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  1. I doubt anyone will care to fix this as well since I already purchased the item, unlucky me right? Anyway, the broomstick is off-centered by a huge margin on Norn Male during its idle animation. https://i.imgur.com/AZUkT1f.jpg https://i.imgur.com/3lHEWEO.png
  2. I know that all the developers are working on the expansion but this tool is broken and no refund is to be had. >:
  3. It's only been 12 days since I purchased the tool so my 30 day mark hasn't passed yet they refuse to refund it, at this point I just hope a developer sees this thread and fixes the bug.
  4. So apparently they will not refund the broken product they are selling us.
  5. Feel free to up-vote my thread on reddit to help other people from getting into the same situation as us.
  6. Personally I made a refund ticket and/or for the item to get fixed, what they are doing right now is false advertising.
  7. It spawns right behind you no matter the distance from the node, its very disheartening to see since you hardly see the animation, which is the reason people buy it.
  8. That's why you register with a throw away account.
  9. First thing I'll do when they release a teaser of the Warrior specilization is to craft the legendary for that weapon type. uwu
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