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  1. Without new e-specs I'd honestly stop playing GW2 entirely. (On a break right now waiting for Medium Armor e-specs to be revealed.) Theorycrafting builds are the highlight of the game for me and I personally really enjoy getting new additions to pre-existing professions vs. a brand new one. I prefer professions/classes in MMO's to be highly customizable over simplified pre-set rotations that you can't change. Sure GW2 may only have nine professions but unless your using preset meta builds you'll rarely see someone else of the same profession playing just like you.
  2. First Anet have to remember that Medium Armor exists. ๐Ÿ˜› (Literally all of the Light and Heavy Armor specs have been revealed now but not even one Medium Armor? A minor thing to get upset about in the long run but it sucks regardless.) I don't think we'll get a healer as powerful as Druid but I think Thief will be the most supportive of the new specs between Medium Armor. (Just because we already have Druid and Scrapper, Thief doesn't have a support e-spec yet.) That said, personally I hope that support on Thief will be an offensive support as opposed to a defensive playstyle.
  3. How would you feel about aside from being able to throw them offensively (Which alone would be one heck of an improvement, having to judge is it better to use it for the boons/blight or inflict condis on foes) it also applied a lesser version of blight on foes when thrown. Reducing their max hp for a few seconds but increasing their damage against you? Not the same amount that blight does to us but say, and just throwing a number out for example, 10% less max hp but 5% increased damage to you for 5 seconds, with the blight effects diminishing each tick with the stronger the elixir the stronger
  4. True, however not everyone knows the normal patch cycle. Given the building hype of EoD and the catastrophe of the current state of WoW, a good number of people are just starting or returning to GW2. (I myself returned pretty recently and on the day that I did I happened to meet with two other players who switched from WoW to GW2 that same day.) Having information on the launcher about the estimated arrival of big patches would be a nice addition, although not required. It's relatively common to know in advance in other MMO's when the servers will go down and for how long.
  5. Personally I don't mind waiting for the patch but I do find it slightly humorous that while they haven't given a time for arguably the most anticipated patch since PoF's release they did tweet out a reminder that there's only 5 days left to pre-order the Aurene statue. ๐Ÿ˜›
  6. Deathly Haste is definitely going to be nerfed. 2.25s of pulsing Quickness with a 3 second cooldown... He mentioned on stream that currently he had about 37% Boon Duration so seeing that skill on someone with Diviner's gear would be interesting to just build up enough concentration to have perma quickness then go for DPS.
  7. You can turn off other people's visual effects in FFXIV if that helps. (Not sure if it's an option in GW2 as it's something I've personally never had an issue with, hopefully that option exists.) The reason I brought up raiding here is that it is very different compared to FFXIV/WoW. Using a term we're both familiar with since we each played FFXIV and would help to get the point across faster. GW2 raids only have an 'Ultimate' difficulty, there's no casual 'Looking For Raid' que on normal difficulty. Most players in GW2 haven't even seen/completed a raid. You either go hard, or you go home.
  8. While it would be a nice feature a possible solution to killing two birds with one stone is maybe allowing a sort of barracks in guild halls that grants everyone a fully customizable apartment sized instance (that they can leave open for others to come in should they choose) While it's not the same as as actual house it would help to make guild halls lively (The most I've ever seen guild halls being used was in claiming said guild halls, after that they remain empty, a shame considering the overall size of these halls.)
  9. I think the reason they did the Gen 3 Legendaries this way is because it'll be crucial to the story and because everyone plays different classes with different builds they had to make something that everyone can use. Imagine if you got a Greatsword but your character couldn't even equip one. That said, I personally do not care for Aurene. I also do not care for shinning, glittery weapon designs. So I will simply use a transmuation charge on it and forget it entirely. (Unless for some crazy reason they forbid us from changing it's appearance in which case I will throw the disney princess wea
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they say in the First Look that they would break some of their rules for elite specializations? If so, that arrowhead could possibly indicate a new e-spec that uses an already existing weapon (Longbow/Shortbow) and just change the skills entirely. Honestly while I think that would upset a lot of people, (an understandable frustration as getting something brand new is naturally more exciting than getting something re-tooled) personally I'm excited to see what new uses we could get from existing weapons. (And this is coming from someone who enjoys the curr
  11. Man, the Draenei really let themselves go...
  12. Did anyone else's mind instantly think of Mario Kart: Double Dash as soon as it was revealed as a two-player mount? I know it's a long shot but I'd love to see at least one Siege Turtle race where you can attack other turtles that enter the race. ๐Ÿ˜›
  13. I omitted Elite specs from the poll since those are pretty much a guarantee. (imagine the riots if there were none!) Modernization is new content however. Imagine if core professions got new/redesigned weapons. (Look at core Engineer for example. We literally only have ONE main hand weapon that isn't tied to an elite spec.) That would open up so much build diversity. Modernization can also bring people back to old maps, while I can't speak for everyone I really do enjoy the world design of core Tyria but often don't play in it because fighting there is a snooze-fest. Aside from dungeons while
  14. Heart of Thorns brought gliding.Path of Fire brought mounts.Since we lack details on EoD, if given the power, what would you make the new expansion about?
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