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  1. Well to be fair in the meta there will be always a limited number of build because people will only pick the most efficient build but you can make the gaps smaller this is true . My feeling is in Arena.NET balancing patches comes from different team but there is some pattern in it : For the last 2 years they pushed for more condi builds They nerfend boons and boon duration The seems to make content longer by design or by nerfing builds or utilities so fractals take longer Every time a new add-on comes out they hit the nerf hammer hard to make the new add-on w
  2. 25 might is not a problem the problem is you have felt like it was only 50% on the 25 unlike previously were it was more like 70%. This is because the duration is harder capped. This alone cause massive dps lose. Yes rev can also create might but usually the build doesn't and it will take a while until the change comes on to the meta. CC was not so much a problem with the sorrows but more or less everything else(by the way I was the only cFB the others were SLB). The problem with cc in T4s is it is usually the job for rev and bs . Like I said else where BS often goes full dps and
  3. Maybe a bit early this the judgement but this my cms + t4 fractal run today with the new patch was a nightmare. CC became in 100 cm a mega issues because Arena.NET (finally) fixed the moment last cc items means they are deactivated. Because of this on the last 20% of the boss was felt like the half of the try because nobody trusted the cc. Well I had 2 condi SLB and me as cFB in it I was top dps later the group got a complete new constellation. Okay 99cm first boss I was again top with 11k dps (one portal) after this our HFB and Alarc quit Took some time I swit
  4. Wildstar numbers are a referendum to bring it back on which said number reflect that not sure why this is in there. But it true you can only see that as rough estimate because of this I also took google trends into it. Yes I noticed this error too it more like 2 mio players not 22 mio which are the AC numbers. I spoke about 2015 to now
  5. You mean the scrapper effect where it can convert condis into boons . Yeah I know the problem is Arena.NET don't balance the healers in a way that makes sense.(They destroyed my Heal Tempest in wvw last year) Also they have destroyed the meta in all game modes jut now. My Healbreaker is properly bye bye in sPvP too because it relied on resistance. I'm not sure what azen is but I assume Asura that racial skill have an impact not sure what golem?
  6. The only boons which do that is alacrity and maybe quickness 1 access is nearly impossible in wvw 2 if you do they also double the DPS I must say there is an problem with super speed but besides this if you have this problem the reason is somewhere else.
  7. While server stacking is an issues . Boons spam I can't see that there are some design flaws like making every class spam aoes is true . The reason boons do this the same is they are short(and counter the aoes) in Gw2 and in WvW even shorter. My philosophical & game mechanical standpoint is those boons are sign of good team play otherwise you wouldn't get them . So when Arena.NET nerf boon like they just did they actually punish players for doing proper teamwork. Sink this in your mind.
  8. Well yeah they done it right while Gw2 didn't .Like I said a few comments back others just done it better. To HoT I can only say my guild lead and the consule which I know also in real life were basically deeply disappointed. HoT was aimed at the top 5% of the player base with raids and super hard open world content which you can't solo. Raids weren't in general the problem the problems was enrage timers and such stuff basically the raids should have more difficult level back then . The general problem from Gw 2 is they don't revisit the stuff they screw and even when
  9. The fascinating thing is the they were for nearly 2 years smaller then Gw2 only apparently Gw 2 screw up with the HoT release they went past gw2 at least this is what the data says.
  10. Can you explain this in more details ? I mean FF XIV at least from external sources it seems to be played much more https://mmo-population.com/activity . You can also look here https://trends.google.de/trends/explore?q=%2Fm%2F02q25c_,%2Fm%2F064ln09,%2Fg%2F11fpghcxdw With WoW I can explain this myself this game as way too many maps which dilute the playerbase on each map considerable.(Note classic wow and wow together are still the biggest but only together). About GW 2 in Lions Arch you will always found someone the problem is to find someone for specific content in this is G
  11. My take on this is cc is an issues in fractal pugs rev and bs are usually the one which should mainly do + HFB if you have one. Since Berserker warrior became so good if you have a BS more then often he/she ignores the role and go full DPS and then rev alone can't do it . I play outside of 100 cm ele i can't do much cc even if I want and even when I can it is easy to screw up my rota. The other probleme id when you have cFB with you currently he/she doesn't do cc too because they know they do more dps this way . With all the changes I expect this to be the other way around. This
  12. Well yes WoW is much worse then GW2 in this but we have also stuff which goes obsolete. Here it is more content types and viabilities of builds e.g Dungeons , Strike Mission , DRMs and on the Builds side they want to be better which each new add-on which cause massive imbalance but also they do it in-between like now with the Patch at the 11th. The difference between Gw 2 and WoW you can also see in numbers WoW lost 6 out of 7 players , Gw 2 lost half of it . Blizzard layed 800 employs down, Arena.NET 200 (Okay if Arena.NET would lay 800 down there is no Arena.NET any mo
  13. Funny thing I wanted to ask the same but with all the changes in mind. Practical speaking it looks like this: - >PvE Raids(10 men content) are still played but with an always degreasing number because Areana.NET stopped permanently to make more content for it. ->sPvP They killed it for me and more then half of the player based which played it in compare to the start of 2020. Main problem was the killed the whole meta and nulled the access to boons which made the game enjoyable .. means stabi ,protection, resistance without it you can't hard push any more and
  14. Okay more or less my final words on this subject there way too many things to say about . Someone could actually write a 100 pages thesis about this. This is because besides the balance stuff which you could illuminate what the players thinks vs what the developers thinks and what consequence this has truly. There are also the fact they wish to change core mechanics of the game which has 100.000th side effects because how they are used by the developers in the past in every mode differently. For the players the problem is Arena.NET force a new meta this way for
  15. Well I also play ele to sum it up you force your way into high endcontent but it is in no way part of the meta there any more to say it how it is in compare what they say. Also roughly saying if you do more then less then 10% less then the best build you aren't played any more .e.g DH did in fractals often only 5% less dmg then Weaver before the last nerf 2020 probelme is DH is super tanky and super easy rota like all guards builds, so the changes pushed power Weaver to the side while it was already was hanging by a thread. Berserker Warrior is smiler as pure DPS build it can even out perfor
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