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  1. Its almost like ANet sabotaging raids and confirming their reasoning for abandoning their future development. Strikes were a horrible idea and they damn well know it. It is intended to 'force' you into strikes, so you hate them.
  2. Strike missions are pretty silly. ESO forces you to get good from the get go starting from vet dungeons so scrubs either quit that content or stay in normal and thats fine when content was always harsh to begin with. You have now the WoW problem of coddling your community with nothing but faceroll content, then introducing mythic. Of course only 1% of the playerbase will play that now when no one can follow mechanics anymore or make a group without their hand held, and the rewards can be obtained elsewhere anyway. /surprisepikachuface If you want raids to be attractive these days you need
  3. Bad practices with rotating DENIAL of items to customers. Its not like they can run out of stock of a digital item. They just want to engage with panic purchasers and screw the rest. That is terribly frustrating. If only there was some type of subscription model they could implement to save players from this predatory system..Buy 2 play is now worse than sub thanks to scummy cash shop practices, GW2 is proof enough of that, but there was plenty proof before.ESO is proof that both systems can work in tandem very well.FF14/WoW/ESO is proof people are still willing to pay sub to avoid these preda
  4. And the queue button also doesn't want to work often having to restart the game.. I'm guessing its the invisible dishonor bug that has existed for ages now popping up again to say hi.
  5. My favorite part was the cringe-god braham becoming a chosen norn of prophecy LUL
  6. It quickly devolved into maintenance mode after PoF and they clearly hate expansions so looks like anet want a dead game with living story just to keep those gem purchases flowing. I don't expect anything significant in the games future anymore but that's ok I've moved on, it doesn't hurt to log in once in a while to do a pvp match or something but its impossible to keep this game as your main mmo lol.
  7. top kek my dudes Are the mesmer notes literally a troll? I'd rather pvp in WoW at this point GW2 is just a meme and not even a funny one. Condi cancer is not fun to play against , can you please get this through your thick EMPTY heads? Afk until next patch note that I can laugh my way to the moon and back reading. Just remove the tumor and stop trying to make cancer look like it isn't exactly that. Your pvp is an absolute joke, instant aoe condi everywhere, this game used to take at least a bit of talent to play competitively. If you need example of some well designed skills look at scepter 1
  8. I should not be punished for having stacked thieves who refuse to swap and one being condi to make matters worse, matchmaking is non existent so why not just fix the problem by not allowing stacked classes. lul I'm plat but not like it matters in gw2 top kek still matched with negative bronze rated scrubs who probably don't even have an alt class to swap to. pvp is a jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooke next time I'm just gonna alt f4 cuz fuck it
  9. They don't split pvp/pveThey keep adding more passives and powercreepThey have literally been working on reward and matchmaking structure since the release of the gamePvp team doesn't balance What this tells me: they have near zero communication in office, their pve team is going one way and pvp is going the other (if it's going anywhere at all). They do not consider pvp when making new elite specs or skills because we aren't whales. They are clearly understaffed, and horribly so. How many times do they have to reiterate the same thing? I feel so trolled. You can expect changes from op in ab
  10. I don't have high hope for New World (sandbox? nice recipe for failure.) but Amazon certainly wants to make their mark on the gaming world. If anyone has the potential to make a great MMO in this dying genre it would be them simply due to available funding but I think it will be trash. I'm more interested in that pvp brawler they are making.
  11. How about no. Unranked is a cesspool that replaced hotjoin, it should remain how it is. Rank may be garbage but it still not as bad as unranked, why make the problems even worse? You want to play with MORE noobs?
  12. Anything asian MMO is doomed to be a grindy pos, not sure why people hype themselves over this garbage. Fact of the matter is pvp is terrible in everything except mobas right now.
  13. LMAO 4x DC what a legend. But druid bunker does what you do even better, though you get cool points for being weaver at least.
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