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  1. Well after this Mike Zadorojny. took over only to leave for Amazon shortly after since then we have no clue who runs the house.
  2. if you target is to Troll great work but everything was he said was right to the last line . There a certain some stuff where you need certain conditions but cFB and Scourge do top DPS in fractals because they have on special mechanic that help them = Ash of Justice and reset of Tom of Justice for cFB and epidemic for Scourge. Well we all saw it coming.
  3. As a ele main I can only say run run as far as you can D
  4. To be fair while they relative consistency putting out new OW content but the quality went really down hill fast. I mean for season 5 the first map had tons of new and fun elements (Grothma Vally) the next one(Bojara Marches) had been already split in 2 and the content was already tiresome and events are still buggy and unexplainable.(Plant a banner) Drizzelwood Cost introduced an amount of grind which is really alien for a Gw 2 Player and the rest wasn't actually OW with the DMs. I still don't have all s5 mastery point there because of this mess. What really hurt
  5. Some raw datas are available like google trend and steam chats how they process them is their secret but this works similar how election forecast works and similar to this you can't say what tomorrow people will play. You must also see f2p MMo have naturally higher Ac number then ones which aren't. Those numbers are still rouge estimates but they are so that they are consistent with all available raw data. Edit: We can argue about numbers days but what it definitely says is that as content creator who wants to make video or stream MMOs . You can only go worse whe
  6. True when you looking on google trends no game comes on the hype Gw2 had at release but the problem is see a bit different more complicated. HoT wasn't what it should have been basically there were too many different teams with different visions of the game in charge of development for Gw2 over time . You can see that how they flip-flopped in decision about condis and balance also how they stopped further develop content only to recreate it under new name. Actually we know that teams come and went for Arena.NET also for balance there is not one team but 2 one is the system team and
  7. Certainly the grass locks greener on the other side but I don't think that the only reason. 1.Players are burned out of the current content that is similar again to players who plays wow. Basically you run the same fractals , raid the whole time over years . In someway this is the same for PvP and Wvw 2. Strike Mission aren't taken too seriously by high/endgame players there are a lot of reasons, too cheap, too easy (for the most part) and too alien for the players we had dungeon, we have fractals and we have raids so how make this new system sense? 3. The r
  8. Indirect this is one of the points I wanted to point out. GW2 was by metric way better then it is now . We can talk about game balance & design and missing content a lot . The numbers show it lost a lot of hype and some players to MMO which aren't that much younger then Gw2 (most of them 2 years) Google Trend You can also ask sites like MMO population in 2015 it was on place 2 after WoW in 2021 it is place 13 Okay lets try again because 2015 was the highest an earliest rating . 2018 place 4 . Hm even adding Path of Exile doesn't look good.(atm twice as g
  9. When I look at the reaction on all the posts I have the feeling the Gw2 community is confused about what is going on in the MMO market and in other MMOs xD
  10. I don't have much time so . In the beginning Gw2 was much more causal friendly then most MMO I had know until then and the buy to play concept was great I came here a few months after HoT start certainly HoT from all info I gathered was a scism but people also enjoyed raids and new people came . Certainly we will get new content with EoD but the drought is real and Arena.NET tries to hard to be cheap with just reworking strike missions. People love this game here and they bet even if Gw2 fails there will be a GW3. I also looked at other MMOS recently I watched FF14 a
  11. if you mean with 'cutthroat publisher' gamigo or gameforge my answer can only be only instantly. Both keeping their MMOs in an undead state until they got really shut down while milking them as much as they can. On the other side there a plenty of games I wished were buy to play like gw2 a lot of MMOs went down on the business side while the game itself was good. In general this is a problem for MMOs you need reinvest a lot and keep a healthy population in the game while you need to keep the investors happy. Those cutthroat publisher decided aiming for max profit and p2
  12. The problem with the turrets is they are copy&paste from TF2 engineer but without need to maintenance them as a player. Basically you in gw2 case you need to click on them or they will explode after a while. You can also make it so that no other turret can be build to close together. Necros and their pet zoo have a similar problem historically you need dead bodies to create ghouls&zombies which also balance things out in PvP because you need to kill someone before you can raise a 'pet' . Also they have more then often a limited life time to avoid in PvE to Afk bot.
  13. My take on this is they integrated too many games into one game or you can say too many visions of the game which overlap. Underneath GW2 has still GW1 has to simplify it a bit much "a paper scissors" game as main theme. Basically different mechanics counter each other and it is really hard to compensate if you have the wrong build for PvP they eased it a lot. GW2 comes with other hand as an brawler game with an avoid-attack theme which also focus heavily on AoE. This already comes with a lot of problems the whole "a paper scissors" stuff already seems too
  14. Well I played some MMOs where you can vote kick players . From my experience to address some of the fear here it was very rare to see it happened unjustified . On the other side stupid bots gets booted out instantly with this . Yes and to some degree really obnoxious players which don't want to team play and only grind. But there are problems with this here in GW2 1.The way you get rank points is mostly decided by you rank + the point ratio at the end of the game . This can be very unfair in both direction if you switch out players . In general this system prefers grind
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