW1 (no pun intended) and being forced to diddle around with multiple weapons/armors just to be able to change your stats on the fly unless you do this MASSIVE grind quest is stupid and ridiculously annoying. And even IF you do all the work for a legendary,
  13. Or how about this. We don't restrict the Arcane Battlestaff to lootboxes.
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