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  1. The dps was fine, they nerfed the dps. If they wanted it to be a dps class why remove the dps? Only thing that doesn't make sense here is you constantly licking anets boot and the fact you think math is a lie.
  2. They can claim its a DPS spec all they want but if its DPS was inline with other selfish DPS specs in beta 1 and then only change they did to it in beta 2 was to nerf its DPS then they quite obviously don't want it to be a DPS spec.
  3. Yeah not reading a post from somebody who thinks math is a lie.
  4. Every time anybody ever wants to reply to Obtena again just remember he thinks 'maths are a lie'.
  5. Direct quotes from the video. Calculations have already been done. Crawl back into your hole you pathetic troll.
  6. No significant changes have been made to Virutoso except the lowering of its PvE damage. What are they actually expecting us to test?
  7. "Its definitely a dps character of some kind... its just going to be a damage dealer" That is why it does kitten all damage in PvP and they just nerfed it to support spec levels of dps in PvE. "Its going to be more shatter orientated" That is why its shatter damage is lower then core, requires you to build more resources to shatter, shatters are now worse then core in every other way and its only shatter trait is a minor damage increase after shattering. kittening hell Obtena, Anet could come into your house, kitten all over the furniture in front of you and
  8. We already had one person in the other thread say that massively nerfing PvE damage somehow addressed everybodies concerns. What goes through these peoples heads?
  9. Not a problem They even said themselves in MIghty Teapots stream that this wasn't adressed. Literally the same. The rotation started off with a shatter and you used F1 and F2 on cooldown, now its the same. Absolutely lie. Not with those numbers it isn't and the fact the only change going to the second beta is to nerf it to sub par levels means they don't want it as one as well. Every other elite spec got massive changes. Look at how much they managed to get done for Untamed in a month while also doing Specter and Mechanist changes. V
  10. There are pages and pages of feedback and they ignored every single one and changed nothing but killing the PvE DPS spec. Why should we waste time testing it again when nothing has changed?
  11. They are removing it form Untamed so they should remove it from Soulbeast.
  12. While the boring traits/skills are a bigger problem, the fact that they gutted the dps in the first place doesn't point to them buffing it back up.
  13. You do when its a super squishy selfish DPS spec that brings no utility. 36k drops it way out of the running for a DPS spec.
  14. Hammer Ambush has 1 stack of stab but nothing else was mentioned.
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