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  1. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Stop_the_Svanir_ceremony Its even stated on the wiki that currently, because the portals only work during the drakkar fight, you aren't able to finish the event in Whispers Depths... i've been roaming the map for more then 4 or 5 hours trying every possible way to access the area where the event is, but i haven't found it.
  2. It took me a while to find out. But there is a trial of Koda that requires the use of 1 of the raven gates at the Den of Whispers event in Bjora Marches. https://imgur.com/4HFVDyv Every time i try to interact with 1 of these 3 raven gates, i get the notification that i need to train Raven Flight mastery before being able to use raven gate. I tried on different characters, even got a friend to try, but it appears to be bugged. see image for details. https://imgur.com/XjyV4ig
  3. The boomerang isn't stunning the alligators in World 2 Zone 1 at all. In the first rivers it passes trough the alligator and hits the turtle. a little further down the zone, after the raft. when you have to use the flowers to jump forward there is another alligator. trying to hit it with a boomerang clearly shows its passing trough the head, but not stunning it. https://imgur.com/7hdxNhO This image shows the boomerang inside the mouth of one of the alligators, and yet, it will not be stunned at all. This was the case last year as well
  4. W1z3 and W2z1 are by far favorites. I really enjoyed the difference and the pase of the levels, w2z2 and z3 were by far the longest, tho, w2z3 wasn't bad imo.The music overal inside the box is amazing, especially using the Duskk shard for tribulation. I would love to see a new world, ofc, but also a new tribulation challenge within that world. As for mini games or other Hub content.. scavenger hunts? maybe do more with the clouds and the area on the rim? maybe open the cave entrance where the animals come from as well? little discovery points and area's with funny gimics. (thinking about the
  5. First of all, my heart goes out for everyone that got laid off (voluntary or not) and everyone remaining at Anet office!its heartbreaking to read who and how many had to be laid off :< but 1 burning question remains, as a veteran gw2 and WvW player. It's incredably sad to read McKenna and Grant both not working for the company, and i was wondering what is going to happen to alliance system and the developement of it? Is this something that is still in developement, or is this going to be canceled now that we have no more WvW dev's? (assuming the running reddit Joke about having only 2 WvW
  6. This season seems to be even worse then before.. and it keeps getting worse. Everyone is saying matches are rigged, players are delibirately throwing and wasting everyones time, each time they queue up and end up in a horrible match loosing +-100 against 500 points, simply because of the following: Players map awareness (minimap) is non excisting! They don't look at minimaps, they won't see if a point is contested or see enemies walk towards those points. Fighting off point. They just have no freaking clue how important it is to hold points, contest them or at all, decap them. general salt min
  7. not using action cam either, and it seems that a lot more ppl have problems with it... its completely random and so its not viable to record it, trying to make dodging in a different direction then origionally wanted
  8. i've heard a friend about it but i got to experience it myself twice today: Dodging in a different direction. to explain: i ordered my elementalist to dodge backwards, avoiding cannons in wvw close to the sentry outside south bay. i was pressing S (walking backwards) and then pressed V (dodge key). instead of going backwards, i dodged forwards!later in 99 CM fractals: i was on engineer, trying to evade backwards again, pressing S and nothing else. Instead of going backwards, i went to the left! i wasn't pressing D or any other key to initiate a dodge towards that direction. anyone else experi
  9. I've recently crafted Kraitkin (yesterday) and i got to say i am a little dissapointed ! i was expecting any form of projectile changes, since any other legendary has them, but it seems that underwater projectiles do not change shape or form while in possesion of a beautiful, under appreciated underwater legendary. Is there any plans on giving them an overhaul, increasing the tiny invisible aura and giving them customized projectiles, like you did with Meteorlogicus, the flameseeker prophecies and rodgort for example?i would really like to see some crazy projectiles!
  10. Realistically what needs to happen is a nerf to ac's. a few suggestions of how that could go down: Reduce the amount of ac's / siege in an area to avoid stacking 5 or 6 ac's on a single wall /gateReduce damage done to players drastically, i'm talking 40-60%! and lower the damage done to siege by 10-30%. I've read a good suggestion to make siege use supply on use, but i can't figure that one out myself.trebs are fine as it is. i think functions as intended and can be used to for extreme long range stuff. The only revision to siege would be to lower the range on it so they can't be used inside S
  11. Mistrel is definetely preferable! celestial has some wasted stats, and most of the time there is either too much spike damage, or ppl don't use dodges at the right time, so the burst heal from minstrel tempest is amazing to sustain it a little more! i've played ele for 5 years and have seen the meta shift from staff dps to heal temp, to weaver staff dps back to heal temp and i must say, going balls deep with the commander using d/wh is the best feeling ever! :smile: the boon duration is definetely enough, since wvw is all about boonstrip /corrupt. the output of healing + boons from aura's con
  12. I wouldn't say Tempests are outclassed by Firebrands, but a mere addition to the fight. The aura's give a unique addition to the fight, and the burst heal allows for a better sustain of incoming damage.the FB heal abilities are spread out over longer periods of time, but does give more partywide stab. the mantra's and clenses are in a very small AoE or a cone in front of them, which makes it harder to support party if not all tight on stack. backline DPS is for sure Ele's but as mentioned, you need to be glassy in order to do damage, and you have hammer rev's who can basically 1 shot you if yo
  13. Is there a possiblity to have it looked at. Every description matches my experiences with PvP, getting worse and worse every season. I just barely made it out a 6 match loosing streak, loosing 25+ rating per match.. it seems that they are all unfair balanced, as matches i lost end with a score of <250 vs 500getting teammates getting steamrolled outside spawn, or simply dieing the moment they touch the point. the player rating differences are too high. i feel like get stuck in a team of bronze/silver players, while we have matches against teams with plat rating. as many state: i am not a gre
  14. i don't know wether to spam "helpful" or "Thumbs Up". i'm so sad they aren't ever gonna work on w3 or w4... but it would be absolutely amazing!
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