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  1. Are there any speculations about the festival trinkets representing dragon plushes? I bought all of them so far because i think even just the idea of having some collectible items that have a unique look is cool. But seems they are getting more expansive. At least this halloween one i think was quite more pricey than the other 2. Anyone any idea? x) Maybe if we collect them all they could be combined to make some fancy novelty i don't know. Or a legendary festival trinket or items? That could also be intersting.. But in case it's just gonna be collectibles not bad either, the art is very nice
  2. Sooo out of frustration for not being able to bring Madame Cookie back home with me from the lab, I bought the Mini Madam Cookie and regrets me to inform you that the mini has no audio effect. I was really hoping for it, i looked for some video or info about it before purchasing but couldnt find anything so I tried.. if anyone else was wondering that here you go x) Mini is still nice but would really need a meow effect, i was really expecting it since Madam Cookie in the lab has an original Meow effect. Hopefully they will add it, after all it's not a very cheap mini i think.
  3. I fed her really a lot of candy corns but no she just wants to eat more 😧
  4. Any hidden achiv to make the candy cat come and stay in our home istance? pretty please x)
  5. True, but i also like that it's kinda unique! x)
  6. Soooo just wanna say that the Fulgurite Ridgeback is just so cool. Thanks for bringing it back. I think it's the coolest mount in game, well done with its design and visual/sounds effects!
  7. Can you please bring back the New Horizon mounts license? I haven't seen it in ages and been waiting for it! Pretty pleease x) - the Gods listened to my request ❤️
  8. Hello, I was very disappointed when the other day I wanted to craft some more Tonics of Icebrood Corruption and i saw that the Coarse Sand Pile price went sky high because of the new achivs. Now i want to understand why didn't you take this into account when you implemented these new crafts. And you are certainly free to do so, but then i think it's very unfair to not let us be able to sell the Tonics after this patch. Because now it's just not worth to craft the infusion any longer as the materials are so much more expansive than just buying the infusion off trading post, and people like me w
  9. Always fantastic but at the same time I am always a bit disappointed thar there are no new worlds. I know it's not easy and that you are working on the expansion aswell but for the SAB is really needed, I mean I still enjoy replaying every year the same things even tho I already got everything basically a part from the new weapons etc. but I really only do it with the hope that a new world is gonna be released one year. Has been very long time and many people really looked for it. Anyway a part from that, can we hope in a new cool mount? u.u maybe I can forgive you in this case.
  10. Please make a SAB themed Lounge Pass. Could be called Moto's Portal Passkey/ Super Secret Adventure Box Pass or anything else you fancy! Doesn't have to be in the SAB itself, just same theme.... it would be amazing! Thanks :D
  11. We want the Bunny from super adventure box as the new SAB themed mount for this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D pllllleeeeeeeaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  12. Hello, I was wondering why Arenanet stopped to make Armors from the gemstore, as in separate pieces of the same outfit that you can mix match, and only started to make full Outfits that can't be customizable, if not for the color. I think this is a huge step back and makes the game much less fun talking about fashion. I am quite disappointed to be honest and I really can't find an answer. I know it's something not new, and I know there are armor pieces unlockable doing some contents, but why not both? I really hope you will introduce separate armors outfits again in the gemstore.
  13. As i said mine is mostly a feedback for anet as a veteran player that really like the game. I made a list of points that made me disappointed and that's it and just hope to see changes at some point. For the rest I have my life don't worry :D Can't I make a critic? Then if you want you can explain how you came to your brilliant conclusion xD
  14. no it literally isnt lol Then you have no idea what you are talking about. With the masteries you open up the maps with your new skills. A player with full souped up mounts and gliding makes hot and other areas a total breeze. While newcomers can only watch as the skyscales and griffons soars above. That -IS- progression. It will take a long time for someone open the Skyscale for example, and a longterm goal to work towards and earn. "I have full masteries. So im literally more progressed than others,im a very decent player cuz i did cold war 50 times and done some meta event 20 times. I al
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