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  1. Well this was what I was saying before the expose change mostly DH and Soulbeast were meta in fractal CM runs. The point is people weren't so fixed on those 2 builds I also saw Reaper, Holo and me as power Weaver in it. Even in 100 cm before that change I has sometimes condi Weaver , Rengade and condi Deadeye with me. Now it is just cFB and Scourge There are certainly multiply reasons for this like: 1.)cFB and Scourge are very close to the top DPS builds Benchmarks .Scourge seems lower but in true with epi it is even higher then cDPS with pages. So the only alternatives are Re
  2. Well I wrote that healers/ supporters are a problem in Gw2 you maybe can tweak some bits here and there but that it. I done a thread actually about this. The difference in having access to certain boons is too big . Tempest was also planed as main healer build from the developers but for 10 man it missed [spotter] and for 5 man quickness and stabi . The way Arena.NET always went with this problem is/was if those boons are so important lets nerf them in effectiveness and duration and NOT give them to other professions. I get it that specific support and Heal was later
  3. It is really some time ago when I read a good meta discussion last time, so I decided to start one on my own. In general I think the 'meta' has more interpretation freedom then you think and nobody knows everything and there is more to it. I can only talk about things I see in the game so here is it: sPVP Lets start with sPvP people always saying condis aren't meta but I see tons of people running it. Meta(gaming) in general means find the most efficient way to win or do stuff. When condis declared not meta they are meta because nobody takes condi clea
  4. Problem is NVIDIA overlay at least it was for me. In general the dx11 version seems to have problems with overlays unlike the dx9 version of ArcDPS
  5. Yes there aren't that much bots in the game at least we can't say for sure that they are bots. What we have is a lot of silent players which may or maybe not be bots in anyway they make it easy for the bots to hide if they are there and good programmed. The one problem is the low interaction of players while it is a team mode this makes it easy for bots. After this when you are looking into this topic it goes really difficult. Bots became a stable in all online games and none can ban them effectively because they create simply new ACs . Even identifyi
  6. Yeah ArcDPS for dx11 still doesn't work it just let Gw2 crash instantly even before the launcher shows up and yeah it still so this morning 26th
  7. Not exactly the system to create alliances wasn't in place and was scheduled for phase 2 beta but this isn't the point. Besides the bug with that nobody could join maps after the initiated few on it. The main problem was that the core piece of the alliance system was missing The counter for when the alliance is full to be specific on the UI end Guilds were randomly added to a pool of alliances were they can fit into but have grown so much that the combined number must have excite the 500 limit. People added themselves to a guild for an alliances while they actually couldn't.
  8. It sad but people want builds under the level what vanilla builds could do. Well the real truth is a bit different Arena.NET goes hardly goes back when something is not right but instead nerfing everything around it.
  9. Kinda while 500 is the supposed limit the system will properly try to add at least one more guild which will cause an overflow. Actually this beta test is messy even without the bugs . The system didn't tell you where you will end up when selecting a guild it used the current server as placeholder for the team/alliance. I had discussion about this randomization because people said this will happened could not find any infos about this specific (and I hate it being wrong) they properly mentioned this in a .... Twitch stream ( hidden away) As an result of this
  10. I think that multiply alliances got assigned the same map(s) Also EoTM is busted and ignores colors and so on
  11. Means you can still play as a guild in WvW even when aren't part of an alliance?
  12. True but honestly 40&80 would be also good. Actually the source of all this was the /gg changes to the fractals basically people complained how often people doing it now. Ben the developer which main job was Fractals back then introduced skill reset on singularities then. Everyone on the board how screamed easy to abuse this new system is but they decided to keep it . Chrono and its SoI was the first one who felt victim to those changes and the now busted boon system. why? okay maybe. hmmmmm okay yes this would make the ground between FB less easy mo
  13. I think it would help a lot if you all said what graphic setting you have Anyway here my setting: NVIDIA 3080 driver 472.12 Resolution : 1920x1080 Fullscreen Animation: High Antialiasing: SMAA (HIGH) Environment : High LOW Distance : Low Reflection : ALL Textures : High Render Sampler: Nativ Rest: High My problem is the map (M key) is blurred which results in my eyes trying to get focus on this which really hurt my eyes. I can only guess that seems like the result of too
  14. The problem is when you spend as a developer less money for content for an MMO . You can start a 'dead' spiral . Because people quit when you spend less money for content then you get even less money from the players which let you even less money spend on content. Getting out of this cycle is really hard and most of those MMOs end up on Gamgio or Gameforge as undead MMO for some years to be closed then. This not the only way to end there but Gw2 is in this spiral for sure. To be fair this not the only thing going on which are running wrong directions.
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