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  1. I posted the list in the OP for easy reference since the mods decided to merge the threads. - Yes, alliances would work almost if not entirely identically to GW1. As to guild friending, it simply means you can pull up the roster for the guild at any time but that's about it. Maybe I should have called it "guild watching" instead. - Guild rivalrys are pretty much for fun PvP purposes. They wouldn't have any mechanical impact (although I suppose they could if people really wanted it). They can also be used to designate guilds that a guild, for whatever reason, j
  2. Alright, everyone! Now that we've shouted at each other for long enough about dueling, let's now take a break from that and discuss other things. I said I would make a list of other possible player interaction tools a while ago and I apologize for not delivering till now. Now, this is a rather scattered list in that some of these things I have added on the fly and haven't given them full thought as to whether they'd truly be a good idea, so YMMV with some of these. Also, at the end, there's some QoL suggestions that aren't entirely linked to player interaction per se but would be very helpful.
  3. Why does it have to use PvE gear? Like... You're supposed to? This is all assuming that dueling can even affect the event, that ANet writes the code for it really terribly, and finally, assumes such a thing can't be patched. The first is unlikely, the second is unlikely, and the last is completely false. How do you get "tricked" into dueling? The prompt would say, "Do you want to duel? Yes or no." How dense do you have to be? And even if that happened, so what? At worst, they have to respawn at a WP. And again, that's assuming A
  4. Gee, it's almost like we're in a forum thread discussing the possible merits and problems of adding a feature and I want you to contribute something that hasn't been brought up no less than three times in this thread already. I'm mad not because you disagree with me. I'm mad because people aren't listening. You say that I'm saying, "I want it therefore it should be in the game." But when I ask you to tell me why it shouldn't be and give a reason that hasn't been debunked yet, you start complaining about my attitude and tell me this is what all duelists are gonna be like. Well I cer
  5. Fine. Show me one argument I didn't address yet.
  6. None that don't suck as already detailed above. Because it doesn't affect you if you don't want it. As we've already talked about. There probably won't be any duels in event areas. And if there are, it shouldn't make that much of an impact. Let's see how this sounds when I just substitute dueling for mounts here. You guys have a pathological fear of trolls. For the fiftieth time, THIS IS NOT A VALID ARGUMENT. You can use SO MANY FEATURES IN THIS GAME TO TROLL ALREADY. Mounts? You can troll with them. PvP ma
  7. We don't NEED anything. It's just nice to have and makes the world a little more alive and interactive.
  8. Because people are moving and popping off skills and attacks and summoning mounts in PvE areas constantly already? Like they're supposed to? Why is it bad when people are popping skills in a dueling context instead of a PvE context? That makes no sense at all. Fractals are essentially raids... So are dungeons... Strike missions...
  9. In PvE zones, dueling wouldn't get in the way of other activities any more than players get in the way of hearts or events just because they're also completing them too. In the city, as I just said before, you can designate one of the commonly empty areas of each city as a duel zone and duels can only take place there. As to the rest of the ways to PvP, I will break them down: Guild Halls: Was promising at first, but it soon became a massive let-down when everyone realized the guild halls are designated as a PvE zone for some weird reason, and thus, you're stuck with th
  10. I have defended dueling pretty recently here, but I will at least assent that implementing it into GW2 probably would be a lot of work. It makes sense that the engine isn't necessarily designed to facilitate it in its current state. But it certainly doesn't make it impossible. I will also agree that, like mounts, dueling needs to be implemented properly if it is to be in the game. If it's invasive to the playing experience for a lot of players, then yeah, it shouldn't be added in. But if there's tools to ignore requests along with checks to make sure duels don't get annoying for other passersb
  11. Why not? In some cases, it's not justified of course, but they can do it if they want to. (Yes, I like to argue.)
  12. No, it's like berating people for not looking at something that 90% of the time isn't useful (speaking generally and not specifically about the GW2 forums search system). "Oh, well this one time, the site search is actually well built, so you're stupid and/or lazy."
  13. That isn't a flat denial. Just that it's a lot of work. Also, forum searching in general can be pretty questionable. (see: Reddit searching) Don't berate people for not automatically trying the search on a site.
  14. I'm not talking about the devs, but whatever. Since everyone's so insistently bringing it up, where did ANet say there would be no dueling?
  15. There is far more to the story than boot times though. In fact, I'd daresay that fast boot times are mostly overrated and not actually indicative of overall performance of the OS, although fast boot times are indeed nice. For example, Windows Explorer on my Windows 10 tablet tends to lag often for no discernible reason even though there's a lightning-fast Samsung NVMe drive in it. There is also a weird and infuriating delay I get with opening the Start menu whenever it hasn't been opened for a little bit. I've even tried completely uninstalling Windows Search just to see if that's
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