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  1. Still dreamin' of that two-player stegasaurus mount where one player drives and the other mans the machine guns.
  2. I concur with this request. Help a home instance node completionist out, Anet!
  3. Still wish all gobblers would eat from the bank/materials storage (in that order) when their dietary requirements aren't in your inventory. Looking at you, Princess/Mawdrey/Star of Gratitude. Get with the times.And the extra confirmation boxes could go too, Anomaly. Nobody's going to regret accidentally wasting 25 dragonite ore.
  4. Having bought all the vendors in the Eye of the North (including 50g for a pointless bank vendor when bank access is available at every crafting station) it was a little disappointing that the Xunlai chests ...don't actually do anything interesting. It'd be nice if they were additional personal storage, even if just an extra 10 slots and only accessible within EOFN. Or make them some kind of weird toy where you can put in something and randomly get back something of a similar value once a day.Or leave one of them as bank access and make the other guild bank access. Or if not one of the chests
  5. INVISIBLE WALLS. The fricken invisible walls. To this day, there are places in new maps where you're going somewhere that looks completely open then you faceplant into an invisible wall. It's the epitomy of lazy design. I've been saying for years: if you don't want us to go somewhere, make it obvious with the visual mesh. I understand there are exceptions, like trying to fly off the edges of the map, but there are plenty of places that could be visually impenetrable to match their collision mesh. How many times have you tried to reach the top of a cliff that looks reachable, only to get slap
  6. Yes, an underwater city with a Victorian feel, crazy inhabitants and champs in steampunk diving suits. :)
  7. It is unreasonable to assume that ANet faced more constraints within their own system than DeltaConnected did. Surely, if a third party could create a simple system that worked with the game, the creators of the game could have created a simpler, maybe even better system. It's ludicrous to believe that the game's developer could not have done as well as an outside party did. Impecabbly said, IndigoSundown. As somebody who's worked in IT for decades, I'm annoyed by this argument that the developer is more limited by their own system than someone working outside it, and no - you don't need to
  8. It's great that you're happy - but from what you describe your expectations are so much lower than everybody else that the new system couldn't help but fall over the line for you. If all you've tried of it is the one small part you wanted, and that part happens to work for you, that's really meaningless as a review. What do you think of the whole thing? Do you have multiple toons? Have you tried setting up layouts for more than one toon? Have you had to buy more slots? What do you think of the cost? Have you tried different specialisations on different slots? Have you tried using legendaries w
  9. I just can't make myself believe that this was just to "balance" chrono. That this was the only way to do it. Mirage, the new kid on the block, can still self-shatter. It just feels like.... this was an attempt to turn people away from chrono and onto mirage.
  10. So, I've received six emails for something called "TIDAL HiFi" which is apparently a new promotion from/in cooperation with ANet.Most of the emails are in English, though some are in what might be Spanish. And they're all addressed to one of my lesser used toons, LOL. I don't think my ranger is interested, Anet. There's an unsubscribe link but it only offers to unsubscribe you from all ANet newsletters and I don't want to do that. I like your newsletters ...but it would be nice to be able to opt out of promotions. If there is a way to do that already, I'd be grateful if anyone could point me
  11. So..... market forces aside... back to discussing capes? Like that new winter's one? Thoughts?
  12. I'm always curious when someone asks a question like this. What answer are you hoping for? And what are you going to do when you get your answer? What if somebody tells you "Yes". What's next? Are you going to give all your loot away (cause I can help with that) and leave? What if it's "No". Will you be reassured, or keep looking for a "Yes". How does this affect your future actions....? Enquiring minds want to know.
  13. I would really, really appreciate if the following options could be added to the cheevos tab: Hide all repeating cheevos. Hide all cheevo categories where all cheevos therein are finished. This would be such a useful feature for us avid cheevo hunters.
  14. You are unaware, it seems, that you can regulate all those sounds separately and adjust (even mute) them the way you want? ;) Not only unaware, but can't take the 10 seconds to adjust the different sliders for the different sounds, they put sliders in for just that reason, some like to hear in-game sounds, some don't and some are in-between, it's all covered with sliders.Ouch. I don't know what to say. I thought I was being a little obvious in the tone and suggesting an over-the-top solution like total silence to the problem of noise pollution and throwing in Cinema Sins.... but apparently it
  15. Ah yes, the game as it's meant to be played: endlessly fiddling with individual broad-stroke sliders to combat noise pollution. You are unaware, it seems, that some noises can't be regulated individually because other noises in the same grouping are important to gameplay and the overall playing experience. That some people are choosing to completely silence the game because of this is a shame, and I welcome any middle ground solutions or feedback regarding disruptive sound elements like the level-up tome, player attacks, (and a number of miniatures/Ranger pets). There is a similar case to be m
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