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  1. Clearly the <checks notes> Community Managers and <hmm> Writers should be coding Alliances. That's the perfect plan. And if they can't? We'll post a job, train a person, let them get familiar with existing code, and that'll surely get it done this week!
  2. The proper solution is: Have the combat log show whose portal you took. Then malicious portals could be reported. SOLVED.
  3. LW isn't the 'game you purchased' They're mini-DLCs. The fact that they're sometimes free is amazing.
  4. Post specs, and we might be able to suggest reasonable upgrade paths?
  5. "on Windows 7" seems to be that issue. It's common to the text errors.
  6. Also crashing on main with >30 character slots. Already 20 steps deep into troubleshooting and waiting on the reinstall, but hopeful for fix.
  7. I've had my dyes DONE for a while now, and was happy to not have locked dyes at the bottom that I couldn't use. Now that's screwed up, not because I haven't bought any, but because THEY WON"T BE AVAILABLE FOR YEARS. If they're not available, don't show them to me.
  8. Surely they're supposed to be in the per-character present? Otherwise 5/6 are unobtanium until 2026
  9. Is it intended that the ACCOUNT only gets 1 of 6? It's gonna be through 2026 unlocking these other 5. I had all the dyes, now I'm stuck.
  10. The separate rigging points ship has kind of sailed, since there's already combinations within the weights that don't line up properly, or clip regardless, depending on body type.
  11. You have stock in light mode or something? Options are good.
  12. see: https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015782307-Error-Code-7 this is usually caused by your isp and the route it takes to arenanet's server. either the routing is bad or your isp has network issues etc. try another internet connection such as one from your mobile phone (tethering) or use a vpn (risk of getting account security issues) and see if your problem goes away -or- follow any one of the solutions mentioned in that support article Except that it's happening to LOTS of people this weekend. Servers slammed?
  13. I want to know why everything in TP/Gemstore UI is SO SLOW/LAGGY. How do you not have the main RMT interface nailed down? Doesn't your business sort of depend on it?
  14. Their fraud protection is pretty trigger-happy. I get locked out several times a year. You just have to open a ticket and get them to reset the flag on your account.
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