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  1. Recent patch fixed this. Mist accessories have Diviner's stat now.Thank you Anet for the fast fix on it!
  2. Well it happened before with Plaguedoctor's, so figure best to put it out here now to be known. The three Mist Accessories: Mist Pendant, Mist Band, and Mist Talisman are missing the new Diviner's stat option from the list upon using a Mist Capacitor.Please add to the stat option list! Though interestingly enough, Diviner's is avaliable on the Blood Ruby Accessories from Bloodstone Fen.
  3. As title states, the mastery insight point is floating in the air which makes it unable to be used.This prevents making progression on Aurora II: Empowering along with those who may just want to acquire the mastery point.Please help correct the issue so the mastery insight can be utilized. Thank you. https://imgur.com/a/IP0zx EDIT: Just noticed the other thread. Can remove this one.
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