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  1. i am talking pvp arena at the lobby. Where ppl can come and fight. And why would i pay for my own personal arena when there is free arena where duels and fighting each other should be posible w/o ppl like this ruining it for everyone? Also EDIThow do you practice your class if you simply have to pick another one or a new build to adjust to every bully you meet? That is a free-for-all arena. There are no rules. No etiquette. Every player that sets foot in that arena is consenting to being attacked by any other player present. Enter at your own risk. You're asking that everyone else play by you
  2. How well a person presents his arguments has nothing to do with experience or skill in this game lol.
  3. Actually, yes they do. People with long histories of performance have more gravitas and are less likely to trivialize or showboat like those who are more new to an experience. Also, those with more skill are usually more honest in their opinions as they have little need to prove their value. That's why people listen to 4 star generals ...
  4. Frigging kick function should be banned and only allowed against inactive players after 8 mins. Otherwis it should not be used against anyone for anything ever. So rude and unkind and unecessary. Life is life and ppl r ppl. All types play. Deal with it and be patient and kind and remove the stupid and elitist kick function
  5. If you increase the drop rates of precursors the value decreases. This would make precursors stale loot. People are not against more exciting loot. People are against a shortsighted solution which would make loot less exciting. Well, in all the years I've been playing gw 1 and 2, I have noticed a trend in gw2 only towards decreasing rates for rare drops of any kind. We used to get exotics, then ascendeds when they came out or keys or precursors or tier 5 or 6 mats. The drop rate was low but not non-existent like it is now. I once cleared 19 maps leveling a char legit. I got 1 key. Really? Wtf
  6. "Must join TS to join wvw zerg squad. Oh, ur deaf? Well, sign in and pretend to listen in anyway or gtfo."
  7. Also, for those who say population is not declining, I say lol. Lol. Lol.
  8. I play this game for fun only. I don't give a fig about rewards. I salvage the endless repetitive garbage received. Also, ppl in wvw go on and on about bags that r lame and mostly worthless. But, really, no one wants more loot? Or more importantly, better loot? Like better loot is a drag? Gimme a break. Everyone loves great loot. Nobody gives a d... about garbage loot that takes time to salvage or dispose. Gw2 needs to give higher chance of rare drops, just like they did in gw1. That keeps the game fun and promising rather than stale and predictable. Like u r not happy when u get a precursor d
  9. That's not my conclusion - its my concern. What you do now on wvw is irrelevant to the concerns we are posting here - that wvw configuration won't exist under the new implementation. You won't be forced into EOTM - you will be in wvw and playing without a guild will be the equivalent of EOTM as there will be zero camaraderie/immersion unless you are in a guild (and they might all be closed to you). This ofc assumes you are not roamer/ganker, in which case you would probably just go about bus as usual since these players are unconcerned with the squads/zergs anyway. Also, I never find it funny
  10. Perhaps anet could make existing pvp like random arena in gw1 - that could revitalize it some and make it more fair. Also, removing the whole pip/mmr thing is essential imo.
  11. And that's great for the pug that they want to support their alliance/world. The pug could also join an open pug tag, or open guild raid. Not all guild raids are closed. The "whole point of the squad" is not to support the alliance. The point of a squad is to facilitate a party system for a greater number of players than 5, that's it. If the pug is insistent on running alongside a closed guild raid they should take a more cautious playstyle or safer class/build to survive. One alliance is not going to be enough to dictate how the rest of the world plays for 8 weeks, there are going to be plen
  12. OK, but the rules of how teams are formed in sPvP and how individuals are rated are different from WvW, and will remain different. So strategies that were used in sPvP won't automatically be equally applied in WvW. We don't know what algorithms anet will use to place pugs/guilds/alliances into worlds during each matchup period. I'm pretty sure this poster is advocating anet be wary of not using the same type(s) of algorithms in the new wvw that were utilized in spvp as that resulted in huge attrition and many disgruntled/demoralized players. It seems pretty obvious that anet is considering so
  13. Exactly my point. I didn't see that as your point. I see you arguing against the WvW restructuring based on things that already happen with server-based WvW, as if they don't exist now but will be introduced with the restructuring. That to me doesn't sound like a reason to oppose restructuring.It is my point. The proposed solution will intensify/highlight/worsen the existing problems within wvw now, not alleviate them. I am not against restructuring wvw - I am all for that. And I think with some minimal tweaking to the overall proposed system, many of the problems many of us on here are w
  14. People are being excluded from squads for numbers of reasons - wrong class/wrong build, no TS, die too much, inexperienced, don't like your attitude, etc. The majority of these squads are not full. Its wrong and makes no sense as there is advantage to inviting them (they will receive protections and maybe advice) and there is extreme disadvantage to all.
  15. Yah, cept we paid to play advertised content just like you. You get to play for your money, we don't, unless we retool/reclass/conform/adhere to the whims of every commander every time we play.
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