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  1. Is that even possible? They're supposed to be common but kitten I never get them ever.
  2. I like the shape of the Hellfire chest, one of the few coats that fits Sylvari lads and is more robe-like. Unfortunatly the undye-able fire effect ruins it. If I could make it blue fire (matching my Sylvari's glow) I'd like it more. Radiant is just bright AF colored. Yeah; the quality is certainly not worthy of how insanely long it takes to get them as they are now. I do like the AP system though but some things are just very low effort and pet peeves to me, like meaningless collections for items that don't even have flavor-text to justify their existance. Need somekinda lore goin.
  3. But I still haven't reached the AP amount to even see the chest for Radiant body piece after getting Hellfire one. (PS when they gonna finally let us dye the effects for these?)
  4. The breathing into each others mouth was pretty kinky tho. Wait nevermind they're brothers so it's probably weird. Unless they're step bros. Primordus did kinda look stuck.
  5. I enjoy housing. Fallout 76 is a terrible bug ridden mess of trash but manages to make me waste all day building things for fun at least. Nothings made better housing than Wildstar though. RIP. Was their only fun content in the end. MMOs aren't just farming mobs, the best ones have plenty of distracting side features like this and they're quite enjoyable and make the game more immersive. GW2 already has the system implemented anyways, they just don't wipe the crummy private instances away and let us edit it the way we can guild halls.
  6. They should let you break them down into their original materials to sell/use for something else, but probably unlikly. Wouldn't be the first time they 'screwed' people over like the "Twice Told Legend" thing. Which this will be a double strike to those people since it could go from having little reason to own two of the same legendary to absolutly 0 reason. Maybe you'll get lucky though and they learned from that past mistakes. They've added NPCs for exchanging outdated things before like the gathering tools. I thankfully avoided this problem with the Incinerator (D/D Thief) cuz
  7. I'm no pirate, more casual clothing or ninja, but I do like water themed stuff more than anything and asked Anet for a cannon weapon after seeing all the Aetherblades using them so I like it as my 2nd favorite after HOPE atm. (unfortunatly Deadeye ended up pewp and I stopped using it) I think one of their major busts seems to be the 2nd Legendary Dagger/Centurion Claw 2.0. It's the only weapon I never see anyone using. Shoulda just made it a literal monk claw or something.
  8. I don't care about the cost, I'm just ultra surprised they apparently made them already after how much they struggled to release all of gen 2 and having to scrap their original idea. Alas I would certainly prefer that time was spent on better armor diversity for medium armor (GW1 Assassin, Casual Atire, Revealing male, etc) since all they ever pump out is weapon skins in avalanche quantity, but still impressed they managed to do it, if they really did. For me personally though, I have a legendary for each weapon my main (Thief) can use except for sword and staff since I don't
  9. Will this be another summer of no swimsuits for swimming?
  10. no such thing as a mobile "game" they're more like virtual ads than games and every single one is bad. I'd hope Anet wouldn't waste their time on that.
  11. Negative. It... was very short. Felt like a "lets just end this and get it over with" sorta thing. I guess I agree at this point, they've lost touch with GW1 so much that they mine as well just scrap it all and hopefully start something new that they're good at. /shrugs GW2 needs their version of Shadowbringers as far as 'direction changes' go. The writing has always been a shaky hit or miss each release.
  12. Hmm? My X key is weapon swap and nothing interupts it at the moment in any mode. Rebind things. Warclaw is no longer selected when I exit WvW.
  13. I haven't wanted to use D/D since the nerf that interupted the AA flow. Have to cloak and dagger once every two AA chains or whatever they expect us to do. The first time they did that there was so much outrage they reverted it. Then they snuck it in later and no one said a word so /shug. Anyways it just doesn't feel good to use. It's already clunky mismatched skillset was bad enough since release but now it just feels worse and just a "mine as well just auto attack only most of the time" kinda thing. Disappointed in patch notes since it continues to do nothing for underused elite
  14. If Primordus melts all of Jormag's ice, we might need some legendary breathers to not drown. Ah yes, 100% underwater maps. :P(( Now if they could just do that update that makes all weapons and skills useable underwater with tweaked animation and spears useable anywhere ;3 ))
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