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  1. Endless Night will shadowstep you the entire max distance forward if you're in melee range of ally. jumping will prevent the 2nd attack of Twilight Combo. /shrug~ and it fails to give swiftness if it hits them too close. Siphon can't be used on elevation differences, such as standing on a wall and targeting someone below in WvW who is within range.
  2. First concern so far is the sound effect is really fricken loud on scepter XD and no, I really dont like the backwards teleport on Measured Shot. It feels pointless and we have plenty of other shadowsteps if I wish to retreat. I dislike this in P/D too and rather not have a repeat-skill. The spec's shadowstep wells are also shorter range than Scepter's range which makes it more ackward for Scepter/Pistol 3 to push you back and keep you out of range of using them. There're not many combo finishers for black powder making it kind of a dead skill other than stealth from Shroud. None of
  3. And away from the enemy. I'd rather not play rubberband in PvE
  4. One thing I'll note is tether clashes with their design for Sc/P 3. We don't need another skill like P/D that shoops us away when we're supposed to stay near allies.
  5. Just finished my Xiuquatl. Excited to throw rocks at people on my Thief~ if it works at least. o3o
  6. yeah I was wondering about that but don't feel like logging in to see if I can target allies from the party UI. I literally don't remember if there're easy ways to single target an ally cuz there's no reason to.
  7. So does it look like it could work well as a power/crit build?
  8. They really took Thieves getting kicked from fractals and etc seriously this time and just went ahead and gave them everything elitist group leaders demand. Looks great but ofc need to play it first. Wish the scepter had at least 1 AoE though. It's shadow version of FFXIV's Sage 😏
  9. I still have PTSD from Ricochet's random removal. It made pistols so fun.
  10. can we just have a doggo reaction emote that doesn't mean anything, it's just a doggo. 🐶
  11. Yes, Staff is basically the only fully functional weapon currently but it requires an elite spec. Base Thief is a mess (and so is Deadeye.)
  12. That's ironic considering that was Assassin's role in GW1 with "Way of the Master" allowing them to have high crit with any non-dagger weapon. Then they just sorta devolved into crappy thieves who don't know how to use anything that isn't a dagger properly, and not even that is done well anymore considering some of their poor combat choices, like L(oser) Death Blossom. But Warrior went and stole their Weapon Master status as well as being simped on pretty hard by Devs for most of the game's life while Thief was shoved into lockers.
  13. Which is perfectly fine imo, if they weren't lazy.
  14. They should of given it both Scepter and Focus then~ If warrior can get a 1h for each hand for a spec (when they already have the most weapon access and we have some of the least)
  15. The S at the end is appropriate cuz now it amounts to "DD'S nuts." Since it's nuts that Thief is finally getting something this edgy and different.
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