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  1. As predicted an utterly pointless weapon. Damage numbers are obviously low but even if they were on par with the multiple competing weapons on Ranger it would still be the worse of the bunch because of the lackluster skills and awkward mechanic. 3 shouldn't be single target and the Stealth Attack "mechanic" only results in you having to cast stealth every time you want to use 2, creating an awkward and slow feel to the weapon. Not to mention frustration as, traps, spores, unleashed pet abilities and even the auto attack continuing just results in you being revealed before you can use a stealth attack. Take this back to the drawing board as it would be nice if Ranger got an actual new weapon for this expansion.
  2. I don't know how you could possibly think slapping a long cast time on a skill is a buff.
  3. I am literally asking for the cast time to be removed. I have been doing since it got added it back. You are agreeing with me but just want to argue?
  4. Overall I like the feel of it. Nice to have a cleave weapon on Mesmer, the animations are nice and overall it has a nice flow and feels Mesmery and nice to use. Some flaws though. Getting Clarity is awkward, doable but awkward. The extra affects from Clarity don't really feel impactful if you pull it off. The best one is phantasmal lancer but that just turns it from a bad skill into an ok skill. Mesmer needs all the help it can get with sustain if it is going to use a Brawler weapon. Imaginary Inversion should get the healing and condi removal by default. Maybe give it barrier if you successfully evade. Condi removal in particular being tied to clarity means its not very useful as a condi clear. I feel like the damage on the ambush, Mind the Gap and Mental Collapse could use a little extra umph too Not related purely to Spear but as I am enjoying the weapon most on Mirage and feel like it is the spec best suited to fulfill a brawler role for Mesmer, I thought I would post some ideas about what more Power Mirage needs to compete. Make Nomad's Endurance also give extra power and crit chance. Double the damage of Jaunt. In relation to Mesmer needing help with sustain for brawler builds, make ambush attacks give life steal. Speed of Sand is a good candidate since it doesn't really do anything. Change Riddle of Sand form a confusion based trait into a power one to synergise with the new Dune Cloak.
  5. No you yourself stated a major flaw in the design and then just acted like it was nothing because it goes against your narrative that Anet can do no wrong. It is simple, if slapping an unnecessarily long cast time on Mantras wasn't a bad thing they wouldn't have just taken it off Guardian.
  6. Most of those are the only options Mesmer has to do the effect they are doing and aren't that different form other classes equivalents. Kind of just brushing past a major design flaw there.
  7. Because Mesmer can't have nice things.
  8. I'd rather just not have a massive cast time for mediocre effects.
  9. One of the most blatant examples of class bias this game has seen.
  10. Ranged AoE would be my preferred but at least condi wouldn't be a mediocre power weapon to throw on the trash pile because we have so many better ones.
  11. Make it fill a role that other Ranger weapons don't. Ranged non projectile Aoe, cleaving condi melee or a more offensive boon focused support weapon are the ones I can think of of the top of my head for 2H weapons.
  12. Well yeah because you feel the need to run damage control for Anet for some reason. Literally everybody else can see this is an utterly pointless weapon that adds nothing new for Ranger.
  13. I'm not sure how you think Spear would be a buff to it considering it doesn't hit as fast as dagger.
  14. Be being a melee 2H weapon with a throw, a leap and a big damage 2 attack. I also didn't mention how they removed the endurance gain, the Maul synergies from the extra damage buff and 5 reseting maul and the evade. So you are right it isn't like GS, it is like a really kitten GS.
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