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  1. I don't mind underwater combat in this game. But I find it difficult sometimes because at least for me, it's often hard to judge my position relative to the mobs. I think I'm in melee range when I'm not, or they're above or below me in some way that's not where I can hit them, and so forth. Some of that is probably just me, but some of it is definitely the limited graphics of this game not giving me the necessary visual keys.
  2. Perhaps we are simply reaching the end of this cycle of dragon awakening. It has wrought great change upon Tyria, as all the cycles have. What future cycles will hold is unknown. Related thought regarding Primordus: we haven't seen or heard from Primordus since LS3, and even in LS3 he wasn't a major active threat like Zhaitan or Mordremoth. If not for him being Balthazar's target -- and actually seeing him in LS3 Ep 5 -- he would have been just a bit player. Perhaps when the other EDs started getting killed and/or when the mess with Balthazar knocked the wind out of him, Primordus was smart en
  3. I'm not sure where y'all are getting the Lyssa thing. She is mentioned nowhere in the video and has always been portrayed as human and female. The Voice, which is definitely male or y'all need to have your hearing checked, is the dragon that is swirling around in the video, as it comes full face with the words, "They need me." Furthermore, the Voice is NOT the DSD, since its behavior is clearly benevolent and what little we know of the DSD is not. Perhaps a scion of the DSD and/or Kuunavang would be my guess.
  4. I have a feeling that when we finally get the big reveal on the DSD, it will be the single most terrifying thing in GW2 since Scarlet's attack on Lion's Arch. Possibly ever.
  5. It's been over 150 years. Usoku's generation is long gone. I imagine the reactions to non-humans from Canthans today will be more like the cautious curiosity we saw in Elona during PoF. "Oh wow! Plant people! Little people! And big furry...ummm...people too, I guess!"
  6. Race auto-fails immediately. Sometimes it dismounts me from the advanced skimmer, sometimes it doesn't.When it doesn't dismount me, I can see the gates to proceed, but the fail window is still in the way of my view. So I close that window and go until the first point where I need to dive, but I can't dive. So I dismount and try to swim. I can still see the gates.Several of the gates are buggy and won't immediately give credit, causing me to have to circle back.When I finally get to the end and hit the gold gate, the race doesn't end; the lap just resets. The gates are still up, and I get no cr
  7. What they're not saying is that this is likely the last expansion for GW2. It's reaching the end of the game.
  8. As Kralk said about Aurene, "She is the first of her kind." Perhaps Kuunavang or this mysterious Voice will be the next. Oh and by the way, I'm not counting Jormag or Primordus dead until they actually are. Jormag's motives seem to be in a really weird place right now, and we have no idea what's up with Primordus yet. Let's see how the story develops before jumping to conclusions.
  9. Weekly. I thought we left that kind of crap behind with EverQuest. This is 2020. People want to play through and get things done. Stop creating artificial delays just for busy work, because we're not getting paid to do a job here.
  10. After hundreds of tries, I have gotten exactly 32.000 seconds twice for the gold chest, but not been awarded the achievement. Yes, I reported the bug in game, and have opened a ticket too. Fix this, give me my achievement, and/or adjust the time so it doesn't require such an outlandish level of perfection.
  11. It's also a bit of a guilt trip aimed at our toons. The warband fell apart without us there to guide them.
  12. Elexus and Yahuk were both former Blood Legion, so their choosing to follow Bangar is kinda natural. Luccia was former Iron Legion. Iron also suffered many defections thanks to Smodur's heavy handed "leadership". Luccia also was an older Charr, possibly of the same generation as Bangar, so maybe she shared his inherited generational attitudes. What's missing to me is that all the action with our warband happened off screen. We meet our sparring partner in the camp, the "fixed" choice for each legion defected, and the "selectable" third member is not seen; from our sparring partner's dialogue,
  13. I don't mind being the hero. What I do mind is not being treated like a hero. After all, The Commander has "only" led the way in saving the world about half a dozen times by this point, so I'd appreciate it greatly if characters like Anise and Rytlock would start keeping their backhanded "compliments" and negative "jokes" to themselves. As Jormag suggested, it's time The Commander started being treated with the respect we deserve.
  14. My Thief is a Charr female. I would love to have a simple dark bodysuit type costume for her, like how the Sneakthief set fits on human females; no flappy coats, nothing glowy, and so on. After all, Thieves (and especially Daredevils) are supposed to be stealthy and agile. And therein lies the problem; I can't find anything in my wardrobe that doesn't have a long coat, glowy bits or shiny metal stuck all over it. I have seen a few other Charr in game who come close to what I'm looking for, but I have no idea how they're doing it. Can anyone offer any fashion tips for how to get that kind of lo
  15. Necro: Glad to see the Scourge shade nerf finally reverted. The new skills and changes to wells might bring some new build ideas; we'll see. Ranger: Yet another nerf to Soulbeast, even after many Rangers are abandoning Soulbeast and returning to core Bowbear play. As for Druids, the single biggest thing you could do to help them is let them affect a group of ten instead of just five. Same goes for all the healing and support classes, really. Mesmer: Thanks for past hammering of an entire elite spec and set of builds after people spent literally thousands of hours and gold building Commander's
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